Drawing by me, CarmenMCS 

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It happened, I went with the Chris/Lilly ball dance idea inspired by the Suikoden III manga beginning. Thanks for helping me come up with this idea and find references! Hope you like it!!! It’s just a preview because it’s an illustration for the last number of Lis en Fleur (Blog / Tumblr) which is a yuri fanzine I’ve participated in a couple of times.

so orange nova just released the kobold with a hud (!!!) and since i’m a lazy fuck who is ALL about convenience, i decided now was the time to attempt to make a kobold

as always, visual magick’s mod makes it sparkle (literally and figuratively) and zexen’s eyes are so damn pretty i wanna cry

another kemono item becauseeeeee i like starsssssss and half jackets.  learned more about rigging with this product, which was nice!  zexen, as usual, helped me out in a huge way (in fact, he redid my shitty job), but i’ve learned things for next time.  c: