i get the feeling that alistair, morrigan and leliana would be, of course, devastated if the warden died, but they would eventually move on. alistair was only like 20, hes an optimistic young guy, he could find love again. morrigan has a lot of shit going on, and she has kieran, she can have a happy fulfilled life. leliana could throw herself into her career, shes a lady thats lived a full, rich life, and like alistair she also seems to love fairly easily, so it could happen for her. but zevran??? has had such a life full of difficulty and darkness and he was outright suicidal when he met the warden and the epilogue, if the warden dies, specifically mentions that he ‘never loves again’. zevran of all the origins lis is the one most destroyed by the wardens death and that..fuckin kills me…g ooy dbye….

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Much like how I love Zevran, I love this blog. Much like how I hate Zevran for distracting me while I'm trying to romance another character, I hate this blog. I have to do things. But at the same time.... *sighs, defeated*

Zevran is good for the soul, and why romance someone else when you can romance Zevran? (But I agree with you, Zevran is very distracting at times. The number of playthroughs I’ve tried to romance someone else- I just can’t do it. He makes that cute pouty face after trying to assassinate me and it’s game over)

Motivational Zevran

“Take each day as it is,” Zevran would say to you in the quiet of the early morning, eyes crinkling at you in the soft bloom of light and color. “Not as you wish it to be, and most certainly not against those you used to have, ah, but that way will accomplish nothing but to give you a false sense of your own strength. And you are strong, this I promise you. You are still here, are you not? You live and breathe and strive, despite it all, as do I, don’t i? I do believe we do. And whether you choose to do it to spite your abuser or the world or for your own sake, do it.”

If you are comfortable with touch, he would reach out now to brush his thumb across your knuckles, and if not, would offer you a mug of steeped tea that warmed your hands even as his smile warmed the spaces between your bones. “Should you not be satisfied with your progress, know that I am, and not just satisfied, but proud, all the days stretched between and for all those that lie ahead.”

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Why do people want Zevran to be on the DLC??? I mean I'm not complaining but are they comparing him to something?

I… haven’t the foggiest. 

I mean, I get that they want to see him (and lord knows, I’d like to see him all sexified by the new graphic engine. I mean, can you imagine? Yowza), and that we did get to see the other three Origins love interests, but it made narrative sense for Alistair, Leliana, and Morrigan to appear in the game. They’re all seen in the process of doing their jobs.

Zevran, on the other hand, has no reason to appear. His job is either cutting down Crows left and right if unromanced, or helping the Warden find a cure for the Taint, which I, personally, much prefer to him being stuck apart from his Warden for x amount of years like the other love interests must be.

So, yeah. I think they just want to physically see him. I don’t think there’s any deep logic to it.

to kill a mocking crow,

An incredibly handsome elf visits Skyhold. Cullen is jealous. Cassandra Pentaghast is positively swooning.

AO3 link | SFW, Cullen x Amell, Zevran x Cassandra and special thanks to Cremisius Aclassi and Isabela for their cameos. Around 1.4K words. Written for mooncosmicdelight!

Cassandra Pentaghast never considered herself a particularly frisky woman. Her upbringing as a sheltered princess of Nevarra saw her locked away in her own world of fantasies and adventures. As time passed and she grew, so did her fancies, her imagination active like never before. Dashing princes smelling like roses and wearing shiny armor became strong warriors with sweaty bodies and broad shoulders, the young princess became a sensual goddess, whose love was ardent and unforgettable. Such was the appeal of the works written by one Varric Tethras, the reason why she spent so much of her time reading, sitting on her favorite stump in Skyhold’s courtyard. She never once imagined to find a man so charming he could sweep her off her feet and have her fanning herself when no one was looking, but the day had come, and she had not been ready.

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Knock knock jokes with Zevran.


Zevran’s voice: Alistair, knock knock.

Alistair’s voice: Who’s there?

Zevran: Murder.

Alistair: Murder who?

Zevran: Murder of crows!