zhi char

QZGS - Hogwarts Sorting

a proposition of houses for some of the main cast that has appeared in the anime, so far. please discuss and/or add other characters

Ye Xiu: Slytherin
rationale: Shameless Ye

Su Mucheng: Hufflepuff Slytherin
rationale: edited. after learning more about her I think she’s more Slytherin lol

Tang Rou: Gryffindor
rationale: Will Fight You

Bao Rongxing: Gryffindor
rationale: charges into situations without thinking, stereotypical brave and lovable idiot

Qiao Yifan: Hufflepuff
rationale: hard worker! dedicated!

Luo Ji: Ravenclaw
rationale: nerrrrrd

Chen Guo: Gryffindor
rationale: wants to do what’s best without considering consequences

Wang Jiexi: Hufflepuff
rationale: the True Team Player

Gao Yingjie: Hufflepuff
rationale: the chosen one, but never arrogant about it, he still cares about yifan so much and wants him to stay, kind and values fairness

Yu Wenzhou: Ravenclaw
rationale: if he had a faster handspeed everyone else would be screwed

Huang Shaotian: Slytherin
rationale: the best opportunist in glory. you’re in trouble if you judge him by his talkativeness, which hides an inner calm

Han Wenqing: Slytherin Gryffindor
rationale: a nice contrast to Ye Xiu. steadfast, unyielding, always moving forward

Zhang Xinjie: Ravenclaw
rationale: master tactician

Zhou Zekai: Gryffindor
rationale: okay this one is tricky but i think his battling style is pretty gryffindor-ish and overcoming his natural shyness off the field takes bravery even if he’s still not that good at interviews. (also i really like having him and shaotian as foils)

Sun Xiang: Slytherin
rationale: he wants to beat ye xiu goddamnit

Codfish Village

We had heard of this zhi char place from 煮炒来咯 and we decided to try it for family dinner on New Year’s Eve! This place previously was at Toa Payoh Lorong 2 but we tried the outlet at Bedok North, not sure if the Toa Payoh outlet is still there though!

Even though this is situated in a small coffeeshop hidden in Bedok North, one can spot the signboard easily from afar! Looking through the menu, we ordered some of the recommended dishes:

Cod Fish Claypot - one of their signature dishes, the tender cod fish slices are cooked with yam, mushrooms and black fungus in a claypot. The soup was flavoursome and rich, but there was too much coriander!

Bang Bang Chicken - We weren’t sure what the sauce was, but it tasted a bit like curry mustard, slightly sweet and curry-ish! Dar loved the deep fried seaweed atop the chicken!

Fried Youmaicai with Preserved Beancurd - This simple dish was quite well-executed, but slightly spicy! *breathes fire*

Codfish Rolls - Dar’s favourite dish! It didn’t taste too meaty nor fishy, and the codfish rolls were fried to perfection. This would be really popular with kids!

Service was slightly slow and even though it wasn’t crowded, we had to wait for a long time for our dishes. However, taste and quality of food was quite decent, and prices were reasonable, with damage amounting to about $50plus for 4 of us! Wouldn’t mind going back if we were craving some zhichar in the bedok vicinity!

Codfish Village

Blk 418 Bedok North Ave 2


Xing Seafood Steamboat

Ben’s uncle’s the owner of this little store in the Alexandra Village Food Market, and we decided to blog about this place especially after we’ve tried it a few times. If you haven’t been to Alexandra Village Food Market, its the one near IKEA and AIA Alexandra.

Quite easy to spot, the stall is at the corner of the carpark of the food centre and you can easily see the brightly lit sign from afar!

They serve a variety of fish soup, ranging from a simple bowl of fish soup to share or fish head steamboat. We ordered their fish head steamboat ($30) - The fish slices were fresh and succulent, Ben loved the flavorful and rich soup, but Dar found it a tad too fishy!

In addition, they offer some simple cooked fare - check out the following dishes!

Prawn Paste Chicken - Crispy and golden on the outside, tender and well-marinated on the inside, what else can we say? Ben loved it so much he almost wanted to order another plate to himself!

Ngoh Hiang - Specially made by Ben’s cousin herself, the ngoh hiang was quite good, especially with the added crunch of the water chestnuts!

Stir Fried Vegetables - Though it seems like a simple dish, it was well-executed.

A great place for family gathering over steamboat and some simple fare. Though it may be a bit far for those living in the East, the good food warrants the travelling! Do take note, that they are only open in the evening for dinner!

Xing Seafood Steamboat

Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1

Alexandra Village Food Centre

Tooon Seafood Kitchen

Hidden in one of the ulu coffeeshops in Bishan Street 11, this zhi char place is our often frequented food outlets for dinners, and we’ve tried it many times!

Xiang Di Beehoon ($4). One of their signature dishes, the crispy fried bee hoon is served atop the gravy-like sauce, with prawns, octopus, vegetables and fish cake.

Sweet and Sour Fish ($8). The sweet and sour sauce was not too sweet and the tangy taste went well with the crispy slices of deep fried fish and the apples used in the dish.

Fried Trio Mushrooms ($5). Ben’s favourite dish - the assorted mushrooms, which include bunashimeiji, abalone mushrooms and flower mushrooms, are fried with carrots, garlic and peas. Excellent when served with a bowl of rice.

Cereal Fried Fish ($8) - a different version of the cereal prawn, we decided to try this unique dish. However, it failed to perform to our expectations. We prefer the sweet and sour one instead.

Will certainly be back to try their other dishes. Furthermore, the friendly boss and lady boss are really nice, and they often greet us everytime we dine there. Kudos to great service!

Tooon Seafood Kitchen

Blk 150 Bishan St 11