Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi, World Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Free Dance)

Okay, I am fascinated by this look. And I have to say look because as incredible as these costumes are, the make-up is a vital part of what makes me unable to tear my eyes away. It’s like everything that’s good and fun about Halloween!

A fluffy cravat and big sleeves and waistcoat and purple pants? I SALUTE YOU, SIR. 

And I mean, emerald green and plum purple with some spiderwebby dusty accents! This is high level costume coordination: complimenting without mirroring. Also I love their faces, 100% commitment.

Seriously, this is amazing. I LOVE IT.

Grade: A++

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stephane lambiel's red cat, plushenko's sex bomb, cjh's peanut butter jelly, and boyang's existence have inspired me to find more Iconic™ programs. any suggestions??

i’m too tired to make a whole list, just watch zhiganshina/gazsi’s zombie free dance, it’s simply a work of art. this was a competitive program.



Figure skating programs inspired by SYTYCD routines

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Did Alyona and Elya have their own special "segments" (I don't know what else you'd call them,) for World Ballet Day? I noticed you posted videos of them to your IG story and since I missed the stream, I was curious what that was from. Also, what rehearsals were shown after the class for Bolshoi?

Yes, the videos in my story are from the Bolshoi live stream. I recorded a few videos of the VBA grads. Here’s a slightly different / longer version:

A post shared by Nikolai Tsiskaridze (@tsiskaridze) on Oct 6, 2017 at 2:46am PDT

Part of the stream followed four dancers (Xenia Zhiganshina, Anastasia Denisova, Alyona Kovalyova and Eleonora Sevenard) in their individual coaching sessions. They got about 15 minutes each.

I’m glad you asked about these segments because I actually wanted to share something I found very disappointing and I wasn’t sure how to start. 

  • I was keeping an eye on the comments section during the stream (it’s something I try to avoid doing but I couldn’t help it this time). A few people were complaining about having to watch the corps dancers instead of the big stars - a very reasonable criticism. However, when Elya’s part of the segment started, people got really nasty. What I found really frustrating is that Anna Okuneva (former Bolshoi soloist who jumped ship and joined Stanislavsky Theatre only a few weeks ago) and her mother, Svetlana Okuneva, spent most of Elya’s segment complaining. It was along the lines of “this is a waste of time”, “why are they showing this”, “this is an embarrassment for the Bolshoi”, “this is PR for Sevenard” and so on. This went on for the whole 15 minutes. The pair did not attack any of the other corps dancers featured in the segment. I’m used to “balletomanes” getting salty in the comments section, but seeing comments like these come from fellow dancers makes me sick to my stomach.
  • Earlier today, I posted the above video on @tsiskaridze instagram to expand on the IG story I posted last night. Soon after, I got a DM from Xenia Zhiganshina who wanted to let me know that she was upset that I didn’t feature or talk about “all VBA graduates” and their achievements. The implication is very clear since she’s the only grad I left out. I find this childish and a bit presumptuous. I honestly though better of her. 

I feel no need to respond to the aforementioned DM but I though I’d clarify something for you guys. I physically can’t follow, report on and feature every single VBA graduate. I keep tabs on a small group of people and operate within a two-year window. In other words, I only report on the dancers who graduated within the last two years. This means, for example, that as of next year I will likely no longer be featuring or reporting on Renata Shakirova because she graduated in 2015, and so on. This is why during the live stream I only concentrated on Sevenard, Gerashchenko and Kovaleva. I used Zhiganshina’s segment for a snack / bathroom break.

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