Hey there guys! can you think of somehting better than a collab with your best friend? Cus I don´t think I can!

Some spideypool from Zet and me to you, I bet that´s on the spirit of the season, and a little resume of what´s happening here:

Deadpool: Show off….!
Spiderman: *laughs*

Happy birthday Zet!! I hope you know that you are like family to me, we´ve been trough so much things together, since we just met and barely knew who you were, to actually be one of the persons that I care most about in my life, you´re the best and deserve all the hapiness in this earth of ours

Thank you for all this years of frienship, for always being near to help me out, to listen to me, you know I´m there for you anytime you want, even if I can be a little cold some times but know that I deeply and honestly care about you, enjoy your company and admire you.

sorry i didnt get it on color on time, but I kinda really like the sketchy look also! I wantes to give you a surprise post