zexal cdc

I’m not sure what’s the best part of ZEXAL CDC

- VKai in V’s route being so obvious it hurts (Kaito apparently thinks that TV messages are an appropriate way to leave an impression on his mentor, V thinks Kaito is brave/manly/gallant…?)

- Sanagi-chan’s route literally being her converting everyone to the fine art of dueling idols. (+ Ryouga thinking eating crepes/waffles in public is embarrassing) (+ Ryouga considering adding IV to the band is a good idea??)

- Any Tenjou-related routes being “welp Kaito stops the SFC I guess” + family tragedy + Faker showing care for Kaito??? (And vice versa!)

- All of the crush-related routes seeming rather meh (looking at Takashi, Tetsuo, Cathy and Kotori here) except for Droite’s which involves Yuuma permanently losing his soul

- Shingetsu’s route being really sweet while Vector’s is “Vector kills everyone, including you, the player”

- Everyone blushes

- Voice acting

- Almost all IV-related routes have IV rendered comatose or otherwise inconvenienced LMAO

- KONAMI-KUN being the self-insert archetype but the whole route is so over the top that it doesn’t seem dislikeable??? lmao @ Durbe thinking Konami-kun is Nasch.

ZEXAL CDC is great and we are missing out on too much.