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SUJU Reaction: Their girlfriend wanting to try BDSM.

Leetuek: “Sorry can you repeat that I don’t think I heard you properly.”

Heechul: “I like where this is headed.”

Yesung: “I mean if you want to try, I don’t see why we shouldn’t.”

Kangin: “Are you sure about this? It sounds like we’re getting ourselves into something we don’t know.”

Y/N: “Tying my hands to the headboard isn’t going to start WWIII Kangin.”

Kangin: “Okay if you say so.”

Shindong: “I’m so excited this is going to be so fun.”

Sungmin: *Gets turned on just thinking about it.*

Eunhyuk: “All this talking is getting me horny, why don’t we try our experiment now.”

Donghae: “I don’t see why we’re sitting around, let’s go.”

Y/N: “Wait. You want to try it now?”

Donghae: “When were you planning on trying it, next Thursday or something?”

Siwon: *Unsure*

“What if something goes wrong.”

Y/N: “We’ll use a safe word. It’ll be fine.”

Siwon: “I don’t know Jagi, I’m going to have to think about it.”

Ryeowook: “I knew this would happen after you finished reading that book.”

Kyuhyun: “Looks like someone’s developing a kink.”

Zhoumi: *GIF*

Henry: “It’s like my dreams are coming true!”



zhouzhoumi419: For ELF:i’m superjunior-M’s Zhoumi^^not superjunior! I’ve debuted for 7 years, but there are still many people who are afraid that Henry and I would join sj and anti us, after doing activities for so long, I just want to let everyone know that we have no intention to replace anyone’s position, I’m me, we’re members of the 8 member group SJM, I love our members,because they took care of me a lot,so there is no need for everyone to worry, Please continue to support SJ, I’ll continue to work hard in the future as SJM’s Zhoumi or SOLO singer Zhoumi! I’ve never regretted these few years that I’ve joined SJM, this is a very important period of time in my life, whether you’ve defamed me or praised me, i am very thankful to everyone! Because all of you made me who I am now! I suddenly felt like telling everyone these words from my heart, its been so long and some things has changed and are no longer important anymore, but our hearts have to continue to work hard together! As for other words, to me…they are useless, I am still that Zhoumi who works hard for his dreams! ^^ jiayou, I love you all, I also love ELF^^!  (c)


i think this is chan’s best rap tbh

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:It's 2015 and somehow Zhou Mi and Henry still haven't been accepted as members of Super Junior. It's cool they got solo work but how would it feel to not be included in a single Super Show poster? Or waiting hours before appearing at their concerts? Why did SM overshadow Zhou Mi's solo debut with all of those features and then Kyuhyun's solo right after? Why after so many years can they not trust either of them to be part of the group? Super Show 5 proved that they could be great additions and all of the other members love them...As many people are going to the army this year, why can't they at least feature in the main group? This is so unfair for two people whose smiles should be protected at all costs. Neither of them deserve the treatment they get. And where is that video of Heechul kissing Zhou Mi? Knowing that he has is not enough.

SJ: ELF have become adults already. 

ELF: *unfollow Jiwon and Siwon on SNS and say a lot of shits about such a lovely person as Liu Wen* *sit down during Henry and Zhoumi’s performances and refuse to accept their hard work* *send hate to all women which had any contact with Donghae* *probably still don’t support Sungmin and Saeun and make their life uneasy*

me: ARE YOU SURE BOYS?! Because I don’t think so…