chibiartistgamer  asked:

Oh my goodness! As a multishipper I absolutely adore this blog!! The art style is soooo cute! If it's ok with you, would you be able to do a Zetsu x Sakura one? I would love to see this ship in your art style~!

He’s kind of shy around other people, so he sticks to me alot. Also, he’s always making excuses to see me at work too… (U‿U;)

anonymous asked:

Oh my god, I love your zetsaku drawing, gosh it's such a rare pare and you did it so well! Have a nice day you wonderful person.

Thank you! It IS a rare ship even though he is in Akatsuki like???? ZetSaku deserves better lol OH well, just another piece to add to the ship, right?? 0v0 You have a nice day too!!! <3

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Zetsu and Sakura... What do you think??

So I have this problem (documented extensively here), where someone posts a pic of 2 random characters looking sexy and I’m like YES, ABSOLUTELY, I SET SAIL WITH YOU MY FRIEND

This happened with Zetsu and Sakura because of this pic by @multicream​.

But this is like, a rare-ass pairing – you got any fic recs?! ‘Cuz I don’t think I’ve read anything pairing these two. In fact I know very little about Zetsu at all.

I have some questions:

  1. is he split black and white all the way down… like… down there…?
  2. why was that my first question? I’m ashamed