Whose your favorite secondary character and why? I have so many but today I’m going with Dougal Mackenzie because he gives good ZFF, and his fighting face is second to none. Look at Jamie’s face at the bottom right, intense!

Have a great Sunday ladies. 😘


Fan photos and event pics of Alex at the Zurich Film Festival and premiere of War On Everyone (September 25, 2016, Switzerland).

A video posted by Noura Gauper (@nouragauper) on Sep 25, 2016 at 12:39pm PDT

Alexander Skarsgard says he steps on shorter actors on purpose – ‘that’s the kinda guy i am.’ #alexanderskarsgard #ZFF2016 #greencarpet #waroneveryone 

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simonamalin instagram:  Mr. Skarsgård - no words needed. classy man.