Crystal Crossing (Closed RP w/ theotherdynamitegal)


It had started like any other adventure. Zerrin had been wandering the Ru’Aun Gardens for any leftover treasure or information, and had stumbled upon a seemingly secret room containing a seemingly non-functioning transporter which, just before he left, suddenly began working. The galka knew he should probably have just left it alone, but his sense of curiosity tugged sharply at him, almost physically pulling toward the device. The transportation itself took a notably greater period of time than usual, and the adventurer noticed a ring of small crystals surrounded him beforehand.

And now Zerrin had (quite literally) crashed into a place that was completely unfamiliar. In fact, the galka noticed as he rose, slightly sore from the impact, he didn’t even seem to be on Vana’diel anymore.

“Where am I…?”

As he attempted to find his bearings, Zerrin’s eyes were drawn to a sign on the rear wall.

“Game Central Station?”

My kaisoo fanfic rec 4/∞

Take a look outside by Zerrin (I’m sure I will be pretty soon known as her biggest fangirl, haha)

chapters: 10/10; completed (75k WORDS!!! I was not kidding when I mentioned that her chapters are long)

romance, fluff, smut, slight angst

warning! implied homophobia

Description: Kyungsoo is scared of flights and Jongin turns out to be more than just a seat neighbor for the next fourteen hours. 

My opinion: You may thing I’m advertising this author too much (not at all), it’s because I believe she isn’t appreciated enough and her stories really deserve attention!

Anyway, story is really interesting. There are many misunderstandings so you should prepare yourself. Jongin is sweet guy who loves dancing and works really hard even tho his parents don’t support him. Kyungsoo’s “shut up” type, haha, who gets flustered around Jongin easily. Kinda spoilers–>? But both of them fall hard even tho they spend together just few moments in New York. But story continues in Korea where they meet again. 

              This is a poster to Take a look outside!  Made by joiyup

My kaisoo fanfic rec 3/∞

My kaisoo fanfic rec 5/∞