zhao yao

well, at least watching all this nardo helped me modernize the xingese royal guard uniform and come up with masks for the guard charas

tidbits about the OCs:

  • Lei Chang: Ling’s son by his wife from the Chang clan. Bitter that the Chang clan was bested in the last competition for the throne.
  • Nuying Wu: Ling’s daughter by his wife from the Wu clan, who had the eldest prince in Ling’s generation. Charismatic and flamboyant.
  • Jia Elric: AlMei daughter. Haughty, pretty much considers herself a princess, especially since Nuying has taken her under wing.
  • Su Zhao: half-blood Xingese/Pagyrican (a country bordered by Creta and Aerugo). Jia’s lady-in-waiting and chief bodyguard. Alkahestrist. Tired.
  • Zhen Yao: LingFan son, just not by blood. Alkahestrist. Stoic. Works as one of Jia’s bodyguards while hiding from Lei, who wants him dead.

alilsketchdoodle  asked:

Hello admin Sarah, And hello to you too admin Jay! I hope you're both having a good day! I was wondering, the ask about 1p's crush dating the 2p? Can we have it reversed? The 2p's crush dating the 1p? Thank you!

Haha, hi there! Of course I can do that for you! -Admin Jay

2p France: “I’m not even surprised.”
Francois wouldn’t even be shocked. Who could deny that bouncy hair? Or the attitude? Or the l’amour shit. He would just shrug and let it go as he went back to whatever he was doing with his life before…which was probably nothing at all. 

2p Canada: “Good for you, chickadee.”
Matt wouldn’t even be mad. He would see his crush with Matthew and see how happy Matthew was, before just nodding and continuing on with his day. He wouldn’t want to hurt Matthew at all or ruin anything his crush had with the smaller Canadian. So he would just let it go. 

2p America: “Try me, porkchop…I’ll get them…”
Allen would see it as a challenge between him and Alfred. Good country boy vs. bad city boy. He would have to try everything possible to win his crush over, but if he didn’t win his crush over he would be pretty sour for awhile. Allen is a sore loser and especially if it is to Alfred, who he already sees as a better person. Allen would just go pout and try to forget about the crush entirely…just don’t ask how. 

2p England: “Oh but he is such a downer, poppet!”
Oliver would try to warn his crush about how sour and pouty Arthur is. He would try to tell them that they deserved more color and fun in their lives. Though if they were happy with Arthur and were enjoying themselves, Oliver would be sad for awhile…but would get over it and still want to be friends and make them treats. 

2p China: “He’s so old school!”
Zhao would tell his crush he found Yao so boring and old-fashioned! He would tell them that he would be much more fun and give them a better time in the bedroom and out. Though if they were serious about picking Yao, Zhao would back off. He wouldn’t want to lose his best friend over it, but he wouldn’t stop flirting with them and teasing them about how much better he would be.

2p Russia: “Hmph. Fine by me.”
Viktor would look at Ivan and roll his eyes. If they wanted to date a flower loving child, so be it. He would just watch and wait for it to fall apart, then he would step in with grace and the strength that he saw Ivan lacking. Just to prove that he was better, but he wouldn’t actively wait or care…he would just keep an eye out…