A Night To Forget
  • Pairing - Cullen x Female Inquisitor
  • Words - 2,183
  • Summary - Cullen relives a bad memory at an even worse time.
  • Warnings Sexy times, a smidgen of violence, I think I dropped the F bomb once.
  • NSFW

Prompt: I’m looking for a good fic about how Cullen got his scar, anyone know of any?

Extra bonus chocolatey brownie points if its in the style of a flashback, and Cullen is presently involved with fem!IQ, which lead to mushy or smutty memories lol…..

Thanks in advance!


The sun had barely kissed the world goodnight before they were surrounding the Kirkwall docks, thick fog ghosting all around them. “Rylen” Cullen hissed over his shoulder, his eyes still fixed on the boat that bobbed ahead. “Have your men hold here, I fear we’ve no room to manoeuvre if we all approach.”

“Aye” the newly arrived knight-captain nodded, a gloved hand raised in the air to halt the troupe of templars that tailed him. Cullen looked to those left surrounding him, saw hesitation harboured in each shuffled step they took; his own steps were always sure, his grim determination out weighing any dread that seared his gut.

What remained of the Kirkwall templars were swarming the docks on the whim of a “friend.” As much as Cullen’s head protested giving merit to citizens that offered their knowledge of mage undergrounds and maleficar dens, rumour and idle gossip had been all the templars, and guards, of the city had to go on since it fell to rubble and ruin. So now here they were, cold and uneasy in the autumn night, as they attempted to unearth a shipment of stashed staffs; and more importantly the smugglers who supplied them.

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