zhou m


Thank you for your interest in Wo Ai 觅’s Zhou Mi birthday project! Here are the final images that we have made for you to use if you would like to on social media (Twitter + Instagram)! Make sure to tag Zhou Mi himself so that he can see them! If you would like to do this instead of the selfie project (you can take a picture of anything you would like with that slogan too if you don’t want to take a selfie!) and make sure to add our tag #周觅生日快乐 so that we are able to track the people who use it and make a special collage to tag him on Instagram either on 0419 or 0420. Please remember to use our tag and start posting either before 0419 KST or whenever 0419 rolls around in your local time! Thank you for helping us show Zhou Mi as much love possible!

special thanks to @plincess-cho, @ryeobread, @ma-jewelry, @xtaameenx and @sunshine-jewel ^^

(If you don’t have Instagram or Twitter, please send us your picture if you’d like to be included to the collage part of the project by the end of it!)