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The Best of the Yu-Gi-Oh Fandom

@violetganache42 is a multi-shipper and will always be eager to speak to a friend. She’s pure and sweet to the core, and she’ll always help out fandom newbies.

@nightfurylover31 never judges people based on personal preferences. Her blog is a safe spot. You want to discuss favorite moments? Go right ahead. She’ll listen.

@thewittyphantom is the go-to gal for obscure information. She mostly posts screencaps highlighting different moments throughout the series. Her knowledge is mostly towards the original series, but you’re bound to have a fun time with her.

@yugiohrox is the headcanon master. We had fun connecting the original series with Zexal, and she’ll be more than happy to share headcanon thoughts with you.

@kitameguire is mostly an RP blogger for the Arc-V character Zuzu Boyle. Definitely a fun person to talk to.

And these are just the top five people I could think of. There are a lot more fans that you’ll definitely enjoy talking to.