Here’s yet another video. Some more cookin’ shenanigans for all of you!


So I started making videos again, and this is that. If you don’t enjoy it, I completely understand.
Also, I’ve still given up tumblr. I’ve just decided that posting this doesn’t count against me. Guys, I don’t know how much longer I can last.

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If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would you live?


What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

I guess mint chocolate chip. I used to hate it but it’s pretty much the only kind I eat now. Guess it grew on me. Cinnamon is real good too.

What movie would you like to be part of?

Pacific Rim Pacific Rim Pacific Rim GIVE ME A JAEGER

What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

idk man. wash my face brush my teeth check my phone roll over and sleep?

What is the first thing you notice in a guy/girl?

I mean, face. That’s pretty much to go-to spot when you meet someone new. I guess when I really start forming an opinion is mannerisms. How they speak, what kind of inflections they use. How they hold themselves, how their arms are positioned when they’re relaxed, how their legs are posed when they’re standing still. How they fix their hair, what they smile at, what they ignore. 

Favourite music concert you’ve been to? or want to go to?

Sigur Ros was amazing. Beirut and Arcade Fire were really great. There’s a Rusted Root/Royal Teeth concert I’ve got my eyes on soon.

Cats or dogs?


What is a short/long term goal of yours?

I just gotta go back to school. I’m miles behind and it feels alienating. 

What do you do in your spare time?

hang out with friends when they’re also free, tumblr, write scripts, watch anime, play video games and piano, read

Favourite super hero?


Go into the Hunger games or zombie apocalypse?

Hunger Games, I think. If I’d be lucky enough to survive the first wave of the zombie infection, and if enough of my friends were with me to band together and try to live through the worst of it, it would be kind of cool to kick ass with them and live bare-boned without establishment. But the thing is, a zombie apocalypse is very grim. I think I would rather be in the Hunger Games. There, I’m by myself. It’s all on me. I don’t have to watch my friends die one by one. If I fuck up, it’s all on me, I’m not going to have to live with the guilt of getting someone I love killed by a zombie. I’m not gonna have to be the one to pull the trigger if they get bitten. It would just be me and my own devices, my own skills, my own flaws and failings, my own survival. I don’t think I’d have a moral dilemma fighting in the arena either. If someone is a threat to my life in that scenario where I know the only way to win is to live, I don’t think I’d I have any reservations about killing to survive. 

My Questions:

1. When’s the last time you’ve been swimming?

2. Barfight or streetfight?

3. Pick a dream you can remember - what aspect of that dream would you make a reality if you could? If you can’t remember a dream, that really sucks for you and you should start a dream journal

4. Favorite animal and why

5. If you were a ghost, where would your haunting grounds be?

6. You have the opportunity to embark on a two year voyage into deep space. Your name will go down in the history books and you will forever be remembered as a legend - however due to the effects of relativity, many years have passed on Earth and when you return most of the people you knew are either dead or very old. Do you accept this mission?

7. What songs can you sing along to without missing a word?

8. You’ve been sent very far back in time, though you are grounded at your present time. Like a stretched out rubberband suddenly released, you snap back to your present time. Along the way, you are able to stop at any point in time you want, once for an hour, once for 20 minutes, and once for 5 minutes as you get closer to your present time. What three points in the past would you stop at? (The first should be the oldest, last most recent. You may intervene, converse, or observe as you wish)

9. You win the lottery. What do.

10. Where would you build your evil lair?

11. Who is the first person you think of when you read the word “unresolved”?

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zetidoburrito said: i kinda feel like that too, and it’s such a scary feeling. I’ve always felt like I don’t really have much to talk to people about. But branching out and trying new things definitely helped. You are a super interesting and awesome person bro.

yea man. It’s like hanging onto a rope you know is just going to fray and snap in a matter of moments, but you’re still scared to be the one to let go first. 

zetidoburrito replied to your post: zetidoburrito replied to your post: zetidoburrito…

I was working in the main cafeteria area on ciricuits homework initially. Then I moved to a computer lab to work on a writing class presentation project thing. And now I’m back in my room, happily lounging about doing very little. :D

bahaha i cant imagine ever getting work done in a cafeteria.

FOOD? food. there’s food over there. I"M HUNGRY. It’s been 5 mins, time for a snack.

zetidoburrito replied to your post: zetidoburrito replied to your post: zetidoburrito…

Yapsolutely. Well, kind of. I have been working on homework for the past 5 hours straight and felt like I needed a break. I still have stuff to do, I just need to do nothing for a while.

omg i’m so sorry O_O i’m just barely hitting page 3 and i’m giving up hope on turning this in for the early-review deadline. -le sigh- Where are you working? hopefully somewhere pleasant, not cooped up behind a desk or something :\

zetidoburrito replied to your post: when someone new follows me, i always check out…

wait. I don’t know that I got one of those.

;_; i have a backlog for some people (like you and melpie and kato lolol) and i have their urls saved so i can do special posts for all the people i missed when i have a few mins to spare next time!!

you’ll get a full intro greeting and highlight since i’m late!!


I made a video again. I come up with goals in this one. It’s pretty lametastic, which actually makes it awesome so you should watch it.


I don’t even really know.