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Choice and Consequence - Loki/Sif

You need background for this one

Based on Cole’s wonderful AU idea.

So I spent the day thinking about this and I would like to continue this. I’m not very good at multi-chapter fic and if I’m going to do this, I would seriously have to think about it.

But it was just eating up at me. Loki sending Sif away is an entirely selfish decision and one that she would find incredible hard to forgive him for. Ragnarok is destroying her home, the home she has dedicated her whole life to defending and now he is denying her that chance.

There’s plenty more to this headcanon, some of which is hinted at in the fic and I have more planned to write for now.

But the full story might take a while.

Anyway, here you go.

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Allow me to introduce us. You see, as of late there has been some hate in the Sif tag. livinlavidaloki has deemed herself worthy of policing us all. But you see, when someone decides they want to imprison all others and call herself Queen always has a rebellion on her hands. In case you were wondering, false royals and prophets always lose. Do you know why?

They lack conviction.

So without further ado, the leaders of the Zesty rebellion. From left to right, there’s Caroline, because she eats enough to sustain the rest of us, Lana summoning Satan because she has a way with words that no other comes close to. And then there’s the bodyguards. Kell and myself.

For those of you that do make it past the two of us, prepare to either be eaten or possessed.

Do not test us. For we always win.