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gossip girl challenge - every episode
         ‘pilot’ [ 1/121 ]

“hello upper east siders, gossip girl here, and i have the biggest news ever. one of my many sources - melanie91 - sends us this: ‘spotted at grand central, bags in hand - serena van der woodsen.’ was it only a year ago our ‘it’ girl mysteriously disappeared for a quote ‘boarding school’? and just as suddenly she’s back. don’t believe me. see for yourselves. lucky for us, melanie91 sent proof. thanks for the photo, mel.”


My VEGEBUL fancast!!!!!!!
Ed Westwick x Zhang Ziyi

Ed because I know that he can play the arrogant, condescending, broody, I’m the shit and I know it that has father issues, but really just needs a woman to love me and balance me out and not take any of my shit character ex. GG Chuck Bass.
Now, Ed’s alittle tall 5'9, but get someone like extra tall like Godfrey Gao as Goku he’s like 6'4 or something and balance it out lol.
I always imagine Vegeta taller than Bulma anyway.

Zhang, she’s been named one of the world’s most beautiful women, like some blue haired genius we know. She’s a total badass that can hold her own and has played some very complicated characters in the past. Ex. House of Flying Daggers- Xiao Mei and Memoirs of a Geisha- Chiyo.
Who better to play the genius heiress

Now, if you have issues with my picks don’t look at it. Just pass it put as you scroll. There you go… . . juuuust keeeep oonn goooing. Because idc, cause… you know what? I had fun doing this. So, Bii don’t kill my vibe.

But if you like it. . .😘😘😘 thank you!!!

anonymous asked:

apparently the matt damon casting was done by the director? who is chinese?

I’m gonna take a slow, deep breath here, and while I do that, you can take a look at these links I’ve included:

1) Zhang Yimou to replace Ed Zwick as director of The Great Wall

2) Ed Zwick (the original director) had already cast Henry Cavill and Benjamin Walker in The Great Wall before he left the project (surprise: neither Cavill nor Walker are Asian, much less Chinese)

3) An interview with Zhang Yimou about the film, in which he is very very diplomatic, and yet manages to let slip a few very important details:
This script was written by American screenwriters. So the story is really told from an American’s perspective. When I came onboard, I wanted to make sure everything Chinese in this film feels genuine.

First and foremost, this is an English-language film, and a Hollywood blockbuster. It was already very clear in the script phase. This is a Hollywood monster movie and needs to be made in that style. I don’t want to change that approach, and there’s no need to do that. What I really want is to bring Chinese color and cultural background to the worldwide audience through a film language that they are familiar with.” 

I’m gonna keep taking a few slow deep breaths here, and reiterate a few things from these articles:

The picture is based on an idea by Legendary CEO Thomas Tull and Max Brooks. (Source 2)

The original director had already cast white dudes as the principle actors (Source 2), so Asian actors weren’t even given a chance.

Reiterate from Source 1: Zhang Yimou (who is “the director? who is chinese?” you are wondering about but can’t seem to have googled his name) was brought in as a replacement. If you read Source 3, you can see that:

  • The script was written by American writers
  • The premise was conceived by American producers (source 2)
  • The original producer was white American
  • The original main actors were white American

So. Now we’ve got some history here. The fact that Zhang Yimou is Chinese is not actually as much of a defense as you might think, because, as you can see from what I’ve linked above, the movie was already well on its way to being filmed when Zhang Yimou was brought in to direct. The architecture of this racist house was already in place by the time he showed up to replace the director. He just had to put up the walls and make sure everything in the racist house worked.

And make no bones about it, Zhang Yimou himself already pre-empted the “but they did it for the Chinese market” argument some people love to make about whitewashed movies. “This is a Hollywood movie”.

So yes, to answer your question, director Zhang Yimou is Chinese. But the premise was conceived by white American men. The script was written by white American men. The original producer was a white American man who cast white men.

And if you read Source 3, I think this is the most damning part of the interview with director Zhang Yimou (Chinese):

EW: What did you contribute?
ZY:  I brought in many unique Chinese elements, such as the use of color, the design of weapons, the battle formations and strategy, the battle drums, as well as the design of the palace. Of course we also did a lot of work on making the Great Wall unique. I wanted it to feel like an aircraft carrier on land. To defeat it and cross it will be nearly impossible. Also, I really like having strong female characters in my film, so I especially created a unique unit of brave female warriors.

So, when asked what his contributions were to the film, what does our Chinese director say about this movie with a premise pitched by white men, written by white men, and starring white men?

He didn’t say he had a hand in the plot. He didn’t say he made the story more believable. He said he made it look Chinese. 

And while making it look Chinese is a good thing, the fact is that this is a movie made by white Hollywood, and they brought in a Chinese director to give it an air of authenticity. And that is fucking bullshit.