zhang yixing

Me singing Monster by EXO

She got me going crazy *incoherent mumbling* GODDESS! *incoherent mumbling* Yeah, yeah! *incoherent mumbling* Don’t be afraid, love is the way, shawty I got it, you can call me monster! I’m creeping in your heart babe *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently* come here girl! You call me monster! *incoherent mumbling* she got me going crazy! oh yeah she got me! *still mumbling* oh yeah, oh yeah she got me! *mumbling some more* THAT’S RIGHT MY TYPE!  Don’t be afraid, love is the way, shawty I got it, you can call me monster! I’m creeping in your heart babe *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently part 2* come here girl! You call me monster! *incoherent mumbling while pretending to be over dramatic* I’M SORRY YOU MAKE ME SO CRAZY! YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!! *incoherent mumbling while pretending I can actually rap this part* I’m untouchable man! *literally I’m just spewing gibberish at this point other than the ‘Who!’ and 'How we do’ bits* YOU CAN CALL ME MONSTER!!!!!!!!!! I’m creeping in your heart babe! *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently part 3* Come here girl! YOU CALL ME MONSTER! *being overly serious pretending I can do Chen’s harmony here* creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, you, oh whoa, creeping! *invisible mic drop*

keep it professional || yixing

of course, he just had to be an idiot and form a crush on his co-star. 

genre :: fluff

the new show he would be starring it was full of comedy, it was aimed towards children and adults alike. so, he wasn’t expecting to grow fond of his co-star.

from the day you walked in, his eyes were already on you. he could already tell you were a happy virus, you were bursting with energy and smiled so hard he could tell your cheeks were hurting. you were kind to him, shook his hand and bowed in respect, told him how much you loved his work and was honored to be on a show with him. he ignored how his heart was starting to beat faster, bowed back, and sent you a loving smile.

since them, being next to you was complete hell, but complete heaven combined.

you seemed to be perfect in every way possible. you hardly made mistakes on the show and if you did, you would always give an honest apology. your funniness wasn’t fake, the script did nothing to help you with that, you just naturally knew how to make everybody laugh, how to raise spirits.

“she’s an angel,” yixing said, on a call with a close friend in his car after a long day of shooting, a long day of being next to you. 

“so why won’t you actually talk to her?”

he could feel his cheeks flaming. “do you even know what professionalism is?!”

the friend across the phone sighed. “being professional doesn’t mean you can’t talk to her. actually, talking to her is a sign of you wanting to get to know her offset, which can make her form an interest in you as well.”

pursing his lips, yixing whined while yanking his phone from his ear and hanging up. maybe talking to you wouldn’t be so bad.


yeah, talking to you wasn’t bad.

it was horrible.

“hey, y/n,” he said quietly as he approached you in your dressing room, the door wide open. it was the end of the day, and everyone was to busy cleaning up to pay attention to either of you.

you turned around in your chair, phone in hand and smiled sweetly at him. “hey! what’s up?”

his cheeks started to flame. “uh- uh- i was wondering…”

dang. dang. he couldn’t do this, not with you sitting there, makeup scrubbed up yet still looking like a goddess. not with you peering at him curiously with those pretty eyes like that. dang. 

“nothing, it’s nothing! forget i said anything!” he quickly shouted, running out of the room and making sure to close the door behind himself.

and you frowned, because he seemed to notice everything except your expectant smile of him finally attempting to speak a word to you.


the next day was the last day of shooting. it was the last day of being next to you, of being able to admire you from afar and talk to himself about how much he just wanted to hold your hand.

he messed up yesterday, completely. when you walked in you didn’t say a word to him, you didn’t even glance at him, and it made his heart hurt a little, and he could only assume it was because of yesterday.

you had made more mistakes today than all of the other days of shooting combined. the directors were constantly scolding you, wanting you to be perfect, but not even giving you a break to just breathe

so, when a five minute break did happen, he was already following you to your dressing room. before you could slam the door shut, he stopped it with his foot, his lips tugged into a frown.

“are you okay, y/n?” he asked, voice full of worry.

“fine,” your voice was so stern, so bitter, it made him blink a few times to make sure he heard you right.

“y/n, if this is about yesterday-”

“yes, it is about yesterday.” you turned to glare straight into his eyes. “you think i don’t see the way you stare at me when i walk in? the way your eyes linger on set? or how you peek into my dressing room when the door is open? i see all of that, yixing, all of it. and yesterday i thought, maybe he’s actually going to talk to me, but no, you ran out in the middle of your sentence. so you wanna know why i’m so upset?! because i like you, zhang yixing! i’ve liked you for the longest time but how am i supposed to approach you and blatantly say “hey, yixing, wanna date or something-”

“you just did.”

you stopped rambling, still angrily looking at him. “what?!”

“you just asked me if i wanted to date you.”

you blinked, pursing your lips. a couple moments of silence passed by.

“i want to date you, y/n.” he said, walking up to you, grabbing your hand. “i’m just upset that you had to ask me out.”

and this time, instead of you making a giggle escape his lips, you smiled at his words as you couldn’t help but laugh.