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Hello everyone… this is my (imperialstars once lookstyles) dumb follow whatever. I just wanted to do my first one of these things and everyone that is on here is amazing and you should follow them bc their blogs are as pretty as something really pretty. They are also amazing people that majority don’t follow me but ugh i still love them and well anyway here we go. Blah blah sorry if i forgot someone. (Credit to thebeautyinwhite for her texture in the graphic)


People I adore; (i know i haven’t spoken to you guys in ages bc i went on semi-hiatus but once upon a time we talked)

Waverly & Camille & Janella & Jasmine & Arajeane & Moni


Favourite Blogsaka blogs that i want to make my own bc i spend all day drooling over them ugh

[in no particular order]

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these are the blogs that made my blog fab. I love you all and forgive me for the crappy edit.

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zeyuns, hazloucumyet, damndimples, horanswilly, nialluniverse, halfwaytowonderland, liamskryptonite, tthekillers, thebritishboys

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zeyuns replied to your post: zeyuns replied to your post: i get on tumblr less…

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hi ok u feel me

yes i do feel u

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you are wrong look at your blog le sob ~ ;(

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Prisoners, guards walk the ramp in special New Year fashion show

A special fashion show was held at the Jilin Provincial Women’s Prison in northeast China on Wednesday, featuring 40 prisoners and 40 guards walking the ramp.

The show was part of the annual Spring Festival gala held for the prisoners, with relatives of the prisoners and the guards in attendance.

The show was designed by an inmate named Ren, who has been the designer in charge for the past three years and will be completing her decade-long term in jail this year. Ren says her biggest dream is to design clothes for her daughter, who is in middle school, in order to make up for being absent from her life for all these years.

Wu Zeyun, the warden of the Jilin Provincial Women’s Prison, told Jilin-based news website xwh.cn that the prison has been focusing on educating prisoners, which includes schooling, psychological counseling and social work.

As per latest figures reported by the Xinhua News Agency in late January 2016, there are an estimated 2.35 million prisoners in China. The latest figures provided by the London-based Institute of Criminal Policy Research’s World Prison Brief report indicate that female prisoners accounted for 6.3% of China’s total prison population.