If this doesn’t make you sob in 48 different languages I don’t know what will

upon learning that her mom was islamophobic as hell, seeing perrie parade around with her skin traveling from ivory to taupe to literally brown, learning she and her lil gal pals would welcome trump into their dumbass theresa may stanning homes, based their entire promo around a relationship that ended over a year ago and seeing how her lips were superglued any time it came to defending zayn…it becomes very very very clear how toxic his environment was and why zayn needed to leave a relationship which seems to be founded upon a filled out check-box of “biracial beauty”

Why do they look like my parents sitting me down to have a talk about my unacceptable behavior on the weekend.

Liam: “Even though everyone else did it, didn’t mean you had to”

Harry: “You’re grounded.”

Louis: disappointed

Niall: I hope they don’t realize I encouraged this behavior

A Shippers Theme Song
  • A Shippers Theme Song
  • By: Camren Shippers

Camren ll This is just a joke