zettai cosplay

And Servant Komaeda is done! Off to Katsucon bright and early Friday morning! ᕕ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )ᕗ I’m excited to meet some of you hope loving cuties, let me know of any planned meet ups!


komaru - starmiyas

servant - eric 

touko - me 

(touko - punishmentrocket / genocider - hopelessultragirl)

AX WAS SO FUN. Thank you everyone who came out and visited NISA’s booth or went to the Danganronpa panels or signings, and a huge huge thank you to Kodaka-san and Sasaki-san for coming out here to meet their fans and acparadise and NISA for making this all possible! I love you all!!!


Yesterday I did a little shoot showing off all my @superorange apparel! What better way is there to sport Super Orange than to do it as Super Sonico? I wish I had pink lenses for this but red must do! I’m extremely happy with how these shots came out and I’m so thankful to my best friend/photographer ♡

Photog: @tinyheartbeat

Snapback: Super Orange
Wig: eBay
Earphones: eBay
Contacts: PinkyParadise
Crop top: Super Orange
Boy shorts: Super Orange
Socks: eBay