Thank you, Tumblrs, for all your likes and reblogs on my original cover mock-up! You can now buy How Not to Be a Dick at Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, and Books-A-Million nationwide NOW ON SALE FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPING! You can also find it online at Amazon.com. It would make the perfect, fun, and inexpensive holiday gift. 

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47 Things You Can Do For the Environment by Lexi Petronis with environmental consultant Jill Buck, found of Go Green Initiative. ISBN 978-0-9827322-1-2

You know the planet is in trouble. Everywhere you go, people are talking about how air pollution is causing the earth’s climate to change, how logging and oil-drilling are ruining natural habitats, and how trash is overflowing into our waterways. It’s a bit of a mess. But the question is: What can you do about it?

The good news is: a lot! Don’t worry—you don’t have to build a car that runs on vegetable oil or head to South America to save the rainforests to make a difference. You just have to get informed and make small changes. Decisions to shop, drive, and party differently can greatly benefit the earth’s health.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • host a “green” film festivalplan an environmentally friendly
  • dateshop vintage, local, and organic
  • create an environmental task force
  • recycle or reuse just about everything

Today’s teens will inherit the planet. If real change is going to happen, it has to start with you.

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How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity (and a Prom Date): Lousy Life Lessons from 50 Teen Movies by Nikki Roddy. ISBN 978-0-9827322-2-9

Teen movies are awesome. Where else can we see the nerdy girl end up with the hot school president, the arrogant jerk accidentally fall in love with the girl he’s been lying to, or the underdog beat up the school jock and then attain top dog status?

We love teen movies because they make us laugh and cry, but what are these movies really teaching us about life? How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity (and a Prom Date) points out the unrealistic, yet hilarious lessons you can learn from big-screen blockbusters.

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