Sparkling Spaaaark~!
Pokemon Go is fun xDD
I joined Team Instinct because I liked the team leader’s silhouette and I’m not disappointed! (Except for the fact that people in my area are mostly Valor and Mystic, that everytime I took over a Gym, it’s gonna be reverted to be another team’s shortly, since… I guess I’m the only one at Team Instinct there //creys)

Are you guys playing Pokemon Go, too? What team are you? xDD

Currently playing Bravely Default in 3DS, because they have the free-to-play version (mine is Japan region, so idk in the other region, though). Still a long way to go, but I really like Edea! >u<

I kinda want to buy the full version, because the free version didn’t come with the voice acting and movies, but I don’t know how to buy the Eshop Card for Japan region in my country, since I don’t have any credit card _(:’3_