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Meet 7Senses

(*blows a kiss into the sky* for the anon that wanted to know them better)

7Senses is a sub-unit for chinese idol group SNH48. Their goal is to reach a global audience by mixing both Asian and international charms. The members had some extra training in South Korea where they improved their performance.

They recently debuted with their first song Girl Crush (MV) (Dance ver.). You can watch their full debut showcase here.

Members are, left to right: Bee, Diamond, Akira, Tako, Kiki, Eliwa & Lynn

Akira (Girl Crush teaser)

Bee (Girl Crush teaser)

Diamond (Girl Crush teaser)

Eliwa (Girl Crush teaser)

Kiki (Girl Crush teaser)

Lynn (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Chen Lin (陈琳).
  • She also has the nickname Datou (big head).
  • A member from SNH’s 4th generation, she’s in Team X.
  • Her weibo account.
  • She’s from Shanghai and was born on July 24, 1998. She’s the youngest 7Senses member.
  • So far she hasn’t ranked in any of the General Elections. Hopefully she’ll make it this year!
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 2 times for Engine of Youth and Dream Land.
  • Her unit in Team X’s original stage is Meng. She’s mostly on the left here, you can’t miss her.
  • She was in a special Team X performance of Hei Tian’e (from NII5).
  • She got to sub Sun Xinwen’s spot for Monster.
  • She and Tako performed AKB’s Wagamama na Nagareboshi at SNH’s recent idol festival.
  • She has only been in the group for two years + is not a regular senbatsu member. Also, she apparently shares her name with a Chinese solo singer, so if you wanna find stuff with her you might need to dig a little deeper. However you can easily spot her on Team X’s stuff.
  • Still, there’s some good material out there, like this solo performance.
  • She can braid her hair in less than a minute (?).
  • I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here, but please just watch it. It’s almost 4am please forgive me.
  • Fact: her head is, indeed, big.

Tako (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Zhang Yuge (张语格)
  • A member from SNH’s 1st generation, she’s in Team SII.
  • She’s from Heilongjiang and was born on May 11, 1996.
  • Her weibo account. She also has an instagram.
  • She ranked #8 on the past General Election, a 3-spots drop compared to her 2015 rank, making her visibly upset and feeling like she has failed her team. You can see her speech here, Princess Cloak MV.
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 12 times for Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki*, UZA, GIVE ME FIVE!, After Rain*, Manatsu no Sounds Good! (center), Halloween Night, New Year’s Bell*, Engine of Youth & Princess Cloak
  • She was not one of the performing members for Team SII’s original stage shonichi, but she has performed Xin Shijie (in the video she’s the one in blue).
  • She performed Tian Hei Riji at this year’s BEST 50.
  • She performed Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou with Bee three years ago.
  • She’s also centered Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate a few times, including this performance during last year’s TOP 16 mini-tour.
  • She also performed this with Team HII’s Liu Jiongran.
  • Here she is dancing to CLC’s High Heels. And here is PPAP Tako ver.
  • Her goal is acting, and she took one of the biggest roles in last year’s drama Campus Beauty. The whole thing is on YouTube and you can find it just by searching the Chinese title (贴身校花), but it’s not subbed so you have to either understand the language or be really committed to seeing the girls lol

I try to post regularly about them (specially Akira since she’s my love) but I’m super lazy and forgetful, so if you really wanna stay up to date you can follow @FY7SENSES on Twitter. And of course, follow the girls on their social media~

If you spot a mistake or anything else, you can send me an ask~

(* didn’t include links to the Heart Ereki, After Rain & New Year’s Bell MVs. After Rain is the theme of their documentary so the MV is not senbatsu-focused. The other two don’t have a real music video.)


-yes matt damon was the lead in the movie
-yes he had more screen time than anyone else
-yes i would have liked to see a more dignified asian lead (although tian jing was fucking fantastic)

but srsly………the movie was REALLY good. it was a movie based on legend. it was from the point of view of english and spanish mercenaries, not the point of view of the chinese. it was explaining the change of character from a greedy soldier who only wanted to get the gunpowder and go back home to live in spoils to a humbled warrior who learned what it was to trust and fight for something important. THAT WAS THE STORY.

i would have loved to see a more chinese side of things rather than the ‘white hero’ but that was the way the story was written. the director was CHINESE. the cast was 99% CHINESE. matt damon didn’t do anything wrong by playing the role he was given, and he even played that role really well considering the amount of pressure he was put under. he has spoken out about the rest of the cast (tian jing, luhan, etc.) and given high regards to their talent. he wasn’t trying to diminish the impact of chinese culture on the film, nor was he trying to insert himself in chinese culture.

quit giving matt damon shit. he did really well. how about we focus on the careers that his name is effecting. so many chinese actors, directors, etc. are getting a foothold in hollywood now just because there was a popular white actor cast as a lead. this isn’t a bad thing.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE………we got some pretty damn amazing things out of this movie

-tian jing was badass
-she was the commander of a fleet of kickass chinese women
-the general chose HER to take his spot
-there were actually only a total of like 7 ppl in the cast who weren’t chinese and only 3 of them were important characters (1 WASN’T EVEN WHITE)
-luhan played such an amazing and progressive character who died bravely
-plus he looked so good
-the storyline was completely believable with the mercenaries and the hunt for gunpowder, like the writer made sure to carry it throughout the whole story
there wasn’t a single romantic plotline thrown into the movie
-i was honestly laughing throughout the entire film


Vin Zhang 张彬彬 as Lin Yi Mu | Pretty Li Hui Zhen 漂亮的李慧珍  →  ep.8

“Of course! I’m Charlie’s angel!”

Asian Actresses in Period Dramas - (Mini Masterlist)

It’s not as easy to find an abundance of pictures for Chinese actresses as it is for actresses from elsewhere. Let alone actresses in period dramas. If you’re not an avid drama-watcher and just want an actress who’ll fit your period faceclaim, you might not know who to start with or who’ll fit. Because of this problem, I’ve made a little list of Asian actresses/models (mostly Chinese) in period dramas. In this, I’ll list who has enough pictures and even videos for you to icon and/or gif.

When searching these actresses, try to search both their Chinese and English (if they have one) names. Also search for their name followed by the their movie/show name. For video resources, I use Youtube. Now, let’s start with…

Liu Shi Shi / Cecilia Liu

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high (predominately on tumblr)
Videos for gif & gif icons: High (video(s) to look for: Imperial Doctress, Sound of the Desert, Chinese Paladin 3, Brotherhood of Blades)

Zhao Wei / Vicki Zhao

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high
Videos for gif & gif icons: Medium (video(s) to look for: Painted Skin, The Duel, Mulan: Rise of Warrior)

( more under the cut )

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Popular Male Actor China 2015

 1 陈晓 Chen Xiao

2 李易峰 Li Yifeng

3 黄晓明 Huang Xiaoming

4 邓超 Deng Chao

5 陈学冬 Chen Xuedong

6 马天宇 Ma Tianyu

7 陈伟霆 William Chen

8 吴亦凡 Kris Wu

9 胡歌 Hu Ge

10 郑恺 Zheng Kai

11 彭于晏 Eddie Peng

12 李治廷Aarif Rahman

13 吴奇隆 Nicky Wu

14 钟汉良 Wallace Chung

15 霍建华 Wallace Huo

16 谢霆锋 Nicolas Tse

17 林更新 Lin Genxin

18 张翰 Zhang Han

19 Han Geng

20 袁弘 Yuan Hong

21 苏有朋 Alec Su

22 鹿晗 Luhan

根據蘋果十少《榮耀職業聯盟運動會》改編 【STAFF】久任、C、錢、圖特哈蒙、咩小寧 【CAST】 (興欣戰隊)阿傑、圖特哈蒙、紫堂宿、久任、山新、藤新、土豆沙、葉曉微熙、咩小寧、良牙、歐夜思 (霸圖戰隊)寶木中陽、向以辰、皇貞季、鳳三 (藍雨戰隊)天生郭病號、葉清【輪回】阿春、蘇大大、小茂、錦鯉、上官琪楓(虛空...

[TKA Fan Radio Drama] Glory Professional Alliance Sports Meet (with translated transcript)

One of those fan radio drama from a couple of years back. It’s pretty fun~

Many of the voices actors that took part in this ended up officially in the animation for characters such as Ye Xiu, Huang Shaotian, Steam Bun, Han Wenqing. This fan radio drama is actually one of the reasons why they ended up in their respective roles. I really love the voice acting here!

Someone put up the transcript so I took liberties to loosely translate it here. Many thanks to Amsdia & Merlin for doing a quick proofread!

I was halfway into the translation when I realised that people who finished the book probably don’t need this translation. -o- People who are following the English translation of the novel probably aren’t familiar with half of the characters here. There’s also bunch of spoilers… Oh well…. You’ve been warned.


Glory Professional Alliance Sports Meet

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Lay - 170412 ‘Operation Love’ weibo update: “#求婚大作战424修正青春##求婚大作战# 五人组@努力努力再努力x @陈都灵 @张昊唯 @赵圆瑗 @吕炸炸 后台合体 画风你们感受下 还有肖老师@李程彬 和真叔@張智霖 也来啦 人生总是充满美好和遗憾 4月24日,东方卫视 腾讯视频 修正青春,为爱应援

Translation: “#Operation Love 424 fixing youth##Operation Love# @Zhang Yixing @Cheng Du Ling @Zhang Hao Wei @Zhao Yuan Yuan @Lu Zha Zha the five of them reunited backstage Feel the aesthetics of the photo for yourself. Teacher Xiao @Li Cheng Bin and Uncle Zhen @Zhang Zhi Lin came as well. Life is full of good and regretful moments, April 24th, Dragon TV Tencent Video fixing youth, responding to love”

Credit: 电视剧求婚大作战.