Why Doesn’t Lieutenant Quattro Have Sleeves?
The truth behind Quattro (a.k.a. Char)’s exposed arms…

The AEUG, an anti-Titan faction within the Earth Federation, is not a regular army and therefore seems to have no set dress code. Take, for example, Bright Noa continuing to wear his standard Federation uniform even after transferring. Lieutenant Quattro’s outfit is of special interest. It has the same type of breast pockets as the Federation uniform, but with a large stand collar and a wide v-neck. Beneath his red jacket, Quattro wears a white turtleneck, and the area from his shoulders down to his gloves is bare; in other words, his arms are almost completely exposed. What’s more, he’s the only man to reveal so much skin (many female AEUG members, such as Emma and Fa, go sleeveless).

There is another character who sports nearly the same uniform, Captain Henken Bekkener. His sleeveless jacket looks exactly like Quattro’s, but the white shirt he wears underneath doesn’t have a turtleneck and is long-sleeved. That is our hint! Originally, Quattro also had long sleeves. However, when the show’s palette was being decided upon, his arms were mistakenly colored flesh tone. If you look carefully at his original designs, you can make out creases around the elbows and wrists where his sleeves would have been. Indeed, a turtleneck with no sleeves strikes one as odd… but with this knowledge, it all becomes clear.

Even though it was a coloring error, his bare arms give him a macho vibe befitting a distinguished soldier, don’t you think?

(A few of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s original Quattro designs. To the left, creases around the elbows indicate sleeves; to the right, Quattro wearing a full-sleeved bodysuit.)