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(Howard University, 1908)

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(Howard University, 1920)

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(Butler University, 1922).

How old is too old?

I’ve recently enrolled in school to obtain my BSN and I’ve decided that I’d like to join XYZ sorority. My only issue is that I’m slightly older (about 10 years) than most of the girls on campus. I personally don’t feel like I’d have an issue connecting with them, but they might not feel the same way due to the age gap.
I’d like to pledge undergrad since I’m here now, but I’m wondering if I should just wait and try a grad chapter? Which poses the questions: how old is too old? How old was your oldest LS when you pledged (UG)?

They may not actually care. Seriously, just because you had to wait till later to earn your degree does not preclude you from the trying to pledge. If you feel you are ready, have a relationship with members and are active on campus then I don’t see why you should wait.

Too old….I don’t look at the age of the aspirant unless there is a need to. In those cases it is only to answer maturity concerns for graduate chapters.

77 I think was the oldest I’ve heard of.


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Zeta Phi Rho // Ashton Frat

hi quick little imagine :-)

there is no smut. sigh. but it’s still good if you want feels i guess :-)

>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>

Zeta Phi Rho. That’s the fraternity Ashton Irwin was in. You however, were not a part of any sorority. But how you ended up at this big sorority/frat party- well that was because your best friend was dating the Calum Hood, the president of Zeta Phi Rho. You have been around the house a lot, especially since since your friend would drag you here a lot, either her helping to host parties and what not. You didn’t really, mind, most of the time you would walk around the small neighborhood the fraternity was in, enjoying the nature. However, whenever you are there you could never seem to understand how some of the most well rounded, educated and “preppiest” boys could date such.. well to put it nicely, whores. -Well maybe that was because you have never been to one of their parties.

“You have to come” Your friend pleaded, putting on her shoes.

“Fine.” You gave in, putting on a simply pair of black leggings, and black shirt. You were satisfied with your outfit, however she gave you some of her jewelry, as you did your make up. -This was typical, she would lend you jewelry, as you would lend her some clothes.

At the house, you finally realized why these boys liked whores- they were completely different boys at parties. There were no khakis, or collared shirts, or ties. There were ripped skinny jeans, muscle tees and bandanas. There was no perfectly styled hair - Well unless you were freshman, Luke Hemmings, who seemed way too obsessed with himself- but messy hair that looks like these boys had just had sex.

You were left alone as your friend disappeared with Calum. You could bot have felt more out of place, maybe because techno wasn’t your kind of music, or maybe because you don’t drink. You looked around the room, seeing a boy, laughing as he held a solo cup in his left hand, bringing it to his lips, and nearly spitting the content out. His curly, sandy blonde/brown hair, was pushed back by a bandana and he was wearing, well what every other frat member was wearing. You didn’t realize you were staring until he looked back at you. His smile didn’t seem to fall off his face as he moved towards you.

“Im Ashton” He yelled over the rather annoying techno music.

“Y/N” You replied, yelling back.

“Wanna go outside?” He asked, you nodding.

Once outside, Ashton started to direct you away from the loud and crowded house.

“are you a part of the frat?” You asked as you were nearly a block away.

“Yeah, are you in a sorority or something?” He asked.

“No, my best friend is dating Calum.” You told him.

He nodded, not know what to say.

“Well I’ve never seen you at a party before.”

“I don’t come to them. They aren’t really.. my comfort zone. I’m not really into alcohol and techo.” You explained.

“Really?” He asked excitedly, “Me too. I’m more of a.. I don’t know. I like rock and stuff.” He shrugged.

“Really? Like who?”

“Blink 182.” You and him said at the same time.

Fast forward a couple of hours, Ashton managed to get you to drink. He didn’t force you, you decided to. He gave you about three cups of something, stopping you at your fourth because of how longs its been since you last had a proper alcoholic beverage.

It was nearly 1 am and you and ashton were sitting on the corner of the street, giggling at something stupid. You were taken aback when suddenly, you felt warm lips, tasting of the alcohol you consumed were on yours. However, that did not stop you from tangling your small hands into his hair, and him from pulling you onto his lap to straddle. You had a feeling you were intoxicated- you did not drink to the extent that you would black out- so you knew you wanted this as he peppered kisses down your neck, nipping at your skin softly.

“So beautiful.” Ashton praised as he looked up at you, your eyes fluttering with pleasure. You started to unintentionally grind your hips against his, making him groan.

“Let’s go back to my room, where we can finish this properly.” He whispered, picking up your body.