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zevran/warden - modern au | "hey you’ve had a rough day so let’s get in our PJs and watch a cute movie together and cuddle bUT IT’S TOTALLY PLATONIC ALRIGHT"

A familiar jingle of keys preceded the doorknob turning. Zevran glanced over to see Lyna shuffle into the apartment and drop her backpack on the counter. She ran a hand through her hair, eyes downcast.

“How was your day?” Zevran asked, though he had a feeling he already knew the answer.

When Lyna gave no reply but a noncommittal grunt, his suspicions were confirmed.

“Do you wish to talk about it?”

Lyna shuffled her feet and then sighed, shoulders dropping as she brushed the hair back out of her face. “No, not really.”

Zevran regarded her critically, stroking his chin for effect.

“Zev, I really just wanna go get in bed and—”

“Do deplorable things to me, yes, I know.”


“Sorry. I couldn’t resist that one. But, if you’ll allow me, I do have a proposal for you,” he said, giving her an easy smile.

She rolled her eyes at him, and he knew his joke had done its job. “Alright, what is it?”

“Here is what I propose: You go change into your pajamas. I will make some of that chai you like so much, and then you will join me on the couch under a nice pile of blankets and we will watch whatever movie you choose while you forget about the nastiness of the day you just had.”

“You don’t even know what happened,” Lyna said, her brow furrowing in confusion.

“Do I need to?”

“No, I suppose not,” she said with a tiny smile. “Okay, you got a deal. One one condition, though.”

“What is that?”

“Cookies. I require cookies.”

Zevran laughed; “Of course! How foolish of me to leave out the cookies. Your wish is my command.”

Lyna retreated to her room to change. She came out a while later in pajama pants and a baggy t-shirt and grinned at the setup Zevran had for them. Tea and cookies were on the coffee table, blankets were piled on the couch, and Netflix was already up on the TV. Zevran patted the couch next to him and Lyna sat down, pulling the blankets over them both.

While Lyna busied herself picking a movie, Zevran watched. He saw the minute smile pulling up the corner of her mouth. He saw her eyes drift shut in contentment when she picked up her mug, inhaling deeply before she took a sip of tea. The smile widened as she apparently found a movie to her liking and turned it on. Zevran looked up to see what it was—ah, The Princess Bride.

Ten minutes or so into the movie, Lyna pulled her feet up onto the couch, leaning over to curl up against his chest. Smiling, he wrapped an arm around her, sliding a hand over her hip.

“Don’t get any ideas, mister,” she said, looking up at him.

“I am the very picture of innocence, I assure you,” he replied with a grin that very much belied his words. Lyna laughed, slapping at him playfully. “Cruel temptress!” he cried melodramatically. “Laughing even as she spurns me.”

“You are ridiculous,” Lyna said with a giggle. “Also shush, I can’t hear the movie.” 

“As you wish,” Zevran said.

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2, 4, and 21 for Zevran and Lea :)

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Zevran has a habit of sleeping or just lazing out in Lea’s lap, especially when they’re on their balcony overlooking Antiva City, jeering at drunken street fights. Sure, there’s an ample amount of complaining about hos skinny Leandaros is, and something about one day i’ll find myself assassinated by your hipbones, but ultimately this is how it is. Zevran is a far more relaxed person than Leandaros, and it sort of reflects in how they like to laze out.

4: Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

Oh boy. Zevran is the one who sleeps like the dead and sometimes gets frustrated about having to fall asleep and wake up alone, because Leandaros is already a light sleeper making do with only a few hours, and that’s only when he’s not amped up on his ripped-fuel, his famed Grey Warden ritewine, an unholy concoction of hard liquor and a variety of potent stimulants ranging from something as innocent as Tiva bean powder to really hard-hitting stuff from plants harvested only in certain parts of Rivain, Par Vollen and Seheron. Lea doesn’t sleep, he’s got far too much shit to do. Probably explains a part of his short temper. Nobody’s chill when they’ve pulled two all nighters in a row.

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?

Interestingly, while Lea does get attempts of bullying a lot, Zevran always hangs back. It’s just too satisfying to watch the bully’s expression change when he realises that the fragile flower they attempted to crush hides a particularly ill-tempered viper under its petals. Lea doesn’t need protection, unless it comes to Antivans in the dockside market. He will always protect Leandaros from loud, intimidating sellers, and he protects Lea from himself, because Lea is utterly irresponsible with money and if he sees something he likes, he will get goaded into buying it with thrice its original price. Zevran will also do all the shouting, bargaining and arm-flailing for him because they’re both pretty sure that Leandaros is physically incapable of yelling. Interesting, considering that one of Leandaros’ skills is oratorship and that he’s a formidable public speaker. 

Antivans… just…. do it louder. Exuberance. Despite Lea’s temper and flashiness, in the end he’s still a stiff scholar from Fereldan magi academia.


Skintones for POC companions in Dragon Age

Whitewashing is a huge problem in every fandom, and DA is no exception. All of the characters above are whitewashed and have their skin lightened on a daily basis. 

There is no excuse when someone whitewashes a character. Take your appropriate swatches if you must, and make sure you are staying true to the characters actual skin tone. Use these colours if you’d like - they were more meant to prove a point. You are certainly welcome to use them as a base.

Stop whitewashing POC. Stop lightening skin, stop slimming down features, and stop blaming whitewashing on lighting. You know better than that. You can do better than that.

Do not take swatches from the lightest part of the face - all the light colours shown here are meant for highlighting purposes. They are the highlights of the face, to be used to display light bouncing off the surface of one’s skin.

Every image of the characters except Josephine was taken from the dragon age wiki site and was only altered to fit and blend with the pictures. All other graphics are mine. 

the signs as dragon age quotes

Aries: (After hearing terrible pickup lines) “Can I kill him yet? He’s hurting me.”

Taurus: “I see what must be done, and I do it! I see no point in running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail.”

Gemini: “Loyalty is an interesting concept. If you wish and if you are done interrogating me, we can discuss it further.”

Cancer: “Could we, perhaps, do battle with a pack of pretty flowers or soft bunnies next time? I’d do much better.”

Leo: (in response to ‘you’re not as handsome as you think’) “I must be, or you wouldn’t have been thinking about it all this time.”

Virgo: “My people had a saying long ago - “The healer has the bloodiest hands."”

Libra: “Freedom was interesting while it lasted.”

Scorpio: “I have faith in my friends well enough. Faith that they will one day stab me in the back.” 

Sagittarius: “I shall endeavor to exist with less offense.”

Capricorn: “Just once, we should enter a cave and see normal-sized spiders.”

Aquarius: “Magic can kill. Knives can kill. Even small children launched at great speed could kill.”

Pisces: “Demons can’t hear you. It hurts too much. Nothing here makes sense to them.”


Dragon Age Portraits Masterpost

This series started as a way to get me comfortable illustrating different skin tones & to build up palettes for all the characters. But I’m finding myself really digging doing the quick portrait sketches.

Below the cut if you want to see what’s in store.

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Send me quotes please!

I really want to continue this series :) So if you want, send me an ask with your favourite character and a quote of theirs that means something to you, and I’ll see if I can use it! I’m trying not to use romance-specific quotes so that everyone can identify themselves with them regardless of their personal playthrough.

The finished companions can be found here and are also available on Society6 by the way ;)

(Oh yeah, though they’re not technically companions I do intend to go with Josephine and Cullen as well because let’s face it they’re amazing. So if there’s any other non-companion characters you’d like to see, shoot me an ask!)

Dragon Age Romances in one sentence

Alistair: Here’s a rose, I love you, be my queen please!

Leliana: Let me sing you a song, then you can fight my ex.

Morrigan: Up for an Old God baby?

Zevran: Evil assassin is actually precious cinnamon roll.

Anders: *coughs nervously* …My bad?

Fenris: Teach the grumpy lyrium elf how to read and get dumped for several years.

Isabela: Totally no feelings at all *has all the feelings*

Merrill: Demon befriending blood mage is hella cute.

Sebastian: I love you, but I love Andraste more.

Blackwall: Big bearded puppy turns into big bearded puppy with tortured past.

Cassandra: Fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed.

Cullen: Oh look a dog, marry me please.

Dorian: Snark and sarcasm to hide lots and lots of fluff.

Iron Bull: Lots of sex, followed by the funniest scene in the whole game, which in turn is followed by cutest scene in entire game.

Josephine: Precious cinnamon roll.

Sera: Bees, cookies, pranks and adorable nicknames, also epic wedding.

Solas: Watch your heart being ripped into tiny shreds and cast into oblivion.