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Exo Reaction to S/O Always Grabbing Their Butts


Whenever your hand is remotely close to Sehun, he’ll somehow sense it. He’ll shake his fingers teasingly at you and act high and mighty. But deep down, he finds your habit really amusing, and it becomes a game involving you trying to touch his butt without him noticing.


Given Lay’s own penchant for grabbing other people’s butts, he’ll be very appreciative that you have the same habit. It’ll be a secret running joke between the two of you in how to express affection to each other. In the end, the both of you will end up laughing when having a contest of butt grabbing.


He would turn really shy every time that you touched him. His eyes would be larger than usual and his body would naturally tense up. Although it wasn’t his favorite way of yours to express physical affection, he would get used to it with time and accept it as a weird habit of yours.


He would love this playful side of yours and would reciprocate the action full-heartedly. It would turn to a full on competition of who can touch the other person the most. The two of you would have lots of fun together caressing each other randomly.


A huge blush would appear on his face and he would laugh in an embarrassed manner. His cute reaction would probably cause you to touch his butt more often just to see his adorable expression.


He would be so shocked at your boldness and freeze when you grabbed his bottom. After a while, he’ll realized that you’re just like Yixing and this is just your way of expressing affection. He’s too shy to return the motion but will smile secretly every time you touched him.


Although he would like the skinship, he would be weirded out in the beginning whenever you touched his butt. Once he got more comfortable with your habit, then he won’t think much of it and will just smile at you gently.


His cocky side would appear, and he’ll make innuendos to tease you. Lots of lip biting and winks directed at your way when your hand made physical contact with his bottom. You’ll end up being the one who blushes and run away embarrassed.


Every time that you touched his butt, Baekhyun would jump and laugh in shock. He would find it really cute and love how weird it is. Whenever the two of you were alone, he’ll playfully wiggle his bottom at you and make teasing remarks.

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EXO Reaction: Their crush says that they would never date an idol


He’d pretend it doesn’t bother him, but that night he’d be silently crying into his pillow.

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>why why why why why why why< *heartbroken*

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“What? Why?” *demands your reasons”

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When he’s told that you said that *gif*


He’d try to understand your reasoning and respect your decision, even if it breaks his heart.

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Takes this as a challenge. “I will make her want to date me”

Yeolie: “But she said-”

Baek: “I DON’T CARE WHAT SHE SAID. I will make her want to date me”

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He was going to confess to you that day but then he hears you telling someone you’d never date an idol. “Well I guess that’s the answer to my question”

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*fights back his tears*

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You could probably hear his heart shattering. Says nothing about it and bottles up his feelings.

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He asked you out and then got rejected due to you not wanting to date an idol. “Oh I see. I should leave” *silently cries*

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“They actually said that?” *can’t believe his ears*

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“Stop lying it’s obvious you want me!” *denial*

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