I wanted to do a follow forever for a long time now, so I thought why not during the holidays?The format got a little weird sorry about that I love and appreciate you guys! (:

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Hey guys so this is my first Follow Forever! I’ve been on this website for a long time but I’ve never enjoyed it as much as I have on this blog. I’ve met some amazing, wonderful people and friends who I’m so grateful to have come into my life and shared a part of it. Here’s a list of blogs who I love to follow and socialize with or love to see on my dash. I probably made some mistakes or forgot some people so let me know if I did!

Minnesota Wild: Here’s blogs who I have shared a love of the State of Hockey and our awesome team with.

Finns: My url is inspired by your country and you’re all really nice and great. You’re also voted “most likely to like my instagram photos.”

Swedes: There’s only a few of you but you need your own catagory because you’re awesome trying to teach me Swedish and being all sarcastic and whatnot.

Misc.: You guys are just as special, you just are so across the board that I’ve grouped the rest of you together.

catcherdemko’s 600 follow forever

first off i am sorry i cannot do graphics for my life so enjoy that piece of trash

hello!!! i finally reached 600 follows, so i decided, why not do my follow forever? it’s been a year well spent on tumblr. i’ve made new friends and i’ve met wonderful people and i appreciate every single one of you & you’re all so so so important and beautiful and wonderful and deserve everything good in the world. so, here we go!

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yo peeps I love you guys and I feel like I never give you guys enough credit for being beautiful so here it goes (and if you’re not following every one of these beauties what are you doing with your life)


14eberle // accidentalsnorkeling // ahgoodthesea altcaptainparcheesi  // anttisraanta // b-l-a-c-k-h-a-w-k-s // bang-letang // bgallyy // brodins // broshied // bryzgalovismyg // bundle-of-bollands // canadianehteam // cappykoivu // captain-crosby // celly-hard-hockey // charliecoylecutie // chiassons // chizinmypants // coltongillies // crawferd


ebsnugehallsy // forthehockeyfeels // fourthlineduster // fuckin-awesom // girlhockeyproblems // gloriette // goaliesleavingthecrease // haulaforadolla // hockeytard // i-do-not-give-a-puck // icedkaner // impala-imp // in-staal-we-trust // inthefivehole // its-staal-good // jakebischoff // jonas-brodins // jonasbrodamn // jonasbrodin // kane-and-toews // kanesus // kesselphil // kingsuter // kingkoivu 


lacking–eddie // live-laugh-hockey // luucias // mackinnon-drouin // masenkoha // mikaelgranlove // minnesotalove // minnesotawildhockey // miracle-ice-hockey // mskistheking // mustache-of-cal-clutterbuck // nationalhottieleague // nickbjugstad // nobodyontheice // officialfinland // ortios // oskarosala // outofplacewild


parisedise // picturepotpourri // saad-squatch // sassyeeffingcassie // scandellas // scandi-lous // smittenwithbsmitty // summertime–saadness // tartstar // thepriceisrightbitch // thisismyhockeylife // timmywongels // tj-oshies // wavycrowns // whycantihashtagmyurl // wildpenguinhawks // youare-watching-supernatural // zholtok


Yo, I was darcykuemps yesterday but now I’m finnesotans… But this is my 2nd follow forever commemorating 1k followers!! I don’t understand who or what or where or when or how you came to me, but you guys ALL rock! And if I forget you than I’m so so sorry! (ps you should follow all these people)

would probably kill a man for:

boobjenner | accidentalsnorkeling

would probably stick my head in a hornet’s nest for:

demkos | parisedise | thepriceisrightbitch | ebsnugehallsy | alexgoligoski | melthevampireslayer

rest of you lovely-ass people:

14jamiebenn | ahgoodthesea | bestliars | boedyliciousbrodin-thebacon | bryzgalovismyg | captain-crosbycaptaintazer | celly-hard-hockey | chubbybennie | coltongillies | crawferd | danhammerhamhuisdarrylheartzhenya | eddylackelias-lindholms | finland-is-funland | forthehockeyfeels | gallychuck | goalieelove | goaliesticks | haulalujah | hockeytard | j-ebsjonas-brodins | kesselphil | kingkoivu | kingphaneuf | kuempers | lindbohmlive-laugh-hockey | luciefersmarcoscandella | mikaelgranlove | mikkokoivus | minnesotalove | miracle-ice-hockey | montrealhabs | nopanekvanek | officialtrophywife | ohmysergeibobrovskyortios | parises | picturepotpourri | raantareinharts | saad-squatch | saintnino | savebybobrovskyscandellas | scandi-lous | sirtoews | swoon-jenner | tartstar | timmywongels | unitedstatesofkessel | verbitch | whycantihashtagmyurlzholtok


okay here i am finally posting my follow forever which i meant to post when i had this blog for a year! during my time on this website i have met and followed so many fantastic people, and this is a post honoring these people. thank you for everything!!! also mad graphic credit to the fantastic hertle! ((if you are bolded i consider you a pal))

accidentalsnorkeling ♥ assembletheilluminatiazpi ♥ b-l-a-c-k-h-a-w-k-s ♥ backchecked ♥ beterpudaj ♥ bieksasjuice ♥ boedylicious ♥ captain-dubinsky ♥ chelskibluescoltongilliescrosberledarcykuempsdropthosegloveseliaslindholmflyingwidefroliksgarageleagueh0ts-4-h0ckey-playershambooglerhappygappyhaulaforadollahertleimmosjakeitslaqueefaivorydagger jakebischoffjohntortorellajonasbrodinjosephpavelskijsgiguerekingkoivularsellersminnesotaloveminnesotawildhockeynataliespoonerparenteausparisedisephilkessprustytutereinhartsrielllysryanugenthopkinssaad-squatch saintfleurysaintpricescandellassealcatstephenmacaulaysurelyschurrleteuvoteravainenstroybodietylrseguinvanekswickenheiserszholtok