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Did you know that 37% of the YuGiOh! fandom shipping list is made up of polyships, or ships of three or more characters? So many ships, but most of them have so little content! What’s the deal?

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Oct 8th thru Oct 14th

ygotplusweek is one week in October that aims to celebrate OT3+ ships across all YuGiOh! series, movies, manga, and lore. Creators from every niche are invited to join us the week of October 8th in boosting content for their favorite polyships. Get set to get decked, because we’re rolling out all the stops in a mere two months.

Please signal boost this post and check out the prompts list if you’re interested. And while we all get ready, be sure to talk to us about your OT3+ in the tags or in our ask. The fun has just begun!