Little Mix confession

Little Mix are so open and honest in their new book Our World about everything from the Zerrie split, Perrie’s medical problems, Jade facing racial abuse in school and battling with anorexia and depression, Jesy dealing with internet trolls bullying her over her weight and looks and admitting she was happier as a barmaid than when she was on XF, and Leigh talking about a very toxic 5 year relationship and feeling like she isn’t as talented as the others. I love the girls so much and I’m glad that they decided to open out about bad times they’ve went through. I know it’s helped Mixers going through some of the same things.

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Why do they look like my parents sitting me down to have a talk about my unacceptable behavior on the weekend.

Liam: “Even though everyone else did it, didn’t mean you had to”

Harry: “You’re grounded.”

Louis: disappointed

Niall: I hope they don’t realize I encouraged this behavior