Look for me cosplaying Toon Link at Acen today and I’ll be with this amazing phantom Zelda!!! Come say hi and get a pic with us and Figma Link for the blog!! And for my (Zeth of Hyrule) Tumblr fans I’m doing the 2nd annual Tumblr Meet and Greet on Sunday so I’ll meet up with you there!

anonymous asked:

Uh, hey. I'm agender, just came out, and I want to change my name. Do you know if there's some sort of masculine form or nickname for Elizabeth? Thanks :)

The only one I can think of is Eli (E-lie, not ehll-y). Maybe you could play around with the letters if you don’t like that? Like Zeth is a pretty masculine sounding name. 



Zachery spent the rest of his night finishing his homework, but that also took time away from resting. He ends up sleeping on the couch early in the morning for a few hours. Zeth didn’t care much to his homework. He slept the night away. 

The next morning arrived fast for the twins and they both went to school. Zeth had his mind on getting his fortune told it seemed like.