Sorry it has taken so long to get the results for this contest up. I have been so busy with school this past month that I haven’t even put any thought into what the prizes were exactly going to be. Here are the results:

1st Place: madizonziegler: 15+ 14.8+ 14.2+14.9+ 14.7= 73.6

2nd Place: lukasiaklynch: 14.5+ 14.8+ 15+ 14.5+ 14.2= 73.2

3rd place: heyziegler: 14+ 14.6+ 14+ 14.5+ no edit =57.1

Congrats you all- you all had such lovely edits, and there was definitely some stiff competition between all you.

As for prizes I haven’t been able to finalize sending a package out to the first place winner so that isn’t guaranteed, so at this moment it consists of the following:

1st Place Prizes: A resource pack (includes brushes, psd’s, textures, caps, fonts ect), a dedication edit, and a custom icon (if you would like- if you want one please let me know of who, and if there is any specific pictures).

2nd Place Prizes: Dedication edit, a smaller resource pack (will only include some fonts, textures, and two randomly selected brushes).

3rd Place Prizes: A Dedication edit, and a custom icon (choice).

Thank you to everyone who participated!