Zombie George Washington doesn’t have to eat a bwain every Sunday to know that there’s something wrong in this country. (But he wants to).


Zaxxon wants all the potatoey attention for his potatoey self!

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While you're at it, take some of this youtu(.)be/RDmhoVa_ZGw?t=1m27s and the smug little shit puts his name in the lyrics "Tu padre no me quiere ni un minuto al mes Tu madre te prohíbe la palabra Andrés" (your father doesn't like me for even a minute a month, your mother forbids the word Andrés) "Pensaba que era fácil pararle los pies Pero se ha ido volando al paraíso Andrés" (You thought it was easy to stop your feet, but you flew to paradise Andrés). Sorry for the shitty translation.

Oh this has such naughty undertones I am in love lol