Hey Brother Jaina & Jacen
Okay. This is the first video with actual clips I've ever made. Finally. A video about Jaina & Jacen Solo, the ORIGINAL Solo kids. Ya know, before Disney utt...

//Oh my gods. Guys I finally finished it!!! After like 2 months? I think? I FINALLY finished my Jaina & Jacen video. This is the first video I’ve uploaded that has actual clips rather than just photos and I’m so proud of it. Obviously I used Nina & Jared because that’s our face claims. But I also threw in Bailee Madison, Colin Ford, & Brenton Thwaites for younger versions of them. There’s a few photos too me cosplaying Jaina & @zhobot cosplaying Jacen. I wish I could make a fanfilm but this’ll have to do. Anyways, I’m SO glad I finished this *.* Enjoy!! @solo-knighterrant @goodofthegalaxy @xlike-tempered-steelx @sexyroguejedi

Possible Livestream? – Myself and the other half of @zhobot are planning on replaying LoF soon to get lists of things (rooms that repeat, items in certain chapters, etc.) for photo/costume/prop projects we’re working on and for posts here on ROoA and we were wondering if anyone would want to join us in a stream – maybe tomorrow evening?

We probably won’t even have the camera or mic on (who knows maybe we will? ;D) but I will be in the chat on the stream while I’m taking notes if anyone wants to theorize with me while he plays through the game.

tl;dr – we might stream LoF tomorrow night if there is any interest! I would love to theorize and geek out with people in the chat! <3


According to an email tumblr sent us today, zhobot’s tumblr is three years old! We started zhobot.net in 2010 and it’s tumblr came a little while after that. We’re glad we started it because we’ve met a lot of amazing people on here and have had a lot of fun!

Whether you found us through Dance Central, Saints Row, BioShock, The Walking Dead, Morning Glories, Professor Layton, Star Wars, something else – WHATEVER you found us through, thank you all for sticking with us these three years - especially through all the stuff like the above! :D

Take Me To Sandy Shores // Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of our very favorite games.

There will definitely be photos from the other GTA games here (as well as more from V) but we had to do a GTA V one first because we have so many feels for it. And out of all the GTA V ideas we have, we had to do a Trevor Philips one first because Trevor Philips. This one is inspired by a Snapmatic photo Heather took of the space between the wall and Trevor’s bed. We took that and ran with it. Or we… took it and jumped on a stolen golf cart and went screaming down the Del Perro Freeway with it.

We’re going to have a few prints of certain photos from GL at any tables we have at future cons, but if you’d like a print and won’t be a con near us in the future you can hit the Genii Locorum section on our Redbubble shop!

(This was originally posted on the zhobot tumblr but since we’re giving this it’s own site here we’re reposting the first three photos! Sorry if you’ve already seen this! ;D)


Here’s a mess of Dance Central cosplay photos (both costume and closet cosplay) from all the DC stuff we’ve done. These were photos we’ve never posted anywhere yet - there’s also another set of 8 random DC photos we’ve never posted (those are all horizontal XD) we’ll post in the near future. This isn’t even touching all the DERP HURRR stupid face photos we’ve taken in these costumes, which could be a post in itself.

We figured we’d post these since we have so damn many we never did anything with and since we’re getting motivated to start work on our Glitterati crew outfits (or continue work, should I say… we have a tiny bit done, heheh.)

Besides getting motivated, we’re also super pumped for Dance Central 3 omggggggg. :3

(Many thanks to Natalie and Erin for getting some of these photos! <3)


Heather started these a good while back and was planning to do everyone in their crew outfits (plus, the three characters who didn’t appear in the second game in their main outfits from DC1) but now that DC3 is out and they’re all back, looks like she’ll be adding one more peg for Dr. Tan!

Lu$h had been finished for awhile. Riptide was recently finished (you can see in the second photo a second and tiny version of Riptide, which was a commission for someone) and next up will be Flash4ward!

Of course, she’s trying to finish way too many pegs & other crafts for the table at MAGFest… so after that this whole set will continue to be painted!


We’ve been discussing doing a Livestream at BASEMENTCON (lol which is really just us and a couple friends getting together to work on costumes and derp around) for the people who aren’t close enough to attend BASEMENTCON… but the question that surfaced from this was…

Should Zhobot continue having livestreams after BASEMENTCON? Would anyone want to watch us work on stuff or ask us stuff IN MEGA REAL TIME or do whatever/anything/etc.?

INPUT WOULD BE APPRECIATED so we can know if we will use this thing for more than BASEMENTCON or not. XD


A couple of shots of our Keroro & Tamama costumes from Otakon! Since I was in a wheelchair for the weekend we couldn’t get a lot of the shots we wanted originally (stuff outside - climbing on ledges and pretending we wanted to take over, Tamama trying to get Sarge to give him a piggyback ride - all kinds of ridiculousness), but we’re planning to bring these to another con (a winter one, cause of LAYERS XD) when my foot is better.

I will also probably get a new wig. This was an old dark blue wig I cut the night before con and I am NO GOOD with wigs, hehe. But these were fun besides all that junk. And it was nice of Keroro to push Tamama around in a wheelchair all day. He was probably promised Gundams or something. :|


COUPON CODE TIIIIIIIME! If you use the coupon code YOPAPPA25 before Saturday night, you get 25% of anything in the shop - pegs, pins, jewelry - anything in there! We’re trying to clear out some of our stock of nerdy things to make room for MAKING MORE NERDY THINGS! Above is only a sample of the craziness you will find on the shop…


Even if you don’t use the code yourself, please spread the word so we can clear some of this geekery out and get it into good homes! ;D

Thank you so much!


Here are four of the Peg Posse! Currently, Zoey and the Hunter are on Etsy looking for homes and the Smoker should be up soon. I might put Louis up there too if there is a demand for him but since he is my favorite he might be staying here. D:


But yeah, I should be painting some others from this gang (Rochelle, Ellis, Bill, Francis, the Witch, Nick, Coach, etc.) here soon and this weekend I should be starting on Dance Central characters as well!

Watch on zhobot.tumblr.com

Our first video on our youtube account! It’s a shortened version of the first general livestream we did (so you’ve seen it all if you watched that livestream!) and includes info on the name of the site and a BasementCon recap! ;)


Have you ever wanted to carry your bff Commander Shepard around with you wherever you go? Now you caaaaaan! These little darlings are part of a whole bunch of wooden peg people I have been painting - the Peg Posse - all kinds of different fandoms, all kinds of different characters. I made a fairly :| Female Shepard and a growly angry Male Shepard, but can make any kind of Shepard! These are the small Shepards that fit on a cell phone charm (or a necklace!) - but I have a slightly larger size if you want him/her on a keychain (or just to sit on a shelf)!

If any Mass Effect fan out there would like their own Peg Posse Shepard, please feel free to contact me and let me know! The cell phone charm ones can be as low as $5 depending on how detailed your Shepard is (not including shipping ;D).

I have also been planning to try my hand at some other ME characters, but I haven’t had the chance yet. XDDD