Ayyyy! I’m so glad we’re getting to show all of you our first “official” comic [says to all non-existent followers, except @gotchigotchi - the real MVP :’) ]. 

This is our first post of a certain AU as well. Which one is it? Well, buddy ’ole pal, just keep reading our comic updates, and all will be revealed! :) :)

And yes, its supposed to be trashy.


Notes: The second half of the comic was meant to be a draft (which is why I used fushia instead of black, I was trying to conserve our rarer crayons), but then it was turning out pretty well so I was like, screw it, I’m goin’ in. 

Also, I apologize for the somewhat white-washed Frisk. We have a disappointing lack of crayon diversity at the moment :/

- Mod Gaster <3

How Vegeta says thank you

From the newest chapter of my fan-fic:


So basically, Bulma’s built Vegeta an awesome new training device that’ll help accelerate his power, quicker than ever before. A short while after testing out the gadget, here’s what happens:

In that instant, Bulma found herself flat on her back, being repeatedly kissed with greater fervor than she could ever remember. Her mind was strolling away from her, as she was overwhelmed with a gale of desire that began building and building, by the second. She returned his zesty kisses, with equal ardency.

Not bothering to deepen the kiss, Vegeta slowly made his way south, massaging her ample mounds with his deft lips, teeth and fingers, completely unconcerned with disrobing her. He was being far gentler than usual, treating her as though she were a prized jewel, with infinite value, the only one of it’s kind. Though she did, most often, prefer him being the wild and vigorous beast that he usually was, the heiress had to admit that she was flattered and even turned on, by this warm, compassionate side of his. He rarely ever let it show and never to this extent.

Down and down he went, till he carefully lifted up her powder pink, chiffon, miniskirt and began planting soft, lingering, butterfly kisses on her svelte thighs, evoking tender moans of approval from the blue-haired scientist.

“Feels good.” She breathed, gasping deeply when he roved his cheek along her inner thigh, turning her storm of desire into a sweeping hurricane that was knocking down the last pillars of coherence within her mind, one at a time. “Feels so good.”

His calloused hands worked diligently on the outermost part of her thighs, while his lips, cheeks and even his neck and throat, pleasured the heated, porcelain skin, within. Gods, this woman had the perfect legs: long, slender and shapely! He could savor them all day, without growing bored or tired! Bulma was hardly able take anymore. Blazing surges of liquid fire coiled through her bloodstream and batches of wetness pooled between her legs, as she closed the trembling limbs around his face.

“Enough- foreplay- Vegeta.” She panted. The Prince groaned in pleasure, when her smooth calf pressed against the nape of his neck.

“It’s never enough.” He exhaled and Bulma’s lungs stopped functioning for a moment, as she felt his husky voice and strong breath, brush against the thin cotton material of her marmalade panties. God, the proximity nearly killed her! After a little more torture, Vegeta finally pulled down her skirt and soaked undergarments, taking a deep whiff of the latter. Such an obscene move deeply shocked and appalled Bulma, causing her heart to accelerate.

“You- pervert!” She lightly brought her knee up, barely grazing it beneath his chin. The Prince chuckled and ran his face up her thigh one last time, before spreading her legs and taking her rich, flowing centre into his ravenous maw, feasting upon her, as though he were born for it. “Oh God, Vegeta!” Bulma screamed, grabbing him behind the head and bucking her hips against him. She closed her legs around his face, once again, in order to try and still them. “Oh my God!”

Her fervid screams jumped several octaves higher, upon feeling the relentless assault of his hot tongue on her ripened G-spot, sending streams of liquid gold into his eagerly awaiting mouth. The hungry Saiyan moaned, as he took a gulp of her sweet arousal, letting the pomegranate-like nectar, trickle down his throat, all the while continuing his voracious attacks on that sensitive, erogenous spot, driving the heiress into an impassioned frenzy.

“I’m gonna cum!” Bulma cried out, clutching his dark, feathery hair within her fists. “Oh my God, Vegeta, I’m gonna cum!”

Her words only empowered his desire for more of her perfect taste and so he increased the force, behind his assault. Seconds later, the heiress fell back and clenched her eyes shut, biting her lip, as a deluge of rich, flaxen liquid spilled through the gaping slit of her rosy walls and right into the Saiyan’s craving mouth. Her fists de-gripped Vegeta’s soft hair, gently caressing it thereafter.

“God, that was amazing.” She opened her eyes and stared aimlessly above her, seeing nothing but clouds, instead of the compact metallic roof of the gravity chamber. Vegeta’s cheek soon settled against her groin. Regaining some coherency a while later, she chuckled. “You know, you have an odd way of saying thank you.”

Vegeta gave a short laugh in reply.


She smiled and continued stroking his hair. Funny thing was that he hadn’t even bothered to remove his armor and training uniform, this whole time. The heiress was lost in her own thoughts, until finally realizing that her lover had dozed off. He must’ve been tired, following that long, strenuous mental exercise, especially after he’d made a satiating meal out of her flowery nub.

“Vegeta?” Bulma looked down. “Hey, you can’t sleep there.” She protested, vainly attempting to force him up. “Come on, get off me, you ass!”

After a good five minutes of poking, prodding and even insulting and yelling, she gave up and lay back on the ground, arms folded in frustration.

“Stupid Saiyan!” She groused, miffed at his vastly superior strength. It was so unfair!