zhou m

  • Sungmin: Heechul made me call people and tell them he was dead to see how they’d react.
  • [earlier that day]
  • Heechul: Is he crying? Is Leeteuk crying?
  • Sungmin: A little.
  • Heechul, grabbing the phone: You should be wailing, you stone cold bitch!
  • Heechul: Now call Eunhyuk.

TWICE (트와이스) - Zhou Ziyu (周子瑜), Yoo Jungyeon (유정연), Son Chaeyoung (손채영), Park Jisoo (박지수), Myoui Mina (名井南), Im Nayeon (임나연), Kim Dahyun (김다현), Hirai Momo (平井もも).


HenryI’ve never dated anyone since I came to Korea 9 years ago.

Heechul: He sees them just up until right before they start dating.

HenryI had a short ‘some’ relationship. I dated my last girlfriend for 7 years from first year in junior high to when I was in college.