The Unholy Trinity

I’ve taken way too many Snapmatic photos in Grand Theft Auto V - pictures of the guys up there and all the magical trouble they cause over the course of the game, pictures of animals, pictures of Los Santos and the surrounding areas, pictures of people who hit me M/T/F with cars (and another of them after I punched them SELFIE W/ THE UNCONSCIOUS HIPSTER, GUYS) – I figured I'd make a place to put them all since they vanish off of Social Club as you clear your phone out to make room. Basically, welcome to The Third Way.

Take Me To Sandy Shores // Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of our very favorite games.

There will definitely be photos from the other GTA games here (as well as more from V) but we had to do a GTA V one first because we have so many feels for it. And out of all the GTA V ideas we have, we had to do a Trevor Philips one first because Trevor Philips. This one is inspired by a Snapmatic photo Heather took of the space between the wall and Trevor’s bed. We took that and ran with it. Or we… took it and jumped on a stolen golf cart and went screaming down the Del Perro Freeway with it.

We’re going to have a few prints of certain photos from GL at any tables we have at future cons, but if you’d like a print and won’t be a con near us in the future you can hit the Genii Locorum section on our Redbubble shop!

(This was originally posted on the zhobot tumblr but since we’re giving this it’s own site here we’re reposting the first three photos! Sorry if you’ve already seen this! ;D)