A thing my husband said today:

Husband: Hey looks like someone beat that pyro eevee at the local gym

Me: A… what? you mean a flareon??

Turns out yes, he did mean Flareon. Turns out we’re a good team only in that I was a huge Pokemon nerd back in the day so Gen 1 is my jam, but he’s the one who’s good at games, so he’s looking to like take over Nishio and I’m like sitting here being all “you go for it honey, I just want to have new pokemon friends and get me a vulpix” :P

while I’m at, here’s Beckett’s info

  • beckett is both a woman and a man
  • ze uses ze/zir pronouns
  • ze is not a cisman! ze is not a woman! ze is genderfluid
  • ze icly hasn’t come to grips with zir identity!
  • zir identity is Still Valid and you better respect it OOCly
  • ZE/ZIR/ZIRSELF PRONOUNS from now on.
  • please be courteous, please Do Not misgender zir!

thank you

the normality that is water being wet and eating pink alien goop gives you stomach cramps - heihua - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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In which I convey all my frustrations over how ridiculously married Shiro and Keith are while simultaneously procrastinating on all my other fics and delaying my bedtime so I will more than likely keel over in the ICU tomorrow during rounds.


Straciłam mojego ostatniego przyjaciela.. Jestem beznadziejna. Odkąd znalazł sobie dziewczynę, byłam zazdrosna.. nie rozmawiamy ze sobą, nie ma dla mnie czasu, nie ma już nas..

Het is nog steeds een wonder hoe vaak wij mensen vergeven omdat we ze niet kwijt willen zelfs als ze onze vergiffenis niet verdienen.