Caitlyn’s Follow Whatever

Hello everyone… this is my (imperialstars once lookstyles) dumb follow whatever. I just wanted to do my first one of these things and everyone that is on here is amazing and you should follow them bc their blogs are as pretty as something really pretty. They are also amazing people that majority don’t follow me but ugh i still love them and well anyway here we go. Blah blah sorry if i forgot someone. (Credit to thebeautyinwhite for her texture in the graphic)


People I adore; (i know i haven’t spoken to you guys in ages bc i went on semi-hiatus but once upon a time we talked)

Waverly & Camille & Janella & Jasmine & Arajeane & Moni


Favourite Blogsaka blogs that i want to make my own bc i spend all day drooling over them ugh

[in no particular order]

hollywhood | baskarvillestilestilinskismarodersghosthalogensstaravenuestupertingdoodoodloocoldswar | la-stylesfuckyesbiebersafesandsoundwolf-teethcloudplayswildlinged  | morningslightchaoticroadpraisesblownawaysofjulietcantbetamedparparazzitroianbellsairodamnstylesedkennedysplayedtilmyfingersbledperseuesbritishag