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did eremes romance anyone or is he just everyone's friend?

he had a couple of Serious Crushes but none of it ever worked out or was expressed for that matter

Basically I was tagged by @zev-ran :)

Rules: answer questions and tag followers you want to get to know better

Name: Sarah
Nickname: I don’t really have one, my latin friends call me Sarita
Zodiac sign: Taurus <3
Height: 5′6″
Ethnicity: Snow… well white..
Orientation: Bisexual
Favorite fruit: Strawberries!
Favorite Season: Fall :)
Favorite Book: I don’t read
Favorite Flower: Hyacinths (hence my sideblog name @hyacntho)
Favorite Scent: Wow there are SO many amazing smells from perfume to food to nature there are so many how could I choose just one??
Favorite Color: BLUE
Favorite Animal: Cats & Tigers and anything that’s in the cat family really
Favorite Beverage: Tea, iced or hot it’s always amazing and there are so many flavors (also coffee)
Average Hours of Sleep: School nights: 4 - 6 hours, otherwise 8 - 12
Favorite Fictional Character(s): Too many to list here send me an ask and I’ll list them there :O
# Of Blankets I sleep With: 3 - 4 because that’s what you do here in the US apparently??
Blog created in: 2016 :) (though I’ve been on tumblr since 2012 at least)
# Of Followers: 200 :))))

I casually tag these awesome people with no pressure whatsoever, do it if you feel like it :)
@elenadrakefisher @covriersix @nuwanders @aacosmos @akatosch

Hey everyone! So I hit 900 followers (thank you @thetrashybin) and I just wanted to say thank you. When I hit 1000 I think I’ll do a giveaway of sorts. 

Tumblr Crushes
@alternate-overwatch-universes @puckish-saint @shaken-veil @yeahyeahyeaaah @turrkoise @outrenova @overwatch-imaginethis @leanarutherford @anotheroverwatchwriter

Personal Favourites
@raven-impulse @jesssecuster @eternalshiva @lavenderbatt @clintbartonsbicep @missdictatorme @raunaballecter @atlerion @ioniafletcher @leanarutherford @papercloudx @yesmassdragoneffect @kaleidoscopegirl @hornsandbloodshed @onehipstertorulethemall

Video Game Favourites 
@puckish-saint @totallynotowsin @mercys-caduceus-staff @odiliaswan @boristhepineapple @video-game-imagines @internal-screaming @dannycutebang @wearetheweirdo-s @afterglowingassassin @rikkisixx @dreamingofoverwatch @elizabeth-von-winken-universe @caneswordsandkukris @emiliasuncharted @sugarcoated-jade @zev-ran @littlemisstrancy @spookyrafe @spookieprince @papa-death @elizabeth-moriarty @haytham-senpai @bethesdas @hyperionbabe @ac-diaries 

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Hey guys so as you probably noticed, I was pretty absent from this blog for a long time. I was in a pretty unhealthy relationship for a year and it put me in a really bad mental state for the time I was with that person. I detached from my friends and family and a lot of my interests. I ended the relationship about 4 months ago and I have felt my energy shift in such a positive way since then.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for everybody here. Even though I detached for a long time, I still love all of you and I appreciate your existence so so much. And I mean that about everyone, even the people who are not on this list. I love all of my followers you guys are awesome and I hope you all live the best lives you can possibly lead.

I’m not gonna bold anybody or do a special people section cus I don’t want anybody to feel as though they are less than anybody else. This is not in alphabetical order because Tumblr doesn’t sort the followers list like that and that’s just too much work.

Also quick shoutout to my irl friends. You guys are the bomb and you know who you are

[Also a lot of people have changed url’s so I apologize if you are not on here. It’s most likely because I did not recognize your name]

@mismatchmagus // @connormonbebe // @templar-queen // @riotpunch // @bigdaddysigma // @kylorensapunkbitch // @nanosboost // @hadesgamma // @bobertlutece // @eezos // @opferziege // @piperwrightsboobs // @frostbiteskull8 // @endiaandtheknights // @volsungs // @ricepeace // @vulgarsiren // @lonevvanderer // @edwarrdtheking // @wishes-with-a-blue // @phenris // @shepardism // @alistair-at-u-all-day // @pressxtodavid // @kaldwins // @littlebosmer // @thanris // @daswindkind // @joker-moreau // @imchangingmyname // @morrisonjacks // @gamers-denial // @arishok // @steffylococcus // @rapturezoo // @darkspavvn // @vfd42 // @rahgot // @dantesbooty // @kaidnalenko // @martroid // @dalishstoryteller // @itsthelastofus // @join-the-vox-populi // @cloud-strifed // @deathclw // @gamingmakesmehigh // @iadaaryou // @piratekenway // @ealisay // @aegwynns // @theshescott // @aartyom // @elaenastark // @dual-wielding-dalish // @biostrange // @solassan // @where-games-live // @garrusvakarian // @cowboybebutt // @bethesdong // @jauffre // @8bitrevolver // @tim-van-tastic // @udinas // @nolanie // @sardoniyx // @altairfreshener // @fenris // @hipsterquetzal // @kaldwinn // @carmine-brothers // @pendletons // @derelictreaper // @mattpoops // @draqonage // @shepardstali // @skyholdlion // @electricpastry // @flowers-and-flotilla // @asaris // @arishocked // @vasselheims // @apostatequeen // @mortalitaasi // @delsinsrowes // @monninen // @firehawking // @bethesdas // @credule-postero // @theladyhawke // @zev-ran // @hhollister1294 // @jenovaah // @oadif // @verasmoray // @nickvalentine // @tweedleduhm // @thuumwrestler // @thatirishbastarddeclan // @ajttcote // @mrsattano // @bioware // @shadowofsithis // @lyrium-and-biotics // @gristol // @tevintter // @soulshower // @gamersbliss // @ingloriousemu // @daudswhalers // @schmault-tec // @youareindeedacassette // @mahariela // @thefanaticbiotic // @plasmarifles // @archaic-magic // @edward-wants-that-booty // @volperr // @ageofapocalypse // @russiada // @oneringtorulethesenpai // @lovelyawesome // @thephenomelette // @meow-zedong // @rayrayschunkoflove-blog1 // @weareblights // @shaycormec // @jaketoberfest // @lronlords

Again, I apologize if I forgot anybody!!


so i decided i would do follow forever for my fav blogs of 2015 (and it took me longer time than i expected because it’s already 2016) and i would like to thank you guys for filling my dash with amazing post and especially being as awesome and amazing as you are because you’re the best part of this website! :) i hope that every single one of you will have a truly great year 2016 and everything you hope to happen in this year will happen. i want you all to know that you’re hella awesome and worthy and you deserve the best! :) <3

there some of my fav blogs and if you think i forgot to mention you, just message me and i’ll put you there (which is likely because i made this follow forever very fast) :) fav blogs are bolded!

friends and awesome people i talk to sometimes:
@brokolice • @dio-tastic • @empress-emesh • @fatherchains • @galaxy-geek • @pietrosjollynipnop • @shienra/@shien-art • @walshconnr

@aartyom @actualhawke @aesfocus @ageofdragon @alexredgrave @alistairtheiren @alistiartheirin @andrasted @antivan-meistari @aoba-moaning @arekolodziej @ar-lath-ma-vhenan @aryatloak @auselessbisexual @battle-nug @bioticbutt @bloodborne-ruler @bluvixen @broodyshepard @brothesdad @cccrystalclear @clanlavellan @cirilafiona @corvosblink @dalish-loser @defectivegems @delicorne @denied-par-vollen @drinkyourjuicerodriguez @dwergregenboog @eilheart @enlightenedpir8 @esteljune @eventhroughthedarkestofdays @everythingdragonage

@farcryprimal @feministgamingmatters @femsheped @femshepping @fenhrl @fenris @foxyfoxy @frecklyconnor @gamersdaily @grey-my-warden @grifterfiona @gundabad @gvrrus @hawkefels @hell-yeah-hawke @holepsi @hunterfells @chaotichero @cherrykittencherry @iron-bae @i-ronbull @ironbully @itsjaneshepard @jaquelinenought @jjoelmiller @kaidaned @kisu-no-hi @kremissius @kristalliankka @kvae @kylorenswife @leftforbed @lehdenlaulu @lesbianingwarden @lesbianmorrigan @lordmomo1919

@maxcaulfleld @malikafuckingcadash @masseffectingmylife @masseffxt @maxcaulfild @meinenaffenhosen @miyku @morrdinsolus @n7lavellan @nickvalentine @no-puppy-eyes @nyiro @okenice @okyrro @omegastation @parkaklimer @parttimehobbit @pavedwithhearts @pavusdorian @pheberoni @piperwriight @ppiperwright @queen-liara @queennymeria @rapturian @raviollies @rubiksclues @saturnsamor @seattle138 @shaykormac @solidsnke @spacehamsterthings @spacevape @splicerspawn @subjct0 @subjectz3r0 @surviveuntildawn

@tainted-templar @talizorah @talizorro @temerianinquisition @templar-queen @templarsandhohohoes  @tethrasing @tevintter @thequeenofthehobbits@the-assquisitor @thedutchessefb @thegloriousbooty @theillusivewoman @theinqusition @theniorah @thewitchofthewylds @thewrathoflovias @transgarrett @untildawn @vakarianofmyheart @valrider @vaultsnakes @vinssomer @vishantekafas @vivienndefer @volpestarks​ @whoa–nelly @xenascroll @youre-strong-clem @yourwatchisbroken @ysgramur @yusuf-da-istanbul @zev-ran @zevzevarainai

thank again guys! :)

Hi guys :D I just reached 2000 followers, so I’d like to thank you all. I’m really glad you love my edits and the things I reblog, that means a lot :) It is really something for me to reach that much of followers! Here are some of my favorite blogs. I probably forgot some blogs I really love there, but I appreciate all of you guys. Thank you again :D ♥

 A - E

@akaililium @akyu-chan @ancientstar @andromayda @angeal17661 @anna1819 @antivan-greetings @apaperstar @argentuums @arseleclune @atelierevzimus @believe-me-ty @boristhepineapple @bravely-defaulting @caerberus @cactuarqueen @cactuuar @cardesia @chiiitose @chimomo @choocoooboo @circle-of-scorn @cleyra @cloud-and-tifa @cloud-strife-amiibo @creando-mi-propio-destino @crystaleidolons @cullen-rutherfart @dammithawke @datamarluxia @duskcrossroads  @eastcrnstar @eclairium @elfbait @elven-lcie @elliejoys @elluvian @emeraldgrxves @ephemerra @epistretes @equinoxxe @eternal-nox @etherdrive @ethernalium

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N - S

 @neotheresa @nisterra @noctis-ouji @norahouse @nxelkreiss @nyxeffect @one-winged-honeybee @our-final-heaven @paladincecil @pldforce @ployofchaos @psianabel @princess-dagger @pyreflyes  @rainbowserenity @ramblingredrose @ramix-the-red @redliquish @rhodanum @rivainiiseer @runicmagitek​  @sailorcaitlin@serahtning-farron@serah-chan@shadowmeowth@shelgon@shelkerui@shinyhill@shoujo-moogle@shuyiin@skyward-hearts@soldiersillusion@sorasventus@starrstrike@strifelockhart@str-dex-rogue@survivor-rb

T - Z


And my two amazing real life friends ♥ @youwillkillmenoel@probablywishfulthinking

✖ ren-mihashi’s follow forever ✖

Ive been waiting for like, a month to celebrate hitting my 1000 follower mark with a follow forever,

Bolded are faves/friends!

# - C

|| 8oo || 99chrollo || 384ren || a-decent-name || adauchii || afterstories || alluka || animeadult || animeglasses || annieleonhardt || anorable || aobas-boob || arbital || armin-sempai || arogintoki || asahiis || ayabereito || ayanotateyuri || baconella || baek-choi || barleytea || bepsiboy || birries || blondnepeta || bokuboks || brokage || carlashawofficial || celestialonlooker || celihime || cheese3d || cherripetalz || christmasreiss || clarinet-sisters || coalgirls || codpiecequeen || corporalclean || czarrs ||

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Follow Forever!

Holy shit! I reached 400 followers! I… thank you, you’re all so wonderful! Also, this is like my fifth time trying to post this, so yeah, hope it works. If you’re not here, please let me know so I can add you!

And remember: the closer you are to the bottom, the more recent is my follow. But don’t worry, I love you already!

First of all, the baes: mademoiselle-montilyet, gostir, maharielavellan. cole-the-spirit, minerfromtarn and the-human-polar-bear! You’re all so wonderful, guys ♥

The bolded are people whose blogs I love, which I recommend following right now if you aren’t already.
The italicized are people whom I admire from afar and would love to be friends with.
If you’re both bolded and italicized then it means that I literally worship you and would let you step on me.
If you areneither bolded nor italicized, don’t  worry!I love you very much and would really like to be friends with you! My askbox is always open :)

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Hello friends!! I have recently reached another follower milestone and thought I would celebrate with a follow forever! I never thought I would have as many followers as I do and I appreciate each and every one of you! Below are the blogs I would follow to the end of time.

@altbacker @shinji-ikari-protection-squad @asaree @littlebosmer @tattooedtevinterfugitive @morriggan @sleeepybun @sleepysylveon @halfblood-fiend @im-not-great-at-making-up-names @ilikebigassbuttsandicannotlie @element1414 @commander-cullen @corvosblink @templarsandhoes @fungi-from-yuggoth @hiddenora @cullenruthxrford @rip-me-open-pour-me-out @shinygreenglasses @agentcooperr @punch-ghost @kadan-alenko @queenofthegraceless @empress-du-lion @ladykeladrys @empress-of-ferelden @asmwilson @allofthebarks @jameskidding @garretthawke @murderous-birdie @ihatepickingusernames101 @everkings @vokulin @ruxandralache @moondreamer01 @prinxematty @peterqvll @officialwardencommander @moirabrown @shaycormec @laracroftofficial @haythamsama @andrastte @scaryrandall @cowboybebutt @krempuffs @elisedelaserre @cryptarch @calicojack @zev-ran @theleftnostril @verasmoray @magisterpavusbooty @qymaens @fenharelspride @korcariiwitch @poison-siren @cortina2 @gxrrus @unrelise @buchanangrcnt @realmelonlord @leeclementine @actualhawke @laughingdamsel88 @the-league-of-hot-assassins @caulflelds @carmine-brothers @pretty-morbid @jimyvegas @fableprincess @gil-galado @companyrhys @viddasalla @holleester @spoopywendigo @zack-faired @miyku @capt-hansolo @mars-on-the-earth @pumpkindottore @captaingalaga @acwalevale @hoofkin @maythefinnbewithyou @frankiescottfitzgerald @chuckyz @reitxt @northropp

Cant believe u all follow my lame nerd ass 

love u guys!!

Thanks to everyone who has followed me! Who has stuck with me when I’ve had my ups and downs on this site. Who has had my back in fandom drama, who reblogs all my fanfic and art—who shares some interests with me, who follows me despite me shipping their NOTP, who has had differentiating opinions but respected me for mine. I didn’t think I’d ever get this high of number! Below are just a few of those who have been mutuals for a long time, and who I have enjoyed getting to know, and who i’ve seen always reblogging my posts! I already know I’m going to miss someone, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you! ♥


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***i almost missed a few due to name changes!!!***

Look at that sweet banner thing I made for you guys in MS Paint. ~~~*talent*~~~

Anyway, everyone else is doing it, and I’ve been meaning to for quite awhile now, so here it is! My first ever follow forever/follower appreciation!

Bear with me, as I have no idea what I’m doing.

Let me just say, changing my URL to something Dragon Age related was like, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve met so many incredible people on here, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know more of you.

First a shout out to the people I know in real life who, for some reason, have not unfollowed me despite my, um… overabundance of Dragon Age posts.


Ya’ll are rad and I love you. You either really like me or your blacklists are suuuuuuper long. Thanks for putting up with me. ❤

Also a special shout out to sleepysomniariI’m still not sure what brought you to my blog in the first place, but I am so glad it happened. I never really thought I’d make friends on here, but I did, and you’re incredible and thank you for being so hella cool and I wish you didn’t live literally on the other side of the world from me (one of these days I’ll stop being so weird and sappy I promise I am so so sorry).

Now for the rest of you! The majority of these are mutuals, with maybe a few special non-mutuals thrown in (who I most likely just admire from afar). Hold on to your butts, this is going to be long. Also I just know I’ve forgotten someone so if I did it was not intentional!

You know the drill. Bolds are favorites, for one reason or another. Maybe I really like your blog. Maybe I think you yourself are the bee’s knees. Maybe it’s both. Who knows?


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This was meant to be a 2015 follow forever but ha! I forget things!
If we mutuals on the tweeter then you the real mvp(s)

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So I recently hit the 500 follower mark, and I thought I’d celebrate by thanking all of you wonderful people in one place with a follow forever!!

You’re all amazing blogs and I love talking to you and reblogging from you!

Favorites are bolded, friends are italicized <3

IRL Friends (I love you guys so much and thank you for not unfollowing me because of all the video games):

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you guys are the best!!!


OKAY HERE WE GO. my mom helped me with taking their pictures so that’s her in the shots.

the first one is the family all together. and it’s kind of an older one. and also, all of them aren’t here. one of them was taken by someone before i could get a picture of them and we forgot to get a picture of another one but honestly it’s whatever.

but i did it. there are the pictures.