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Bat -Aunt: Part 4

AN: The celebration continues with an update to BAT-AUNT!!!!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    “You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty damn impressive.”

    “I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.”

    “I didn’t think it was possible.”

    “Can we bring her on full time?”

    You ignore the voices on the other side of the room in favor of your brother. The idiot was bound and determined to get out of his hospital bed, and you were ready to tackle him if he tried.

    His glare was impressive. You could admit that. It was cold and menacing, and if you had been anyone else he’d probably be up and walking around. But you aren’t anyone else, you’re his sister. You’d seen the man when he’d had chicken pox, and was covered in pink dots.

    Moving your hands to your hips, you intensify your own glare, “You are not moving from that bed, Bruce Wayne.”

    “Who’s going to stop me?”

    You cross your arms, “Are you really going to make me say it?”
    “I dare you.”

    You narrow your eyes, “I’ll tell Alfred.”

    He throws his hands in the air, and you hear Richard whisper, “We should probably separate them.”

    You and Bruce ignore him, “You’re going to run and tell Alfred? What, are we three? You are such a snitch!”

    “If I’m a snitch it’s because you made me that way. It’s common sense that you stay in bed after an alien poison nearly ends your freaking life!”

    “But it didn’t!”

    “It ALMOST did. The key word is ALMOST! What kind of detective are you?”

    “What are you doing on my space station anyway?”

    Your eyes widen, “Your spaceship? My company is the one that paid for it! I’m the one who found it in the budget, and hid it under a space exploratory program!”

    “I have just as much stock as you do!”

    “YES, BUT I RUN IT! I’m the one pulling fourteen hour days, and making sure there’s money for the bills and so that you can work out your issues on the scum of Gotham.”

    “I focus energy on running the charities and PROTECTING THE CITY!”

    “You’re a weirdo in a bat costume!”


    The cough makes you both freeze. It’s a sound you’ve heard countless times over the years, and you can’t help but wince as you turn around. In unison, you and Bruce say, “Good Morning Alfred.”

    The butler’s voice is cordial as he says, “Good morning Master Bruce, Miss Y/N. I trust everything is going well.”

    You nod, “Fine, we’re just fine.”

    Richard’s head pops out from behind Alfred and mouths the word, “Liar.”

    “I’d expect nothing less. After all, the two of you were raised to love and respect each other. And both being adults are far too old for the childish bickering of your youth.”

You both wince at the subtle scolding. “Now then Master Bruce I trust you’ll remain in bed, yes? I’d hate to have to drag Ms. Lee away from her clinic. And Miss Y/N time for bed yes? You’ve been working quite a bit lately and I think a good night’s rest will do you well.”

    You nod, as you begin walking out. You stop next to Richard and mouth the word, “Tattletale” at him.

    He mouths back your age. With a scowl you make your way back to the zeta tube.

    Three hours later finds you back in your office, in uncomfortable heels, dying for aspirin. “Wow three aspirin. Big headache?”

    You swallow the pills and take a drink of water before responding, “Correct, my brother is the biggest headache I’ve got. The idiot nearly got himself killed while skiing in some far off place.”  


    You roll your eyes, “A daredevil who’s determined to give me a heart attack before I turn thirty.” You slump into your chair, “And I’m so far behind on all my work it’s ridiculous. If I asked nicely would you go ahead and end my misery Hilda?”

    Your assistant smiles at you, “And put myself out of the best job I’ve ever had? I think not.”

    You shrug, “It was worth a shot.”

    She smiles, “I managed to space out all the meetings you had to miss through the week. It leaves you jam packed and with the pair of us working some late nights, but by midweek next week we’ll be back on schedule.”

    “Only a month behind then?”

    She smirks, “Maybe even twenty days.”

    You smile, “How’s your girlfriend?”

    She sighs, “Amazing, as always. She precooked all my meals for the week.”

    You grin, “Ahh to be young and in love.”

    “You’re only twenty one ma’am.”

    You wave your hand, “And at this point forever single.”

    “Not a chance, the boys flock to you.”

    “Until they realize I’m not just a pretty face but a stone, cold corporate bitch.”

    “And damn proud of it.”

    You smile as Hilda slips out the door. You relax a bit further into your chair, before getting to work.

It’s nearly midnight, before you take a break. You’d sent Hilda home hours ago, and you’re exhausted to the bone, but you can’t bring yourself to go home. Alfred had called earlier in the day to let you know that he and Dick would be staying at the station to keep an eye on Bruce. And a giant, empty manor was not an appealing thought.

You’d had many childhood fears, but the one you hadn’t grown out of was being home alone. It was big and empty, and in your opinion you were better off in the middle of the city than at home alone.

It’s a little after one, when you get the call. The news makes you consider slamming your head against your desk. Instead, you trudge down to the research and development department; heels and all.

You listen to the head of your security detail the situation, you ignore him in favor of the wounded. You can hear the ambulances in the distance, and even if there wasn’t blood everywhere, you know the situation is dire.

And with no options left, you retreat to your office and call the one man you can think. He answers almost immediately. You smile at the friendliness, “Hello Mr. Allen, I was wondering if I could get your assistance on something.”

Are you always like this? (Bruce Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can I request a fic where the JL is already formed and Clark, Bruce, and Diana are already super close (as close as BATMAN can be jfc Bruce we get it) and one day, Clark shows up with his non superhero little sister (she’s like a year younger but he likes reminding her) and Bruce just immediately has a crush but he’s Batman and WHAT ARE FEELINGS??? Fluff at the end! Thx!
Summary: Bruce meets you, Clarks baby sister and is immediately taken away by your beauty.
Word count: 494
Warning(s): none

Bruce was preparing a briefing packet for a mission for the Justice League, making his last research before going out on a long mission. He hears a zeta tube zap, announcing that Superman had arrived. 

As he approached the room Batman was in he heard talking, and immediately knew that Superman wasn’t alone. The voice belonged to you, his thoughts got carried away with your beautifully flowing speech and beautiful voice. A knock on the door woke him from his short daydream. “Come in,” He says in his signature low gravely voice.

The door opens, Clark stepping in with a young woman right behind him. “Who’s this?” Bruce immediately asks, coming closer to the pair, enticed with your beauty. “This is my baby sister,” Clark says, earning a slap on the shoulder, “I’m only a year younger,” you pout, making your brother laugh, all while Bruce is taken away by you.

He had to come back to reality, no woman would stay with someone that dresses up as a bat and puts themselves in danger every night every night. “Nice to meet you,” He scoffs turning away, going back to the desk, making the duo behind him raise an eyebrow.

Is he always like this?” You whisper to your brother, to which he only nods. Clark thinks he might have an idea of what’s going on, so he want’s to try his theory. 

Hey Bruce, I’ll go talk to Wonder Woman, can you be here with y/n?” He asks, getting ready to leave the room, earning a questioning look from you and a low hum from you.

After Superman had left the room, you attempt to make some small talk, feeling awkward in the silence. “So, what are you working on?” You ask, looking over his shoulder. “Briefing packets,” He answers bluntly, your eyebrows crunching. “You don’t like talking much, huh?” You say, sitting on the side of the working desk.

After a while a silence, you finally try talking again, “Did I do something so that you don’t like me?” 


“Well why won’t you talk to me ?” You attempt again.

Because, I don’t need distractions,” He answers, not looking away from his paperwork.

So I distract you? Good? or Bad?” You question, a gorgeous smile on your face.

Good and bad,” He answers, finally looking up.

How so?”  You push.

God you are gorgeous, but I’m batman and I don’t need feelings,” He seriously says.

Well, If you ever decide that you want those feelings, Call me!” You say, giving him a visit card, with your name and number on it. You jump off of the desk making your way to the door, “See ya some other time Batman.” You wink at him, walking out only to walk in to your brother. “Clark!”

So I was right,” He chuckles, guiding you back to the zeta tubes. “I don’t even want to know.” You sigh, being zapped back out to the city.  


With love,

sunnydelightcomics  asked:

Hey, can you list the Primes from the eldest to the most recent one?

There’s no singular list, as they vary from continuity to continuity. The major continuities, then:

In Marvel: Prima, Prime Nova, Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime. The BotCon prose story “Covenant” added the mysterious “Primon” to the start of this list.

In Dreamwave: Alpha Prime, Guardian Prime, Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime

In IDW: Nova Prime, Nominus Prime, Sentinel Prime, Zeta Prime, Optimus Prime

Then the AllSpark Almanac went back and retroactively used these lists to give the unidentified Primes seen in the G1 cartoon names, so the chain there goes: Primon the Alpha Prime, Prima, Prime Nova, Guardian Prime, Zeta Prime, Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime

And while we’re at it, the order of creation for the original Thirteen Primes is: Prima, Vector Prime, Alpha Trion, Solus Prime, Micronus Prime, Alchemist Prime, Nexus Prime, Onyx Prime, Amalgamous Prime, Quintus Prime, Liege Maximo, Megatronus, and the Thirteenth Prime. 

Bewitched [Conner Kent x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Hello may I request a connor kent /superboy ?( It can be a fanfic or a Headcanon it’s up to you ) where his s/o has the same powers as piper halliwell from charmed so his s/o is basically a witch who can blow things up and freeze time and things , thank youu! !😊😊“

A/N: I hope you like this! Sorry it took a little while. I looked up the powers piper halliwell has on charmed and also saw she could speed up molecules, you’ll see some of that in here too.


You were currently just getting home from your job. Looking forward to the comfort of your bed and the book you were halfway through. Maybe even Conner would be home from the team tonight. He’d been crashing at the cave a lot more recently, since everything that happened with Kaldur.

Checking your phone to see if there were any messages from him. Seeing nothing but a few texts from your mom and dad asking for you to come to dinner at some point during the week and to bring Conner with you. They were dying to meet him already. Complaining that you were living with a man they had yet to meet.

Tucking your phone away to open the main doors to your apartment building. Clicking the button of the elevator a few times like it would make the car move faster. Eventually the doors opened and you headed down the hall to your apartment.

Opening the door to see a light on, making a smile crawl on your face. Walking in and scanning for the dark haired man. But then feeling a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. “Hey handsome” you greeted playfully.

Hearing his deep chuckle from behind you, “Hello, love” breathing in your ear. He then scooped you into his arms, his super strength making it feel like you were a sheet of paper, yelping in the process.

Wrapping your arms around his neck and smiling at him. “I missed you” kissing his nose.

“I’m sorry, you should come with me to the cave next time. The team misses you and your freshly baked cookies, especially Garfield and Bart.”

“Maybe, but you know I don’t like to be there with my powers. Being around all those heroes I can’t help but feel like one of them will figure out about them.” Speaking calmly, you didn’t want anyone to know about your powers. You wanted a normal life, well as normal a life you could have with a hero boyfriend.

He frowned, “They don’t suspect anything. Come on it can be fun, they all miss you, especially Wolf” giving you his best puppy dog eyes. Something Wally had probably taught him.

“Fine, but only because I miss Wolf!” you gave in, wincing at the adorable face he was making. He smiled and kissed you, before carrying you into the bedroom and dropping you on the bed. Grabbing your book he handed it over before climbing and cuddling up next to you, reading the pages over your shoulder. Sometimes you wonder if this was the same defensive, anger management needing man you first met. But you were definitely a good influence on him, bringing out his touchy feely side. 

The next day was a Sunday meaning no work for you and a perfect time for Conner to make you follow up on your promise.

Taking you to the cave, setting the zeta tube to include a guest. The computer spoke his hero name and number as you both went through. The team lit up upon seeing you accompanying him.

“Hey [F/n]!” Bart cheered, super speeding over to you and seeing the container of promised cookies in your hands. “Oo, are those for me?” he grinned.

“Not all of them but I’ll trust you to take them to the kitchen” handing the container to him. He saluted before speeding off to the kitchen. Jamie following to make sure the speedster didn’t devour the treats.

The rest of the team came to greet you. “What brings you by?” Batgirl asked being one of the first ones over. “I was told I was missed” you laughed. “How could we not miss you” M’Gann hugged you. Of which you returned.

“But don’t let me be a distraction, do your superheroing pretend I’m not here” you said before looking at Nightwing who nodded before calling the team back to the computer. You knew they had important business to do. So you went off wandering for a certain furry companion of your boyfriend.

Entering the lounge to see Wolf asleep on the couch. You kneeled down and patted his head, which woke him up. When he saw who it was he immediately pounced on you and began to lick your face. “No Wolf! Off, ah you’re so slobbery!” laughing, closing your eyes to keep him from getting you there.

You heard a familiar laugh and opened your eyes to see Conner standing over you, the giant animal on top of you. “Okay Wolf I think you’ve made your point” he said and the animal reluctantly climbed off.

Helping you up Conner wiped some of the slobber of your face. “It’s like he tries to get it all over me” you whined before wiping your own face. A pout on your face. He chuckled before pecking your forehead.

Though within seconds the moment was ruined by sirens blaring. You jumped while Conner just looked around confused. “What happening?” You yelled clutching his arm. “The cave’s going into lock down come on!” he grabbed your hand and ran to where you’d find the team. 

Finding a few team members, the others were out on missions. Only finding Nightwing, Impulse, Robin, Wonder Girl, and Bumblebee. “What’s happening?” Conner ran to Nightwing’s side as he typed on the computer. “I don’t know, someone hacked the system and put the cave into lock down. I’m trying my overrides but they’re not working.”

You were looking around, the room illuminated by the flashing red lights. Most of the team was looking over Nightwing’s shoulder but Robin was trying to help through his tech. He was typing on the screen on his wrist.

But you saw something move in the corner of your eyes. Looking that way, you saw what looked like a canon of some sort. Before you could say anything it fired. “Robin look out!” You yelled before acting on instinct and holding your hand out, freezing what turned out to be a missile in mid air. The boy wonder stared shocked at the object only a foot away from him.

But then looked at you who had stopped it. Conner saw what was going on and saw the shadow of a person. Super jumping over, grabbing the man and throwing him into the center of the room. Nightwing then proceeded to knock him out using a escrima stick. Examining the man he spoke, “A spy, probably of the Light! Kadlur must’ve sent him”

You then used another power of yours and sped up the molecules of the item, making it heat up to the point of melting. When it wasn’t a threat any longer, you lowered your hand allowing a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding to release.

Conner ran over to you, gripping your arms in concern. “Are you okay?” worry in his tone. You nodded panting, “Yeah, just tired now.” Not using your powers often took it out of you. You know using your powers more would build up an endurance but you only used them in emergencies.

Though the other team members stared at you shocked. Tim came over first, “Thank you [F/n], you saved my life.” You smiled and nodded in acknowledgement.

“How’d you do that?” Cassie asked next. You looked over to the team, “When I was young I was cursed. I’ve had these powers for a long time but keep them hidden.” explaining, feeling tired.

“Can we go home, I’m really tired.” Looking over to Conner who agreed. As the cave was now out of lockdown. “You go rest, but I’d like to debrief you in the morning” Nightwing asked calmly. You nodded before Conner helped you to the zeta tube.

When you got back to the apartment you both sat on the couch. Laying with your head on his lap as him running his hand through your hair. Clicking on the TV in the process.

“What am I gonna do now?” Turning to look up at him. He looked down at you, cupping your face in his hand as you leaned into it. “Will they make me join the team? Perform experiments?”

Shaking his head answering, “No, they may ask you to join the team but they won’t make you. It’s entirely your decision.” rubbing his thumb over your cheek bone. You smiled before turning back to where you had been as he resumed with your hair.

Falling asleep while thinking about what joining the team may be like and fighting alongside your boyfriend. Thinking about seeing him helping people and taking down bad guys. Feeling a smile tug at the corners of your mouth, maybe that wouldn’t be too bad.

Roy Harper/Arsenal X Reader-This isn’t your home

This was requested by @all-sorts-of-ships.  I hope ya like it!!

“Team, this is (Y/N) and she will be staying with you until we can find a way to return her home,” Batman explained as the team stared at you.

This is not how you would have imagined meeting them, but it was still cool.  Batman had found you in one of the villain’s hideouts and rescued you.  You told him everything and surprisingly he believed you.  You guessed it wasn’t hard to believe that there is an alternate universe where you are entertainment, but it still bothered you that you were now in the world of superheroes and villains.  It bothered you even more that the Young Justice team was staring at you shamelessly.

“Care to explain why she’s here?” Arsenal’s voice rang out.

Batman glared at him before saying: “She’s from an alternate universe where we are fictional characters.  Do you really think that it would be fine if a villain had her and exposed everything?”

The whole team had shocked expressions on their faces and returned their attention to you.  You knew their secret identities, their past, and basically all of their secrets.  Arsenal put a scowl back on his face and remained quiet.

“I expect her to be treated fairly and well.  I will inform you when we have found a way to send her back,” Batman said before walking to the Zeta Tube.

The whole team watched him leave and looked back at you.

“Will you quit it with the staring! It’s creeping me out,” you said while folding your arms.

“Well you don’t usually meet someone who stalks you in another universe,” Arsenal hissed.

“I’m not the only one,” you said, “and it’s not stalking.”

“It sure sounds like it,” he grumbled.

“Will you quit it, Arsenal?” Nightwing asked, “You’re already disobeying Batman’s orders and pissing off the one person who knows a bunch of stuff about you.  Do you really think that is a good idea?”


That was about five months ago. The team had gotten used to you and slowly became your friends, except Arsenal.  Everyone laughed at your jokes, joined you to watch a movie and even taught you a few fighting moves.  Arsenal was the one who would start fights with you, but you just walked away. If you learned anything while watching the show, don’t get caught in Roy Harper’s anger.  Even though you had that happy and funny personality with the team, you still were sad.  You missed your home, your friends, and your family.  It was cool to meet the superheroes you look up to, but you wanted to go home.  One particular day your happy mood vanished.  You decided to just lay in your bed and stuff your face with some ice cream.  That’s when Mr. Insult decided to strike again.

“First you steal our home and now you steal our food?  What is wrong with you?  You think you can just walk in here and take whatever you want?  This isn’t your home!!”

“You don’t think I know that?” you asked in a shaky voice, “I am who knows how far away from my home and family.  I know I don’t belong here, so why don’t you stop making it worse for me and shut the hell up?”

You took the ice cream and walked back to your room with tears falling down with your cheeks. You passed a couple of the heroes but speed walked past them and locked your door.  They walked in the direction you came from and saw Arsenal leaning against the counter with his classic scowl on his face.


After that day you returned to your ‘normal’ self.  Many of the team members asked you about it but you just shrugged it off.   Arsenal kept on starting fights but you just looked at him and walked away.  You did not have the energy or time to deal with his attitude.  You were walking away from another one of his outbursts when a gigantic explosion shook the cave.  Your eyes widened as you saw Deathstroke walk through the hole along with his goons.

“Get the girl and kill the rest!!”  he said while pointing in your direction.

You turned around and ran through the cave, trying to find the team.  Your legs carried you until you were in your room.  You grabbed a bo staff Robin gave you and shoved it in your pocket.  The door was knocked down and some men entered the room.  They raised their guns at you and waited.  You kept your face emotionless, even though your heart was exploding out of your chest, and started to raise your hands.  One of the goons approached you and you attacked.  You threw down one of Nightwing’s smoke bombs and climbed into the vent that was located inside of your closet.  You crawled through the vents until you saw Nightwing and Robin fighting Deathstroke.  You pulled the vent cover up and jumped down.  

“(Y/N) get out of here!!” yelled Nightwing.


“Get out of here!!”

You nodded and started running for the exit.  You were about 20 feet from the exit when you feel something hit your legs.  You fell on the ground and screamed.  You looked at your legs and saw that there was a bullet in each one.  Blood was seeping out of your wounds and stained your pants.  You pulled yourself to a wall and used it to help you get up.  Your legs were shaky, but as long as you leaned on the wall you were going to make it.  You were less than 10 feet away when a gunshot echoed throughout the hall.  You felt your stomach and lifted your hand, which was covered in your blood.  You collapsed onto the floor and put pressure onto your stomach.


Your vision blurred as you felt someone pick you up from the cave’s floor.  At first you thought it was Nightwing, but as soon as you felt the weapons you knew who it was.  You dragged your hand across the weapons until you felt something that you guessed was a grenade.  You pulled the pin and punched Deathstroke with all the energy you could muster.  He hissed and dropped you on the ground.  You screamed once again as you landed on your bullet wound.  Deathstroke was about to pick you up again when he noticed the grenade.  His eyes widened and pulled it off.  He threw it away just in time as the grenade exploded.  You were forced into the wall by the explosion and hit on the head by debris.  Your vision was fading, but you could clearly see the team running over to your body before the lights went out.


After the attack you were rushed to the Medbay by the team.  You had lost a lot of blood and received a concussion from the debris.  The following day you slipped into a coma and no one knew when you were going to wake up.  Batman had informed them later that there was no way for you to return home.  Couldn’t your luck get any better?  Arsenal had avoided the Medbay at first, but started to visit daily to make sure you were ok.  He would sometimes talk to you and ask you to wake up.  Of course that wasn’t going to happen but he felt some comfort while talking to you.  He didn’t notice it at first, but he found out that he had some feelings for you.  He loved how you fangirled at any hero you met, joked around with the team by using movie references about the team and he even loved how you would practice fighting with enthusiasm.  He knew that he made mistakes by fighting with you, but that was the way he was.  

“Arsenal I’d like to speak with you,” Nightwing said while putting a hand on his shoulder.

Arsenal nodded and stood up from the seat that rested next to you.  He followed Nightwing into your room with confusion written all over his face.  Nightwing picks a USB up from your desk and hands it to him.

“This was addressed to you.  I found it in one of her drawers while getting clean clothes after the attack,” he explained.

Arsenal nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Nightwing gave him a sad smile and walked out of the room.  He grabbed your computer and put the USB in it.  The screen lit up and displayed a photo of the team and a brooding Arsenal.  He smiled at your pose.  You were laughing and clutching your stomach while the rest of the team had shocked expressions.  That was the day when you told them about the George Clooney Batman movies.  He smiled at that memory and opened the USB’s data.  A video popped onto the screen.  He pressed play and your face popped up.

“Hey Roy.  If you’re watching this then I must be dead, or severely injured.  I really hope it’s severely injured because I still haven’t told Batman and Nightwing some interesting plot twists, but that’s not important now.  I just wanna say that even though you were a pain in the ass and a big jerk face, I don’t hate you.  I really don’t care if you’re scowling during this whole video, but I just wanted to tell you that.  You were one of my favorite characters from the show and it was pretty cool to attempt to get to know you.  I know you went through a lot and I do not think that you should be holding in all of that anger and pain.  A lot of people who watched the show would’ve thought you were a drama queen and an asshole, but I just thought you were just a victim dealing with the fallout of what Luthor and all the other villains did to you.  You have every right to be mad and wanting to rid the world of them, but do not push away your friends and allies that will help you accomplish that mission.  I really hope that you will finally find the closure you need.  I guess that’s all I have to say.  You better carry on my wayward son because there will be peace when you are done.”

A sad smile appeared on your face before the video went blank.  He stared at the screen for a few seconds and ran back to your room.  He didn’t care if he had tears running down his face, he just wanted you back and in his arms.  He opened the door and sat next to you in his usual seat.  

He grasped your hand and said, “I’m so sorry.  I shouldn’t have done any of those things to you.  You were the one who walked away whenever I started a fight, you were the one who cheered everyone up when you would tell them jokes and facts about your home, you were the one who understood me.  I wish I was there to protect you.  I wish I could have prevented this from happening.  I know I shouldn’t have, but I fell in love with you and I’m scared that you will never hear that.”

“I’m not deaf you asshole,” you said.

He shot up from the seat and pulled you into a hug.  You flinched but hugged him back anyway.  He held onto you as if you were going to disappear and didn’t let go until you poked him on the cheek.

“I love you too.”

Words Unsaid- Superboy x Reader

Originally posted by dickgraysonrps

Request by Anon

“Why didn’t you stay at the place where you were supposed to be? We had a plan and you blew it because you were not there,” Superboy shouted at you. Nightwing, Connor, and you were in the mission room at the cave. Superboy and you had just gotten back from a mission in which you had almost gotten most of your fellow team members killed. 

You had a reason for your actions, but Connor wouldn’t let you explain yourself. He continued to scream at you with Nightwing watching silently in the background. “Robin and Beast Boy were injured, and the rest were almost killed because of you! The Months were spent planning this mission are all wasted since you didn’t follow the plan! Why weren’t you there (Y/N)?” 

 “I…,” you attempted to explain yourself, only to be cut off by Connor.

“No excuses. You should have been there. We never should have trusted you.” His eyes narrowed and his voice lowered as he made the last burning remark. “We never should have let you on the team.” Tears filled your eyes, and you bit your lip in an attempt to keep from crying. Though, he had never seemed to return your feelings,  you had liked Connor since the first day you had joined the team and to hear those words coming from him hurt like nothing had before. 

Nightwing stepped forward to place a hand on Connor’s shoulder. “Connor, calm down,” he said, attempting to soothe the situation. Unfortunately, Connor would not be calmed.

“No,” Connor retorted, shaking off Nightwing’s hand. “You failed the team, (Y/N).” Connor took a step toward you, towering over you as he stared you down. “You failed me.” A tiny sob escaped your lips when you saw the disappointment and anger in his eyes. His words hurt so much, but your own angry from not being able to explain yourself spurred you.

“I did it to save you,” you cried. Tears streamed down your face as you saw a look of surprise cross Connor’s face. “One of the men had a kryptonite gun pointed at you. If I hadn’t left my position to stop him, you would be dead right now and I couldn’t bear that. I care too much about you for you to die right in front of me when I could do something to stop it!” You stopped for a moment to catch your breath. Connor’s face paled at your confession. 

Another sob escaped you before you continue, “You can hate me for it, but I can’t stand by and watch you die.” You begin to back away towards the zeta tubes as you spoke your next heart-wrenching words. “I’ll leave the team and you won’t have to see me ever again.”

Upon your last words, you enter the zeta tube to go home. Connor called your name, but you were already gone. 

You were in your pajamas, curled up on the couch at your apartment while staring blankly at the television. It was three days since you had left the team. Connor’s words haunted you to the point you couldn’t move. It hurt so much. The idea that he could have died shook you to your very core. You cared about him, and for him to think of you in such a negative light was devastating.

The other team members tried to call you, but you didn’t answer or listen to the messages they left. It had even gotten to the point where several of them stopped by your apartment to try to talk to you, but you pretended you weren’t home. You couldn’t be on the team now, you lost their trust. You had lost Connor’s trust. Tears began to burn your eyes again as your thoughts went back to the words he had said. 

Suddenly, you were interrupted by the sound of a knock on your door. You froze before reaching to turn down the volume of the television to once again pretend you weren’t home. Sadly, your ruse didn’t work this time.

“(Y/N), I know you’re in there. I can hear your heartbeat,” Connor’s voice said through the door. Pain hit your heart from hearing his voice, but you did your best to ignore it.

You moved to stand by the closed door. “What do you want,” you asked through the door. 

“I want to talk to you. Will you please let me in,” he replied sincerely. While part of you wanted to let him in, the other half didn’t want to be hurt again by his words.

“I left the team, what more do you want,” you throw brokenly back through the door. 

“That’s not why…” Connor began before breaking off with a annoyed sigh, “Will you please let me in?” 

You wipe your tear-filled eyes with your pajamas’ sleeve. “If you have something to say, you can say it through the door.” 

Connor growled in frustration before agreeing, “Fine. I wanted to say sorry for what I said. It was in the heat of anger and none of it was true. I do trust you and I think you should be on the team. When everything happened, I should have let you explain before shouting at you. I’m sorry. You saved my life, and I am grateful for that. Thank you, (Y/N).”

You listen to his words, and you felt better. The hurt wasn’t gone completely, but you could face him now. You opened the door to see Connor standing there awkwardly. His eyes widen in surprise at the opening of the door. “It’s okay, Connor,” you say, wiping the last of your tears from your face. 

He cleared his throat, looking at you with his beautiful blue eyes. “I also wanted to say I care a lot about you too. I have since the first day we met and I was too much of a coward to do anything about it.” 

Your body tingled with joy as his words floated over you. “I didn’t think you did,” you confessed shyly, looking at the floor. 

His hand cupped your chin to raise your gaze to meet his. “I always did,” he admitted blushing. “That’s why I was so angry after the mission. I just…”

“Shh…” you hushed him as you take his hand from your chin to pull him against you. “Let’s not talk about that now,” you say before gently pressing your lips to his. He was startled at first, but he soon relaxed to return the kiss. 

A tingling feeling rattled through your body as his lips left yours a moment later. Connor smiled before declaring, “I should have told you sooner if we are going to kiss like that.”

You gently touched your nose to his, whispering, “Then we should make up for lost time.”       

The Problemi brothers are sibling who are rumoured to be older than Elijah Mikaelson, having continuously changed their names over the years to stay hidden. They are known to wipe out whole broods of vampires, including their allies, occasionally recruiting fledglings in the guise of become a better suited elder than the Fledglings current one.

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William ‘Will’ Problemi:

The charming younger Problemi brother is notorious for his rivalry with Damon Salvatore, having spent centuries in a game of who can one up the other with the oldest Salvatore. He uses his youthful look and knowledge of languages to pass fluidly between both adults and teens allowing him to manipulate most situations to his advantage with ease.


Unlike his brother he is known to be less cruel, leaving the victim’s he drinks from alive. He is the first of the siblings to approach Zeta Salvatore, knowing Damon’s hate of him would lure Zeta into a curious back and forth relationship.

Richard ‘Dick’ Problemi:

The oldest Problemi is almost as feared as Klaus Mikaelson, an old companion that Richard spent centuries with. Unlike his intelligent brother, Richard uses his brutal strength to accomplish his goals, often leaving towns decimated in his wake. He is despised by the vampire community due to his violent blood thirsty nature, the reason the Problemi’s were outcast when the Mikaelson’s regained power.


To avoid detection Richard often feeds of the victims William drinks from, due to the urge to drain the victim, leaving fewer victims. Richard is short tempered and cruel, rivalling ripper Stefan while remaining in his rational mind-set.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Learning Curve chap. 2

Since you guys liked the first chapter I posted last week, I figured I’d post the second part. again, I’d appreciate it if you give feedback in regards  to what you like or think I should change.

Let’s be clear, Bruce Wayne did not care for the Justice League. Half the people on the team were idiots, making messes with their unnatural powers and blundering in and out of dangerous situations. The other half were not idiots and worried Bruce a heluva lot more than the annoying ones. But Batman understood that there were some evils in the world that he couldn’t conquer alone. Thus it was wise to ban together with other heroes in case their skills were needed. And besides, it was easier to keep an eye on them when he was amongst them.

Still, as practical and beneficial as it was to form an alliance with superbeings, he still found dealing with them incredibly trying. Taking care of an energetic young acrobat was less draining than one conversation with Superman. As if summoned by his thoughts, he heard Dick scampering down the stairs to the cave at an unsafe speed but Bruce had already wasted too much breath already trying to correct the boy’s behavior. Dick stopped his sprint just inches away from his chair with a wide smile on his face.

“Alfred said I have to go to bed now but I told him that you promised to read to me first. We’re almost to the end of Treasure Island and I’ve just got to know what happens. Can you take a break now and come upstairs?” Dick chirped happily, seemingly unconcerned that his guardian was dressed up as the fearsome protector of Gotham. Bruce really hadn’t given Dick enough credit when he’d first arrived at the Manor. his underestimation of Dick’s cleverness and observational skills resulted in his identity’s exposure just a few weeks into the boy’s stay. But Dick was smart and he’d done well to keep Gotham’s biggest secret under wraps. Despite the security risk it posed, Bruce couldn’t help but enjoy the refreshing lightness the boy brought into cave. Dick’s eyes went to the screen as he stood on his tiptoes to get a better look. “Whatcha lookin’ at Bruce?”

Bruce’s content mood plummeted as his attention was redirected to the screen. He’d just received an obnoxiously long note from Kent, yes of course he knew their civilian identities as he was all too happy to remind them. The farm boy was asking him to see if they could incorporate some piece of Martian technology into their systems. The idiot had even ended the note with a smiley face, just looking at it irritated the dark vigilante. Bruce stalked over to the small zeta beam station not really noticing that Dick was trotting behind him. While he was mentally going over the machinery that would undoubtedly take all night to dismantle and re-integrate, Dick was curiously walking around the platform.

“Bruce, what’s thi-” the loud boom of the beam activating startled Dick as he jumped back into his guardian’s arms. Bruce steadied the boy as the machine quieted down revealing the necessary components. Right, first thing he needed to do was break the machine down and-and what was Dick doing? In his arms, the young boy was practically vibrating with excitement. He looked up at Bruce and his wide blue eyes were alight and the smile on his face was blinding. “You have a teleporter? That’s amazing! I didn’t think we had that kind of technology! How does it work? Can you show me? Pretty please?” He asked in one breath, bouncing up and down on his toes, radiating excitement and curiosity. Bruce blinked at the outburst.

“The zeta beam? You want to know how it works?” Dick nodded enthusiastically, “It’s much too difficult for you, Dick. It deals with complex spatial physics that don’t even exist on this planet. It’s well beyond what you would learn in second grade.”

“Oh,” Dick answered quietly as the sheen in his eyes dulled a little bit. Bruce took in his disheartened expression and cleared his throat as he crossed his arms. “But I will give you a brief overview, just so you understand the basics. I’ll make it quick as I have a lot of work to do tonight and you need to get to bed.” Dick’s eyes lit up once more as Bruce removed the outer panel of the machine and began working through the wires and explaining what they did.

The next twenty minutes were spent giving a watered down explanation of the mechanism and the next hour going into further detail upon realizing Dick’s probing questions meant he wouldn’t settle for anything less. Pretty soon Dick had his grease covered hands in the machinery, asking questions about components and trying to grasp how they worked. The next two hours were spent on the floor with all the books pertaining on the subject laid before them. Dick laid on the floor, intently reading over the complex pages trying to connect the theoretical numbers to the machine before him. Alfred brought hot chocolate down about halfway through and decidedly did not mention the Martian technology which had been shunted to the side to make room for all the books. After that, Dick pulled out some paper and furiously began working out calculations that Bruce had given him, trying to make all the numbers add up.

Finishing the last of his hot chocolate, Bruce stretched out his back from hunching over the books for so long. It had been a while since he’d had the time and motivation to sit down and lose himself in his studies. It had been even longer since he’d been able to share his love of learning with another person. It felt strangely good. Bruce looked over at Dick as he checked his math and pounded away on the calculator and something close to pride welled in his chest. His boy was brilliant, he had a natural grasp of math that he probably learned unconsciously through calculating flips and angles at the circus. More importantly, he was persistent and motivated which is why he was still working away nearly four hours later.

“When I encouraged you to spend more time with Master Dick, I figured you would play catch with him on the front lawn.” Alfred said dryly as he picked up the empty mugs. Over at the table, Dick muttered to himself as he erased something and started again.

“He’s too talented for that Alfred, the boy’s a genius.” Bruce proclaimed proudly as he stole another glance at Dick. “I need to look into getting him a real tutor, I know whatever they’re teaching him in that prep school isn’t nearly enough to satisfy him. We need someone smart enough to challenge him, who can teach him at a level he’ll understand while still keeping him interested.” Alfred gave him an amused smile, as if Bruce was missing something obvious.

“I suppose a tutor would help but, if I may sir, you possess all of those qualities as well in addition to being someone he trusts implicitly. You are his guardian now, it would do you both some good to spend some time together engaging in some normal activities.” Alfred smiled slightly over his shoulder as he picked up the trays to leave. “But another time perhaps, it’s after midnight and Master Dick really ought to be in bed.”

Before Bruce could reply, a small sound came from his computer alerting him of a new message. Dick was still completely enamored in his calculations and didn’t seem to notice as Bruce walked over and read the notice. It was Superman, again, asking to know how the breakdown of the Martian machine was going and that the Flash had volunteered to look at it as well. Bruce frowned as he noted that he hadn’t given the assignment a second thought once he and Dick started working.

Under normal circumstances, he would curtly tell Kent to stay out of his business and deny any outside aid from the other heroes. But did he really want to spend all of his time working in the dark with a boring machine? Or would he rather go over more schematics with a boy who reminded him how much he genuinely enjoyed learning things?

“Dick, come here,” He said as finished typing his response back. “We’re going to zeta this back where it came from, I want you observe just how the process works again before I look over your math.” He said pushing the Martian bits back onto the platform for transport. Dick frowned, looking over the objects before glancing shyly up at Bruce through his bangs.

“Weren’t you supposed to-”

“I got someone else to look over them, I have more important things to do. Now after this, I want to show you one last thing before I send you to bed.” Dick made a face and Bruce couldn’t help but chuckle. “Don’t worry chum. How about we look over it again this week? Thursday afternoons are usually slow, I’ll come back from the office early and we’ll talk about the transport of organic matter.” Dick’s answering grin was enough to tell him that he had a dedicated student on his hands. Busy though he was, he could make some time for that.

Private. Indie. Selective. Jules Thomas from MTV’s Sweet/Vicious


Multiverse Friendly. [established verses include Riverdale, Descendants, Marvel/DC]. DEFINITELY Open to more! 
Loved & adored by Cassie. 

How To Raise A Teenage Vampire (Part Four)

Summery: Mystic Falls is under attack, or so the group thought until Damon catches a nameless girl causing havoc.

Having no choice but to take responsibility of the girl the group have to balance their day to day live and a vampire girl with a very Damon like attitude.

Some mature themes through out!!!

BonnieXDamon    MeredithXSage    StefanXElena    MattXCaroline/Tyler

(Based on the books With Main Characters As Their TV’s Actors except for Bonnie who is still a McCullough and not a Bennet)

Part One      The Problemi Brothers

Warnings: Blood play, drinking from someone

Zeta had calmed down over the last few weeks and had even managed to being controlling her abilities to the point of being allowed onto the cheerleading team as long as Stefan or Damon were around to help her should she need it.

While she didn’t directly apologise to Caroline, Zeta had defended her when several new girls attempted to boot her off the squad which the entire group took as progress seeing as her first attempt at apologising to Stefan resulted in her getting frustrated and punching him hard enough to knock him across the room.

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Jenny gripped her heels by the straps, her bare feet padding across the sidewalk as she made her way back to the Chi Zeta house. It was only 7 o’clock, the sun still low in the sky, so Hayden’s texts had taken her by surprise. She hoped her friend wasn’t awake for an early morning run that she’d inevitably try roping Jenny into. There was no way Hayden’s peppy morning charm would work today. After the night she had, she was far too hungover to think about cardio–even her favorite kind. Eyes barely opened, her feet carried her through the door and straight up the stairs to Hayden’s room. They no longer bothered with the formality of knocking, so she entered without announcement, stumbling into the space and flopping onto the bed. “Ugh,” she groaned in greeting, one arm slinging over her face to shield her eyes from the light streaming through the window.


It was at this point that my first folded-in-half subscription copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA arrived in my mailbox, a welcome surprise, though I was dismayed to learn that I’d missed two issues in the meantime. Also, at this point many of DC’s covers began to look crude and rough–the inking tended to be thick and heavy, many of the characters appeared routinely distorted. Artist Ernie Chan (then working as Ernie Chua due to an immigration snafu) worked on a lot of these–he was a fine artist, but one that didn’t have a great instinctive grasp on the sort of stylized exaggeration demanded by super heroes. Consequently, his figures often looked like water-filled balloons.

Despite the fact that this was the second chapter in a two-part story, I didn’t have any difficulty getting up to speed, as writer Cary Bates took the time and space to recap everything of import that had happened previously. So we begin on the JLA satellite in the middle of a meeting when suddenly Adam Strange materializing in the League’s midst.

What’s more, Adam is carrying the empty uniforms of five missing Leaguers. He updates the rest of the team as to how these JLA members had been mysteriously transported to the planet Rann, where Adam was being attacked by resurrections of foes he’d defeated in the past. Already, Adam’s fiancee Alanna had been disintegrated, and despite the assistance of the Earth heroes, Adam was unable to destroy the colossal Borg a second time, and so the Leaguers joined Alanna as victims.

Green Arrow is quick to get on Strange’s case for his failure, but before the argument can grow too heated, the JLA’s monitors detect a monstrous cloud-creature menacing Long Island. Adam is forced to remain behind on the satellite as the Earth is poisonous to him at this point, but the rest of the team beams down to engage their cloudy enemy.

But the cloud creature is tougher than it looks, and it pummels the heroes. eventually dividing itself into cloudlike doppelgangers of each of them which proceed to kick them into the dirt. Back on board the satellite, Adam moves to beam down and give assistance, but his rescue is blocked by the appearance of his and the League’s old for, Kanjar Ro.

Kanjar reveals that he’s been behind the resurrected enemies that have plagued Adam and the League, but as he gloats, Adam grabs the villain’s Energi-Rod as he triggers the recall device that Zeta-Beams him back to the planet Rann. There, the scientist Sardath is able to work up a brainwave converter that allows Adam to use the Rod. He locates strange spheres in a cavern, which turn out to be the missing Leaguers. Adam is conscientious enough to tell the Rod to attire them in their original costumes while returning them to human form, luckily for the Comics Code.

But that’s not all–there’s a sixth sphere in the cavern, which of course turns out to be Alanna. Now restored to fighting fitness, the League members Zeta-Beam back to Earth, arriving in time to prevent Kanjar Ro and the Cloud Creature from finishing off their teammates. The issue ends with a wedding ceremony attended by the entirety of the League, uniting Adam and Alanna in matrimony. This was the first super hero wedding I ever experienced.