So after a month of going off and on on this video project, I think it’s good enough to call it done! FINALLY.

I could have done this better, but there was a delay in the project-file I didn’t know of until I saw the rendered file. However, I can say that I’m quite happy with the story in this and the little details I added in.

Cherry for playing her character Elizan
JT for playing his characters Akim Blazeheart, Sierra Nightsky and Elizan’s pet Zeph
Jen for playing her characters Lia The Golemancer, Kieran Oakfall and Jezen Ivy

The named characters + many more that were not featured in the video because of obvious reasons (I can’t log in on multiple characters from my own one account) mean a lot to Zethim and has a big role in his life.

Song: “King” by Lauren Aquilina

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“What if sylvari could have babies”

All I know for damn sure is that Zethim and Elizan would be hella rad (real) parents. B) And Akim would not be very popular around the lil kids.

(cherryczz’s Elizan as the mother, gw2-malstuff’s Sàdron as the child, my Zethim as the father, etriuzjt’s charr as the creepy ball of nightmares and my main Juriia as the useless background character)

So cherryczz wanted to do the lineart of this sketch, since I hate doing it. It ended up being a little collab between her and me - she did the lines - I did the sketch, coloring and shading!

Sylvari can’t have children, but this pretty much what Zethim and Elizan (cherryczz) would be like as parents. B) The lil cutie is gw2-malstuff’s Sàdron!

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