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Hello friends!! I have recently reached another follower milestone and thought I would celebrate with a follow forever! I never thought I would have as many followers as I do and I appreciate each and every one of you! Below are the blogs I would follow to the end of time.

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Cant believe u all follow my lame nerd ass 

love u guys!!


OKAY HERE WE GO. my mom helped me with taking their pictures so that’s her in the shots.

the first one is the family all together. and it’s kind of an older one. and also, all of them aren’t here. one of them was taken by someone before i could get a picture of them and we forgot to get a picture of another one but honestly it’s whatever.

but i did it. there are the pictures.

This was meant to be a 2015 follow forever but ha! I forget things!
If we mutuals on the tweeter then you the real mvp(s)

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