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So how about a little OOC Deaf!Laura who normally has this super confidence when it come to talking to hot girls, but first day of her second year psychology class she sees Carmilla. Majorly attractive, but is very broody (obviously) but when Laura goes to talk to her one day but for some reason can't. So she starts passing notes to Carm in class one day, but neglects to tell her she's deaf. Poorly explained, but I'm hopping you get my general idea :)

There is one major advantage, and one only, to being deaf: immunity. 

If you get rejected, you can blame it on the deafness. That’s easy. It also means you’ve got nothing to lose since you go into every conversation with as girl as the underdog. It has worked…surprisingly well in your favor. You go on a lot of first dates. 

This psychology class you’re taking is boring. The professor doesn’t even lecture so you can zone out and get the notes later. First day of class, he walks in and tells you all to take out your books. 

You lean your chin on your hand. You need the credits, and this class was the only one that fit in your schedule. You’ll read the chapter later. 

Everyone around you is working. All except one girl. She’s sitting one seat in front and to your right, looking out the window. She’s also the hottest girl you’ve ever seen. 

Okay, how you going to do this? Note. Pass a note. You brought index cards and you scribble a message onto one. 

So, do you find this material as boring as I do? 

You tap her on the shoulder. Mystery girl turns to look at you suspiciously. She looks at your note, then grabs it from you. 

She writes something and hands it back. 

I find the textbook really lacking as far as how deeply it goes into the concepts. I’m half convinced that these are supposed to be for high school. 

You look at her and nod in agreement–even though you totally don’t care. She says something to you that you can’t lip read. You shrug and look back at the textbook until you feel something hit your head and fall on the desk. A balled up piece of paper that you unfold. 

Ooh, playing hard to get, are we? And here I was thinking a pretty girl passing me a note would be interesting. 

You grin, passing her another card. 

That depends, is this just an ego boost or are you interested in seeing this pretty girl outside of class? 

Okay, you’re kind of proud of yourself for that one. 

Coffee at the on-campus Starbucks after class doesn’t sound bad. 

You write yes in huge letters. You need a separate index card for the S. 

Her eyes sort of crinkle and she covers her mouth like she’s trying not to laugh. 


And she’s a philosophy major, Betty, and she rides a motorcycle. Not to mention she is gorgeous.” You say, slipping off your shirt and changing into your pajamas. You turn to face Betty. 

“Laura, you’ve gone on, like, ten dates with girls and never talked to them again,” Betty says as you read her lips, “So, sorry if I don’t act all excited.” 

“This one is different, Betty. She is amazing. We had a whole discussion on feminism, and then she punched a Zeta who catcalled her when we started walking away.”

Betty rolls her eyes. 

“…Would it help that we’re going out again?” 

“Oooh, a second date.” Betty flips off the lights, turns on a lamp, sits on the bed and says something else. 

“It’s hard to read your lips when the light is this dim, Betts, can you sign for me?” 

For all of Betty’s irresponsibility, she actually went to the effort of learning to sign for you. Even if she isn’t great at it yet. 


Carmilla. Isn’t that a great name? It’s so exotic!” 

Where you going? 

For a date? We’re going to watch a band.” 

Betty frowns. 

Weird plan for deaf date. 

Your eyes widen. “Er…yeah…I kind of didn’t…mention…that.” 

She stares at you for a moment, her jaw going slack, before Betty falls on her back on the bed in hysterical laughter. 

“Hey, stop laughing! It just never came up, okay? We were facing each other when we were talking in the coffee shop, and once we started talking there wasn’t a place where it fit naturally in conversation, and just…she is really cool, okay? I’ve never been on a date with a girl who didn’t know I was deaf. It was refreshingly non-awkward. Even you were uncomfortable for a few weeks–” 

But you don’t stop talking, Betty signs once she calms down. You have to tell her. 

Maybe not?” 

Betty glares at you. 

“…Okay. Maybe I do. But can it wait? Like, a couple of weeks? Or once we’re married and she can’t back out? I bet I can keep it up for that long–” 

Betty doesn’t know how to sign it, so she mimes ripping off a bandaid. 

“Fine, you’re right. I’ll get it over with.” 


The band is something called ‘The Scream Queens’, which sounds like the type of band you’d rather be deaf than hear, anyway. 

A crowd of students is already milling around in the lounge. You spot Carmilla, and she waves, mouthing your name. 

“Hey, Carmilla,” you say, grinning a waving a hand. Carmilla smiles and gives you a quick hug, and you breathe in the smell of her leather jacket. 

She pulls back. “Hey, Laura. Ready?” 

“Absolutely. Bring on the music.” 

“Cool. There’s still a seat on that couch over there.” 

You look at her as you both walk. “Is it me, or does their name make them sound really unnappealing?” Carmilla continues. “But I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. Apparently they have great lyrics or something.” 

The irony of saying this to you is, of course, lost on her. You both sit and Carmilla tilts her head to the side. 

“…You know what really struck me when we met after class yesterday?” 

“No. What?” 

“You love making eye contact.” 

You can feel yourself start sweating. “Oh. Is that weird?” 

“Don’t get me wrong, I love that about you. So many people have such tiny attention spans in our generation, don’t you think? You always look so interested. I find it refreshing.” 

She is making it so hard to say anything now. “Carmilla–” 

“Oh, hey, the band is starting.” 

Carmilla lays an arm on the back of the seat, which happens to be over your shoulders. She looks at you and flashes a smile before looking back at the stage. 

Maybe you can wait a little longer–


The lead singer is screaming something into the microphone as the drummer pounded on the symbols and the guitarist was on his knees with his fingers flying across the strings. The lights dim until the room is in pitch black except for the band being lighted from underneath. 

Oh no. Now you can’t read Carmilla’s lips. 

Better to come clean than have her find out. 

“Carmilla, there is something I need to tell you.” You say. 

Carmilla doesn’t even look at you. 

Okay, is the music really that loud? “Carmilla!” You say, louder this time. 

She still doesn’t hear you. She has her hand up in the devil’s horn sign and she looks really into the song. 

“CARMILLA.” You lean in and get in her face. “Listen, Carmilla–” 

She has a very different idea of what you were trying to do.

 Carmilla (who had before this only seemed mildly interested in you) grins and pulls you in for a very non-PG kiss. Maybe it’s all the adrenaline from the heavy metal music the band is playing. 

In your defense, she is really hot. And you were going to tell her, you really were. You don’t even realize until the lights come back on that you’ve been making out with Carmilla for 90% of the concert. 

“…Well, that was fun,” Carmilla says, running a hand through her hair and giving you a lopsided grin. 

“Wow. Wow. Like, super wow.” 

Carmilla laughs. “Glad you enjoyed the…show.” 

“Yeah. The show. I really enjoyed the show.” 

Carmilla gets up and takes your hand. “The night doesn’t need to end here, you know.” 

You take her hand and follow her out. “Where are we going?” 

Carmilla looks back at you and grins. “You’ll see, Cupcake.” 

You need to tell her. She is fantastic and punk and covered in leather and a great kisser and she deserves someone who can appreciate what you imagine is an incredibly sexy voice to match her looks. You yank her hand away. 

“Carmilla, I’m deaf!” You exclaim. 

Carmilla face contorts in confusion. “Wait, what?” 

I’m deaf! As in, I can’t hear. At all. But I’ve learned how to live with it and a lot of people can’t tell right away…like you, for instance. I’m so sorry, but I had such a great time yesterday and tonight, still wow, and it didn’t come up and I actually really like you and I was afraid if I told you it would turn you off–” 

“Whoa, whoa. First of all, how are we talking then?” 

“I can read lips really well.” 

“So the eye contact was just you trying to keep up the masquerade.” 

“I swear, yesterday I didn’t even think about it until the very end! So I’ve only been actively deceiving you the majority of the past two days, not for all of it. Look…you’re really pretty, okay?” 

Carmilla frowns at you for a moment, then shakes her head. “Well, this is an interesting thing to learn about my date.” 

“Like I said, I’m sorry. I totally understand if you want to walk away. I can find my way home from here.” 

Carmilla turns away from you. She crosses her arms. Her shoulders raise and lower like she’s sighing. 

Then she turns back around and takes your hand again. 


She looks you in the eyes. “I am pissed, not going to lie. But if I can go on two dates with you without even realizing you’re deaf, it shouldn’t be a reason not to date you.” 

“…Lying, though?” 

That,” Carmilla answers, “Means that I won’t be taking you back to my place like I originally planned. But I do know this nice hill for stargazing. We can talk.” 

You won’t be able to read her lips once it gets dark, but you’ll figure that out later. Besides, looking at Carmilla under the stars will be enough.