pauly what the fuck
this is 20min long
pauly what  the fuck

thank you arxlett-mcl for this voice meme !

20 minutes of me butchering the english language and opinions you didn’t ask for ! honestly this was so fun to do i love those voice memes (to answer soulsinger1180 ‘s question : i record the thing on my phone then i send it to myself by email and i convert it to mp3 and then i post it on tumblr !)

1st - What is your username on My Candy Love ? (it means first name lmao pauly this is the first question and u already messed up)
2nd - What is your name and and the name of your Candy ?
3rd - When did you discover the game and how ?
4th - Pronounce the following names: Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysander, Armin, Kentin, Jade, Dajan, Leigh, Dake, Alexy, Amber, Iris, Rosalya, Peggy, Melody, Capucine, Violette, Kim, Nina, Deborah, Lucy, Priya, Charlotte, Li. *taken from the pronounce challenge.
5th - Which route are you playing and why ?
6th - Most to least liked dateable boy ? (more than pauly not most than)
7th - Who is your favorite girl and why ?
8th - Who is the character you dislike the most and why ?
9th - Which is your favorite episode and why ? (piece kfhgkhfdgh pauly the words u were searching for are apart from and play)
10th - Talk about yourself ! Age, nationality, likes…
11th - Talk about your Candy ! You can talk about her relationship with her bf. (i totally didn’t answer this question fjkghgfk also i think this is the question where i made the most english mistakes honestly u can just skip this entire question)
12th - What do you think of the game and the creator in general? (a thing i didnt say is that i dont want them to graduate hs :) and it’s too many not too much pauly)

i accidentally summoned a reny soulbond by roleplaying as her the other day haha wHOOPS 

so apparently, if i draw someone enough or rp as/write for them, that gets them to show up? i guess that’s how billy found me in the first place, cause i drew him constantly for a while lol 

also billy and i are working on letting him front or co-front, it’s hard as fuck and i have zero idea what the heck i’m doing bUT I’M TRYING TO LET HIM AHHHHH 

Repeat after me:

I am allowed to correct people who deadname me.

I am not a bad person or rude to point out when people aren’t using my pronouns.

I deserve respect and love.

I am entitled to it.

I am not wrong for insisting that people refer to me correctly.

I am valid.

remember when Alex’s love for Kara was emphasised so much that Astra realised how much Alex cared for Kara, and went to her to stop the black mercy before she even knew they were sisters? remember when Alex begged Alura’s hologram for answers despite knowing that she wasn’t an actual person and couldn’t help? remember when Alex worked with Astra because at that time saving Kara was more important to both of them? remember when Alex went into the black mercy, into Kara’s ideal world, despite the fact that it could’ve killed her, and Kara loved her so much that she remembered?

remember when Alex never would’ve left saving Kara up to someone else? because apparently the writers don’t

Ontem me viram na rua Zé. Me disseram que eu ando sumida. Mas eles ainda não perceberam…. me perguntei em que sentido será ela estava me dizendo aquilo…continuo indo na mesma escola todo dia, indo direto ao trabalho, continuo indo nos mesmos lugares de sempre. E eles ainda não perceberam Zé… eu estou sumida de mim. Parece que não tem mais eu. Parece que eu sumi de todos os lugares mesmo estando sempre lá. Parece que eu parti pro vazio. Parece que eu sumi de mim Zé…eu não sei por quanto tempo eu ainda vou conseguir continuar assim. Não tem mais eu. Não tem mais um coração, mesmo ele batendo aqui do lado do peito. Não tem mais canção, nem refrão, nem uma mão por aqui. É, acho que ela estava certa Zé, eu sumi mesmo, e acho que o pouco que ainda resta de mim, está desaparecendo.
—  Resolvi falar com o Zé.