I can’t stop listening to it like it’s so romantic and so sensual but so light and airy at the same time and it’s just so zhang yixing and he’s worked on this for so long and this is his baby that he’s gifting to us and he never disappoints and 

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New batch of designs, what do you think on these new designs? imgur(dotcomslash)a/hByvq

Why can’t they fucking give Zhou Yu the elder sword back… I love his design.

SIMA SHI IS IN HIS DW7 OUTFIT! I fucking love his DW7 outfit so this is great.

WHY IS MA DAI USING TWO AXES? Also nice DW7 outfit. I think I see how Jin is being designed… no complaints.

I love Zhang He but why does he have Yuanji’s weapons? What is she getting? This worries me… TO be honest though, I thought Zhang He was the gay love child of Mori Ranmaru and Akechi Mitsuhide. Look at that face and hair…. it’s them.