You and I | Zhenya

It was Antonio’s first year as a police officer, bright eyed, fresh from the academy, still a greenhorn. He didn’t even know Parker existed, and he wasn’t working such long hours at the restaurant or at the station – it was an okay time for Tonio, one he would wish he could go back to when he met Parker and moved out of his roommate’s place, and started putting in nearly 20-hour days just to make ends meet.

It was an era in his life when he actually had free time to spend as he wished, and he often spent it cafe hopping with his meager paycheck. He’d stumbled upon Zhenya’s cafe by accident, one morning in mid-July, and was fascinated by the cozy, modern vibe, and sat down on a barstool, third from the left, to order a black coffee and a muffin.