It had been three years now that they had been married. 

They had been through hell, and back, and back again. He had seen her bloody and broken, thought she had died- and well, she had seen him close to the same. They were some of the lucky ones though. Most other people never got to see their loved ones again after dealing with husks, reapers, collectors- whatever monster that came from the bowels of space to try and take what did not belong to them- and never would.

In that time he has counted every freckle, known every smile- ever flitter of expression no matter how fleeting. He’s known when to hold her close, and when to give her space- when she needs a good laugh and when she needs a taste of reality. He knows that if he talks soft and low in the morning- his voice rough with sleep, that it makes her nip at her lower lip. He knows that if he places a kiss teasingly at the very corner of her lips- that she’ll lift a brow at him before taking his stubbled chin in her hands and ‘fixing his aim’.

She’s been there through the headaches, he’s been there through the rebuilding, and they’ve both been there for each other at the loss of friends and family.

But no matter what was thrown at them, no matter the odds- here they were now three years later with a handsome little boy running around carefree as the world rebuilds around them. There are a few rare and glorious mornings where Kaidan wakes up so happy and so madly in love that- for just a moment- the reapers and what they had done seems like a distant, fast-fading nightmare. That this life he’s made with his beautiful wife is all there ever was, and all there ever will be.

And he couldn’t ask for anything more.