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(idk people are sending you story things?) negativeshipping Slave AU *flees*


 "Oh, Yuuuumaa~“ Vector cooed, grinning when the small slave boy froze, having tried to leave with the others. “Come on, sit with me! It’ll make up for me forgetting to feed you yesterday~”

 Yuuma winced but obeyed, kneeling beside the king. He cringed when his hair was grabbed, Vector dropping small pieces of food on the floor. “T-thank you, my lord…"

 "Don’t say I’m not merciful~“

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Dangershipping, AU: Monsters (yknow, fairies, mermaids, etc.)

   you sneak, jay

 "W-wow, Shark, I don’t…" Kotori stammered as she looked over the beautiful, glossy tail, amazed at how smooth the scales were when she touched them. “Don’t know what to say…"

 Shark smirked, like he hadn’t revealed some huge secret and took her hand. “I have that affect on people…"

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Pairing: Past!Vector x Barian Vector AU: Vector accidentally went back in time

   ohwow i love you, anon….this…might be longer than three sentences.

  Vector wasn’t sure how he managed to allow himself to fall through some warped portal and was thrown into the same room, only there were no cracks, no vines….He’d gone back in time? Not unheard of but still surprising.

 "Oh? Well, well, something has entered my throne room without permission…"

 Vector wasn’t surprised to see the odd looking human that was supposed to be his past self. The tanned human was sitting in his throne, surrounded by ropes to pull if he needed them.

 "I am King Phecda…and apparently…you’re not from here.“

 Vector laughed. Oh….this would be fun.