zesty bagatelles

wet-farts-smell-the-same  asked:

Zbags stands for Zesty Bagatelles?? Learned something new today.

Colostromo: I’ll break your arm if you spout another acronym! I want to know: what’s the pitcher’s name?

Owlbroth: Zesty Bagatelles.

Colostromo: What’s that mean?

Owlbroth: I think it’s whoever is not on second base.

Colostromo: But if whoever is on second base is a mummy, and all werewolves can only the truth, then…

Owlbroth & Colostromo Together: Third base!


Ghost of Aristotle (unnoticed): I wanted you teach you how to make these lo-fat butterscotch squares. I could have loved you, but, but, but… [sobs]

Colostromo: Got a catcher?

Owlbroth: Certainly.

Colostromo: The catcher’s name?

Owlbroth: Today.

Colostromo: Today we are bathed in daylight, and tomorrow the sky will be pitch black. Look: already it is raining syrup!

Owlbroth: [begins to hover in air] Look eastward… Look eastward…