zest of the loganberry

Billboard Evaluation


My billboard project has really changed and developed over the course of the term.  Starting life as an Aldo inspired shoe advertisment and finishing as a new campaign for Barry M cosmetics, the billboard has switched audiences and identities.  This was due to a multitude of reasons.

Firstly as I progressed into my research for my Guy Bourdin/legs campaign I felt particularly uninspired and fell out of touch with the shoot.  I wanted to shake things up so decided to try a root I have never attempted before.  This fell within the task of using print backdrops.  I contacted a photographer who specialies in this style, Lucia O’Connor McCarthy and asked her if I could assist and talk to her, and was lucky enough to have the opportunity two days later!  This experience really helped me get back on track and Lucia helped me out with a list of modelling agencies I should attempt contacting in hope to progress with my next goal; making the jump from model mayhem to agency signed models.

I phoned a large number of agencies to get direct email contacts and sent these people my moodboards and concept.  After this I phoned them again a few days later to confirm they received my emails and ask for possible new faces that might be interested.  I received a wonderful model; Sophie Lewis, from manager of Classic Faces, Remi at Bookings Agency.  I really feel that this was the highlight of my work for this term, as it has shown me that using a professional model enhances my work and encourages networking.

If I were to shoot the billboard campaign again, I would have liked to have sourced more accessories such as loud jewellery and props.  Although I bought fruit and flowers I feel bold jewellery would have pushed the image further over the edge.  I am also looking forward to the 48 hour shoot where I intend to push the print theme further and continue with my second plan; creating a human interpretation of a ghost bike (see moodboards lower in blog), which was impossible due to time constraints.