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Here we go! Commissions are OPEN once more, and I’m starting with five slots! You can see more examples here on my blog, if you’re interested in something else.

  • Full color drawings start at $15 ($20 w/background)
  • Clean ink drawings are also $15
  • Grayscale digital paintings start at $40
  • and smaller drawings and sketches are $5-$10

I’m also capable of doing character design sheets, turnarounds, and more. I will draw mostly anything (including NSFW,) EXCEPT:

  • child pornography
  • beastiality
  • scat
  • rape/noncon

Along with whatever I sell on my Redbubble store, commissions are my main source of income for now! I’d greatly appreciate any amount of exposure I can get, so if you wouldn’t mind reblogging this post, that would be great!

Contact me right here, or through zgrease@gmail.com


Once again, I’ve fallen on some tough times and I’m making EVEN MORE commission choices available for almost anyone’s price range!

Until August, these commissions will be my top priority, and slots will be limited to 20


  • ANY fandom!
  • ANY ship!
  • nsfw!
  • blood, gore, vomit, whatever


  • pedophilia
  • scenes depicting rape, ultraviolence, or violence towards animals
  • scat/pee

I’m a pretty agreeable person, so if you have any questions about anything at all, please don’t hesitate ask me! Please send payments to zgrease@gmail.com through PayPal ONLY!

Thank you so much, and if you don’t have the ability to purchase anything right away, please reblog this post!


Hello again everyone! It’s C with a better, easier-to-look-at commissions post!

i got bills to pay, yall, have mercy

I have changed some prices and updated what exactly I’ll be selling, but if you have something else in mind, just ask and I’ll do the best I can to work with you!

I am very flexible when it comes to prices, so if you have any concerns regarding what’s listed, we can negotiate.

If you’re interested in a full character sheet, please send me a message, and we will talk costs then.


  • (18+) blood, gore
  • smut examples(new) here(old)
  • most fandoms
  • OCs, fan characters


  • complicated mech
  • scat
  • underrage
  • beastiality

Currently, the slots are limited to ten. One person may only purchare 2 slots at a time.

Send your payments to zgrease@gmail.com

Please, if you can’t afford anything, PLEASE reblog this post! I really appreciate the effort anyone takes even just to look at this! Also, if you’d like to just make a small donation, click here!

hey again

I won’t make this too long. My computer has been having a lot of problems recently and I have to factory reset it now, if resetting it doesn’t help, I will have to buy another one. Without a working computer, I can’t create any of the content I want to share with you all.

Please help support me by looking into buying a commission or visiting my Redbubble store. My parents won’t allow me to get a job as of now, and this is my only means of making any money. If those don’t interest you please consider sending a donation my way at zgrease@gmail.com

If you aren’t able to help me financially, please reblog this post.

Four commission slots now open!

I need a bit of extra cash for Christmas, so here we are!

(leaving wiggle room for haggling, here are the examples and their price ranges)



Feel free to message me either here or through email, zgrease@gmail.com

if you aren’t interested in purchasing anything, I’d appreciate if you boosted this or left me a tip!