Drawing by me, CarmenMCS (My Deviantart / My Tumblr / My Pixiv)

It happened, I went with the Chris/Lilly ball dance idea inspired by the Suikoden III manga. Thanks for the help guys! Going to be in our Suikoden 20th Anniv. Fanbook and the last number of Lis en Fleur (Blog / Tumblr) which is a yuri fanzine I’ve participated in a couple of times.


i love this mod so much

you can get the body mod (and tail) here, head is little beastie, the arms and legs are fat paws from burd designs, the hair is cats cradle from zimpoid, the ears are from blueberry, and the body is obviously the kemono.

i think u can get the eye textures from murder of ravens?  or they came with some mod or something.  ask zexen alecto if you want them, they’re qt

edit: forgot to mention, the second hair i’m wearing is sly hair from raven bell


ok here’s…  better pictures of this mod.  i’m really bad at taking pictures, i’m really sorry

i also tried to copy @reinoel‘s style of outfit, tho i’m sure i didn’t do well with that either

look, i’m just showing off this cute mod okay i love it so much and i love this head and i’m trying to push zexen to release it publicly

mithingthepoint  asked:

B X Y?

B: Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?
Not entire fics, but portions of them. For instance, in “Middle Ground” where Pascal sustains a wound and requires treatment, I wrote the procedure and suffering from personal experience. I got bit by a brown recluse spider at work and the resulting wound was the worst ever. OMG. It was so gross, I can’t even…and I swear that sucker hurt more than childbirth. I am not even kidding.

My knowledge of horses has been handy with Zexen Knight stories and mechanics with writing Artie in my Lunar tales. So…while those aren’t particular experiences but general knowledge, I guess that counts?

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.
Welkin, from Valkyria Chronicles. I really kind of tortured him in the story I wrote for that game. Also to a lesser extent, Hubert from Tales of Graces…but that is more through embarrassment than anguish.

Y: A character you want to protect.
Hmm…any of the child characters I write I’m pretty protective of, but in terms of non-original characters…probably Louis from Suikoden III. I beat up on him badly enough off camera in my stories, so I let him play the hero/good guy on screen a lot.






CLICK EACH IMAGE TO BE TAKEN TO IT’S MP LISTING.  except the top image.  that one is just to get you excited.

this cyber imp stuff is what nightmares are made of.

ANYWAY, LOTS OF ORIGINAL PARTS MADE FOR THIS MOD.  I made the horns, ears, and arms.  Zexen made the fluffs on the arms, the tail, and the tail HUD.  Cruce made the little binary foot halo that goes around yo feeties also he’s like a scripting/particles god.  Noelstone drew us lots of pretty prelim sketches and really set the stage for what the cyber imp became.  :>

and it’s all color changeable.

and you can glow.

and stuff.

i’m going to go pass out now bye be back when i’m brimming with more ideas for this avatar

ps we didn’t include the hood because it didn’t work with this, so yeah.  but maybe i can use it in another mod or release it separately or something, idk.

another kemono item becauseeeeee i like starsssssss and half jackets.  learned more about rigging with this product, which was nice!  zexen, as usual, helped me out in a huge way (in fact, he redid my shitty job), but i’ve learned things for next time.  c: