zhe art

((lil chibi bat Athur from @ask-theundeadhusbands because the mun’s art style and character’s inspired this random doodle page))

((Thats probably really out of character for the blog but I felt the urge to draw it XD))

(( @ask-theundeadhusbands is a great blog! Check it out they have funny,serous, and awesome art up the wazoo! I did some traditional fan art for them once but I posted it on my @ask-mz-amelia-jones-assassin blog! I love their stuff so much plz check out their page.))

anonymous asked:

@dolphs dad, hey, maybe you could step off your son? He's not hurting anyone by enjoying art! If you were a good dad maybe you'd let your kid do what makes him fucking happy! Dolph is a good kid, who enjoys arts and crafts, it's normal, do you see me flipping my shit at preston for liking his plays? Hell no! 👏 LET 👏 YOUR👏 SON DO 👏 WHAT 👏 MAKES HIM 👏 FUCKING 👏 HAPPY! 👏 yo dolph, you do you, because your art is amazing to me -Karter Goodplay, preston's angsty (non-canon) twin brother

Lieutenant Houston: I just want whats best for him. He needs to be a man one day so he needs to start liking manly things.

Dolph: But Papa! I really enjoy art und ozher people enjoy zhe art I make.