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OMG , perrie's tattoo 😂😂😂

I was too busy focusing on how Zayn looked like he had just watched back to back viewings of Steel Magnolias in the photo to notice that this was the first clear view of the Perald tattoo replacement. Zayn literally replaced the Perrie tattoo with the endless black void of outer space

Firstly, as an astronomy nerd with a star projector I’m into this, and secondly I’ll never not lol about Zayn basically banishing Zerrie to the outer reaches of space.

my drawing of Perrie and Zayn #zerrie

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Melly- I am always fascinated when you talk about the families participating in the "public messaging". How deeply do you think they are involved? Surely it is too much of a risk of someone going off message? The reason I ask is that in the last week Zayn's mom has left comments on Instagram posts of both Hadid parents, and the Ruth Payne outburst earlier in the week. Please discuss.


Here’s the way I look at it: You have to ask yourself, would you do that for your family? Because I don’t really have to give it much thought, I know I would. If I could help my family member and take some of that pressure off his shoulders, sure, I’d help supplement the lie. Like a few things on instagram, make a few comments,  take some pictures, whatever, its not a big deal, not when its for someone you love. 

You have to also understand that One Direction is a business estimated at a worth of 1 billion dollars. Stop thinking of One Direction as five individuals, and think of it as a global entity. Jobs, investments, all of that depends on keeping up appearances, like any other public facing corporation, and we are fandom that was built on consuming the day-to-day of their crafted personas, so this works towards that.

Other thing is, there’s precedent that 1DHQ has access to some of these family members’ accounts. These family accounts are also valuable internet real estate. Some of them have hundreds of thousands, even a million+ followers. That translates into social media influencer dollars. 

For instance, they cross-promote similar things w/ the beards:

They take photos and go on pap walks:

And as for whether you’d  worry about the family going “off message”? I would say there’s a roughly 187% chance that all of these dudes’ immediate families have signed iron clad NDAs. They couldn’t talk even if they wanted to (and I’m sure they’ve wanted to over the years). 

A Gigith stunt relationship masterpost

So, this post originally started when an anon submitted these to my blog, and I’m pretty creeped out. This is now a masterpost of sorts. While Zerrie & Zigi are identical, Gigith in general is the common denominator, and all her stunt relationships have a pretty obviously template. There are tons of these photos, and all of them look similar or are taken in identical spots. I’m kind of at a loss. 

Part I: Gigith & The best of her recycled social media stunts

(melly’s note - there are dozens and dozens of photos of her stunting at The Nice Guy. I chose three, but feel free to take to the googles for more)

Part II: Zigi & Zerrie: Spot the difference

So Jas @nerds4life tagged me on this pic post:

This is the VF article she is referring to her post:

And this the part where Gigi is discussing her love of art and painting in her spare time:

Gigi a hobbyist painter? Really girl? So the issue here is not her being one; but saying she is one when no evidence would support this claim. When one has a hobby you can’t help but post something about it on your social media–after all it’s what you do in your free time. And wasn’t one of the purpose of having social media accounts is for you to be able to show off your personality through your interests and activities? Gigi for instance has posted on her snapchat about cooking before. So for her to say that it’s her hobby seems legit. But this art thing? I scrolled through two years worth of her IG posts and came up empty handed. She only posted a related pic for this claim right after the VF interview. You have to ask why has she only shown a concrete evidence of this hitherto interest only after blabbing it in an interview? Screams stunt to me. And that article is a seeding for this stunt. Actually aside from that suspect SC photo above I can only think of another pic that is marginally related to this art thing and it’s another stunt pic of Gigi’s hand posted on Zayn’s IG during the infancy of Zigi:

Que irony. Art and stunting seems to go hand in hand in relation to Gigi.

1DHQ is obviously trying to recycle their Zayn showmance stunt trick of having Zayn’s “gf” adopt Zayn’s hobby and interest which in turn makes them look like they’re sharing mutual interest and making the relationship looks rayl. During Perrie’s time, they made her look like she is a Batman-loving gal as shown in these pics:

Now in Gigi’s case, Zayn is an art buff and an artist himself so Gigi is exploiting that angle by making herself one as well.

But nothing would beat what Zayn has done in the following pic:

Would you look at that. Here is Zayn drawing Batman that closely resembles Liam. Zayn is indulging in his hobby (drawing) using his shared interest with Liam as subject (Batman) and then being inspired by Liam himself. If that doesn’t scream couple realness to you I dunno what will.



but after the shit-whole year we had we can end it beautifully by having an amazing aaood3 series? Mark Parsons is king, he’s the light at the end of the tunnel