zhen lei


The Lovely Ladies of the Mission Impossible Universe


well, at least watching all this nardo helped me modernize the xingese royal guard uniform and come up with masks for the guard charas

tidbits about the OCs:

  • Lei Chang: Ling’s son by his wife from the Chang clan. Bitter that the Chang clan was bested in the last competition for the throne.
  • Nuying Wu: Ling’s daughter by his wife from the Wu clan, who had the eldest prince in Ling’s generation. Charismatic and flamboyant.
  • Jia Elric: AlMei daughter. Haughty, pretty much considers herself a princess, especially since Nuying has taken her under wing.
  • Su Zhao: half-blood Xingese/Pagyrican (a country bordered by Creta and Aerugo). Jia’s lady-in-waiting and chief bodyguard. Alkahestrist. Tired.
  • Zhen Yao: LingFan son, just not by blood. Alkahestrist. Stoic. Works as one of Jia’s bodyguards while hiding from Lei, who wants him dead.