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OKAY WELL SINCE YOU ASKED :D  Here’s a piece of Face Value AU info I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

In previous installments of FV, Armin left the University in Sina to enlist in the Survey Corps, and Marco transferred to the MP post in Zhiganshina to offer his support (followed eventually by Connie and Sasha).  The Military Police are (as we see in Mikasa’s backstory flashbacks in canon) a gendarmerie, so they’re charged with keeping the peace like a traditional police force.

Marco takes his job seriously, and does his best to solve any crimes that land on his desk, especially given how many of his fellow MP members seem not to care very much.  When Armin’s not out on a sortie beyond the walls, he regularly gets into the habit of helping Marco with his detective work.  THEY SOLVE MURDERS TOGETHER.

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Wasn't evgenia a prima at mariinsky??? Pls fill me in on the dramas of the ballet world xx

She was a first soloist in the Mariinsky - she left to join the Bolshoi as a principal. More drama? Haha well Olga Smirnova caused a bit of a stir when she left Vaganova to join the Bolshoi instead of the Mariinsky, but that’s not really big drama. Leonid Sarafanov left the Mariinsky for the Mikhailovsky a few years ago which was another huge loss for the Mariinsky, as well as Viktor Lebedev joining Mikhailovsky out of school. Now Yuri Fateyev, director of Mariinsky, is giving leading roles to students such as Renata Shakirova and Ksenia Zhiganshina, probably trying to prevent them from leaving as so many top graduates have in past years. 

BOLSHOI DRAMA = ACID ATTACK ON FILIN and lots of other stuff like wow and Nikolai Tsiskaridze is now the director of Vaganova Ballet Academy so yeah just google that stuff because wow drama

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