zhou woody

Winter Fluff~

I asked, and you delivered! Now it’s my turn.~ Thank you to everyone who sent me a message with character suggestions, and as stated earlier I’m doing your five most requested. But don’t worry, if you’re fave isn’t here you can always send an ask my way and it’ll be on my request list.~ 

Also fyi for those not following me this is mostlyfluffy winter headcanons for some Overwatch characters! I’m doing winter-y ones because not everyone celebrates Christmas, yknow? I wanna give everyone a gift they can enjoy this season. That said, here are the winners: Lúcio, Genji. McCree, Reaper, and Mei! 

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@周觅_SJM: Finally finally! 7th April 2pm I will be holding [Thai Perfect] book signing session in Taiwan, location is Yi Wen Xi square outside Eslite station(emoticon)) so looking forward! Everyone has to come okay! Zhou Woody is coming (emoticon)

(Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi)