Okies so unassuminglighthouse tagged me to list 5 things that make me happy so

1. thunderstorms at bedtime, the sound of rain on the roof, the warmth of snuggly blankets, and a tiny window through which to see lightning

2. driving down back highways in the dark, long roads, a pitch black rear view mirror, with oldies country radio on

3. the first downward dog in a yoga practice, the exhilarating stretch, fingers pressed deep into the mat, perfectly aligned

4. singing old folk songs, rhythm like a heartbeat, the grounding vibrations in my chest, words like clockwork

5. climbing a mountain, stone solid under my feet, air sharp and chill, calves flexing, the breathlessness of the view

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zeusyimhome asked:

Dear person I like,

dear person i like, 

wow. i can’t believe someone like you not only likes me but- really likes me? it’s strange. you’e way out of my league but you call yourself lucky to be my girlfriend and it’s a very strange thing for me. i adore you and i hope i get better so i can see you this weekend and we can make red velvet cupcakes and eat snails and take pictures by the lake and thank you for being as wonderful as you are, you’re beautiful lady <3