My first drawing / sketch of Dragon Age was a quick scribble about Zevran and Isabela. I still like them a lot today and I wanted to make the same drawing again to see my improvement. I have to admit that I’m not disappointed !

The same drawing last year (May 2015) :

I can’t stop thinking about how important Dragon Age was and still is for me even if it’s just a game. I keep drawing with it and I feel good when I’m playing or drawing again !

Goodnight everybody !


Did you know the Heroes of Thedas are all gay and alive living happily ever after with their boyfriends👌

(feat. my Warden Bralen Mahariel, Garrett Hawke, and Inquisitor Ilrell Lavellan)

DA Poly Week: Day 3

Theme: Arguments, jealousy, pet peeves, hurt and comfort

Pairing: Leliana/Rosalind Amell/Zevran


 Sometimes a friend or a coworker or an underling will ask how they all manage their jealousy. Often the person being asked will just shrug in answer.

Because, the truth is they don’t get jealous. It’s to much of a bother and they all trust each other. (Which is actually shocking to all three.) So if they hear rumors, they shrug and trust their lover. If they witness one of their lovers flirting, they snicker and tease said lover after.

 They might joke about time being spent with others, but they all know that they’re glad that all of them have something that takes up a fair bit of time so that there isn’t jealousy.


 Usually, the question about jealousy is followed by them wondering about arguments. That’s met with a chuckle and lavish leer from Zevran, a smirk from Leliana and a big grin from Rosalind that makes the asker back off or laugh themselves.

 But, really? Arguing tends to take the form of passive aggressive arguments between Leliana and Zevran while Rosalind is to scared to argue with either. She enjoys watching them both argue because it’s insanely attractive but she gets so scared about disagreeing with them due to the time in the tower being terrified if she argues with someone she’ll be punished.

It’s five years into their relationship she actually disagrees on Leliana’s newest nug’s name.

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Skintones for POC companions in Dragon Age

Whitewashing is a huge problem in every fandom, and DA is no exception. All of the characters above are whitewashed and have their skin lightened on a daily basis. 

There is no excuse when someone whitewashes a character. Take your appropriate swatches if you must, and make sure you are staying true to the characters actual skin tone. Use these colours if you’d like - they were more meant to prove a point. You are certainly welcome to use them as a base.

Stop whitewashing POC. Stop lightening skin, stop slimming down features, and stop blaming whitewashing on lighting. You know better than that. You can do better than that.

Do not take swatches from the lightest part of the face - all the light colours shown here are meant for highlighting purposes. They are the highlights of the face, to be used to display light bouncing off the surface of one’s skin.

Every image of the characters except Josephine was taken from the dragon age wiki site and was only altered to fit and blend with the pictures. All other graphics are mine. 

the signs as dragon age quotes

Aries: (After hearing terrible pickup lines) “Can I kill him yet? He’s hurting me.”

Taurus: “I see what must be done, and I do it! I see no point in running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail.”

Gemini: “Loyalty is an interesting concept. If you wish and if you are done interrogating me, we can discuss it further.”

Cancer: “Could we, perhaps, do battle with a pack of pretty flowers or soft bunnies next time? I’d do much better.”

Leo: (in response to ‘you’re not as handsome as you think’) “I must be, or you wouldn’t have been thinking about it all this time.”

Virgo: “My people had a saying long ago - “The healer has the bloodiest hands."”

Libra: “Freedom was interesting while it lasted.”

Scorpio: “I have faith in my friends well enough. Faith that they will one day stab me in the back.” 

Sagittarius: “I shall endeavor to exist with less offense.”

Capricorn: “Just once, we should enter a cave and see normal-sized spiders.”

Aquarius: “Magic can kill. Knives can kill. Even small children launched at great speed could kill.”

Pisces: “Demons can’t hear you. It hurts too much. Nothing here makes sense to them.”


Dragon Age Portraits Masterpost

This series started as a way to get me comfortable illustrating different skin tones & to build up palettes for all the characters. But I’m finding myself really digging doing the quick portrait sketches.

Below the cut if you want to see what’s in store.

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Send me quotes please!

I really want to continue this series :) So if you want, send me an ask with your favourite character and a quote of theirs that means something to you, and I’ll see if I can use it! I’m trying not to use romance-specific quotes so that everyone can identify themselves with them regardless of their personal playthrough.

The finished companions can be found here and are also available on Society6 by the way ;)

(Oh yeah, though they’re not technically companions I do intend to go with Josephine and Cullen as well because let’s face it they’re amazing. So if there’s any other non-companion characters you’d like to see, shoot me an ask!)

Dragon Age Romances in one sentence

Alistair: Here’s a rose, I love you, be my queen please!

Leliana: Let me sing you a song, then you can fight my ex.

Morrigan: Up for an Old God baby?

Zevran: Evil assassin is actually precious cinnamon roll.

Anders: *coughs nervously* …My bad?

Fenris: Teach the grumpy lyrium elf how to read and get dumped for several years.

Isabela: Totally no feelings at all *has all the feelings*

Merrill: Demon befriending blood mage is hella cute.

Sebastian: I love you, but I love Andraste more.

Blackwall: Big bearded puppy turns into big bearded puppy with tortured past.

Cassandra: Fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed.

Cullen: Oh look a dog, marry me please.

Dorian: Snark and sarcasm to hide lots and lots of fluff.

Iron Bull: Lots of sex, followed by the funniest scene in the whole game, which in turn is followed by cutest scene in entire game.

Josephine: Precious cinnamon roll.

Sera: Bees, cookies, pranks and adorable nicknames, also epic wedding.

Solas: Watch your heart being ripped into tiny shreds and cast into oblivion.