If this doesn’t make you sob in 48 different languages I don’t know what will

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OMG , perrie's tattoo 😂😂😂

I was too busy focusing on how Zayn looked like he had just watched back to back viewings of Steel Magnolias in the photo to notice that this was the first clear view of the Perald tattoo replacement. Zayn literally replaced the Perrie tattoo with the endless black void of outer space

Firstly, as an astronomy nerd with a star projector I’m into this, and secondly I’ll never not lol about Zayn basically banishing Zerrie to the outer reaches of space.

Why do they look like my parents sitting me down to have a talk about my unacceptable behavior on the weekend.

Liam: “Even though everyone else did it, didn’t mean you had to”

Harry: “You’re grounded.”

Louis: disappointed

Niall: I hope they don’t realize I encouraged this behavior